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14h55 UTC; SUNDAY, 22 APRIL 2012: Your Correspondent does acknowledge that it can be a rather daunting task to try and call attention to a somewhat esoterically obscure blog such as this (not to mention an Online Mall in interconnexion thereof) with an eye to increasing traffic (and, in the Online Mall's case, traffic translating into revenue), especially considering:
  • limited resources on his own part as restricts him to using "free-no-cost" tools for attempting to increase the traffic (including Online Classifieds sites, if you can believe it);
  • distrust (largely thanks to the Terms of Service) of "bulk e-mail marketing" (read: "spamming" reckless and indiscrimminate) as a tool in furtherance thereof (what with disreputable advertisers being about the only ones making maximum use of it anyhow); and
  • concern about what other viable, and at once effective, free traffic-swap channels there may be available should Entrecard, as he uses presently, be left with no option but to close without prior warning or notice.
(But then again, were Your Correspondent to have the opportunity to go beyond the narrow confines of Teh Innerwebz vis-a-vis marketing this blog, he would love to use transit advertising as his media of choice. Especially station posters and bus/car wraps, the latter having as much, perhaps greater, exposure power and intrusion than stationery billboards would. For the nonce, though, he's confined otherwise to a somewhat primitive form of direct mail targeting independent motels as opposed to the "cookie-cutter" sterility of the national chains.)

In the interim, though, trying to call attention to this blog on limited resources can be a trying task, one that Your Correspondent hopes won't drive him insane. And try to be creative about it; witness the following, to the melody of the Mills Brothers' hit "Cab Driver":

Blog NEEDS Readers, especially should it come
That Entrecard suddenly shuts down
Without much time or rhyme to recommend
Replacements for to promote this absurdist blog!

Blog NEEDS Readers, as if to demonstrate
That The People Our Parents Warned Us About
DO have opinions, opinions needing expression
Without fear of spreading Schizophrenic Germs!

Blog NEEDS Readers--Your Correspondent abhors
And disapproves of "spam" as a marketing tool;
Only those sites of disreputable sort
Make much of it, with results doubtful at best!

Blog NEEDS Readers, the sort who like to read
Those blogs as are unique and original,
Whose postings are well-thought-out and parsed
To refresh such parts as other blogs cannot reach!

Blog NEEDS Readers as can share these posts
With their friends all across Teh Innerwebz,
Be it by e-mail or social media
(Just as long as it's done responsibly).

Blog NEEDS Readers who motto seems to be
"Don't read the headlines, read some blogs instead";
Their minds seem more sophisto than what's thought
Among news channels and mainstream media!

Blog NEEDS Readers--this, The Blog That Am!
We could use new readers and new ways to spread the word,
So long as they're kosher and on the up-and-up;
Blog NEEDS Readers--this, The Blog That Am! (x3)

Whether such will actually make a difference is anybody's guess; however, to achieve the impact desired, Your Correspondent would appreciate your (responsibly, of course) passing this message along amongst your e-mail and social media contacts with an eye towards encouraging their regular visitation and support.

Especially if they can bookmark same in their browser, or otherwise subscribe to the RSS feed (just look for the Dr5Z5-powered subscribe link off to the side of the page) to stay informed via spam-free e-mail with what Your Correspondent may be musing about day by day (whence you can leave anytime). Not to mention joining its freshly-launched fan page in Facebook, where these same posts are available for your reading (and commenting) pleasure (and yes, Your Correspondent welcomes comments. Especially thoughtfully constructive such).

And he'd also like to know about free-no-cost, yet seriously traffic-generating, empowering even, linkswaps, link exchanges and traffic generators which have serious power and intrusion (never mind where some Free-For-All [FFA] link swaps I've tried using are notorious for attracting especially "make-money-online", "MLM" and suchlike schemes of questionable repute like moths to bright light); contact me through this page, please.

Only you can help make the difference in making this blog more of a traffic-generator than presently. And with serious regular readers who can stomach the thoughts of one from the ranks of The People Our Parents Warned Us About (not to mention serious online shoppers for both business and consumer ends). Enough said; it's up to you now to help BOOST this reader-starved portion of Teh Blogospheerez.

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And should you ever need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; to join our free (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list, just click here. (BTW, we will not sell nor share your e-mail address, and you can always leave at any time.)

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