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18h UTC; SATURDAY, 5 OCTOBER 2013: "In every civilization there is a moronic underworld which cannot be civilized. It can be taught to read and write, but not to think, and it lives upon the level of its emotions and prejudices."

Thus observed the "Sage of Emporia," none other than William Allen White (1868-1943) of Emporia Gazette fame, seeking to explain the particular appeal of those Kansans of a certain class vis-a-vis the write-in gubenetorial bid of one Dr. John R. Brinkley (1885-1942) in the 1930 elections, and the platform he proposed, reinforced by way of his radio station KFKB and his Chevrolet sound truck known as "Ammunition Train No. 1" in service to his campaign, featuring some of KFKB's more popular acts. (At the time, Brinkley was appealing a ruling by the Federal Radio Commission forcing KFKB off the air for "shameless self-promotion" vis-a-vis his medical practice, predicated largely on goat-gland implants said to improve male virility. Too, Brinkley's gubenetorial bid was seen as payback for the Kansas State Board of Medicine's revoking Brinkley's medical licence for Gross Misconduct, Quackery and "Addiction to Liquor.")

Due for the most part to state election officials insisting that the ballot have the full name "J. R. Brinkley" written in, per an edict issued just days before the election, Brinkley lost the election by some 50,000 votes after "incomplete ballots" were set aside (but not before picking up some votes in a few Oklahoma counties as bordered on Kansas; the KFKB signal could be heard in several Midwestern states, thus attracting a considerable, and mostly rural or small-town, following of listeners). And following another unsuccessful gubenetorial bid in 1932--by which time Brinkley had moved his radio operations to Villa (now Ciudad) Acuna, Mexico (opposite Del Rio, TX via the Rio Grande) under the high-powered call of XER (later becoming XERA), and his medical shingle to Del Rio (or, as wags of the time called it, thanks to XERA's reach and advertising potential, "Dollar Rio")--he began associating with the neo-Nazi Silver Shirts under William Dudley Pelley and gave them considerable financial support. But in the end, claims of malpractice and quackery, and challenges by Mexican authorities to the information broadcast over the 500-kW airwaves of XERA (let alone the legitimacy of its licence), would be Doc Brinkley's unravelling, eventually depleting his once-substantial fortune and translating into a heart attack as would ultimately be his demise (but not before one of his legs had to be amputated).

So why, dear reader, am I bringing up this "Moronic Underworld" at this time?

Those very remarks by the Sage of Emporia as led this essay can be said to hold true today vis-a-vis such expected to see themselves as the "REAL AmeriKKKans," for the most part rural and small-town "poor whites" of very low breeding and intellect, as rely too heavily upon conservative prolefeed conduits such as Fox News Channel, Fox Business and syndicated conservative or Christian Right talkback radio for their prolefeed requirements ("news and information" being sorely lacking with them; hence, "prolefeed" being a more realistic appellation for what they present, as per Your Correspondent's way of thought).

Just as it was back in 1930, these so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" as make up the Moronic Underworld of the 21st century "can be taught to read and write, but not to think"--especially when it comes to parroting the prevailing neo-Conservative line as encapsulated in simple, easily-digested bumper-sticker slogans which can, in their turn, be parroted on cue at mass rallies ... and be e-mailed as carefully-scripted "talking points" ready to use in copy-and-paste "letters to the editor" that many papers refuse to publish out of an insistence on carefully-written, and well-thought-out even, original such. (Just read the "letters policy" of your local gazetta's opinion page, or reasonable facsimilie thereof.)

The whom can be manipulated and controlled into carefully-nuanced orgies of "patriotic" fanaticism as belie a deeper, and even more potentially dangerous, agenda and related articles of faith vis-a-vis Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment, the which they're expected to deny any and all knowledge of (especially after their going through "advanced ideological instruction" as reveals the "Tea Party" line to actually be one seeking as their ideal Father Charles Coughlin's desideratum of a Corporate State in the Fascist/Nazi stylee per his radio broadcasts from 1937 on), reinforced by their poverty, fecundity and ignorance making the Moronic Underworld all the more easiler to manipulate.

Especially so presently, what with the more fanatically-driven "Tea Party" faction of the RepubliKKKan Party in Congress having driven the United States Government to the brink of fiscal default as itself risks opening Thy Dear and Lovely Land (don't you just love the emotional debaucheries of "Tea Party" prolefeed appeals to that most simple yet nutritious patriotism the "REAL AmeriKKKan" can't get enough of?) to exploitation and plunder by the Jack-Booted Thugs Under the Evil and Sinister Command of the "New World Order," replete with rather crass and anti-Semitic patsies unworthy of repetition which can be used as the Molon Labe for so-called "Constitutional Militias" to gather arms ahead of the Luscious Glory of insurrection.

No wonder the "Moronic Underworld" is beyond any manner of control in the sense of muzzling or otherwise coercing into silence during especially periods such as these, when Thy Dear and Lovely Land is all the more under threat and danger ... and certain elements who see this same Moronic Underworld as but cheap stooges to carry out the pis aller of their delusional agenda when the official prolefeed expects these "REAL AmeriKKKans" to see themselves as prepared to achieve the Luscious Glory of Martyrdom For My God and My Country, as if seeing themselves in the same league as especially those of Slagters Nek, the British extermination camps of the Boer War (Parkedaal being especially notorious), Jopie Fourie and Hendrik Verwoerd.

And which deserve to be challenged--preferably in a peaceful, non-violent and responsible way. After all, it's possible that the vast majoirity of this "Moronic Underworld" may have serious and at once underlying emotional issues themeselves which they refuse to face or accept such as abuse, dysfunctional upbringing or even incest. (Or, come to think of it--especially among such growing up in the worst of rural privation--episodes where the father was reduced to "doing it" with the not-so-prize cow for no reason other than the prevailing climate of ennui aggravated by long-standing and prevailing poverty.

(Such is what the "Moronic Underworld" is made of.)

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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