21h UTC; THURSDAY, 25 APRIL 2013:
First off, readers, Appy Polly Loggies for the considerable tardiness in getting this posted; he was rather busy up town this morning doing some shopping at the local cooperative, followed by a buffet pizza luncheon as was enough to prompt a modest little nap after his return home just to get his bearings back in place.

From the "O tempora! O mores!" file comes word of a survey commissioned in part by Liberty Mutual of several thousand teenage drivers across the country which should make Real American Parents revulsed and shocked about the messages they're sending their offspring: 4 out of 5 teens surveyed therefor thought that Al Cohol made one's driving all the more impressive, with 3 of 5 insisting that Mary Jane Warner did likewise. Which just goes to show that today's children must not be "getting the message" their parents had against drinking and driving.

Memo to that element insisting that "AmeriKKKa Needs to Be More Like China," probably the same ones insisting on a reckless and potentially complacent policy of wasteful and unnecessary oil drilling in the name of driving down pump prices "in the national interest," so long as ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe played a natual role of dominion such Zealots and True Believers in AmeriKKKan Exceptionalism expect: A Chinese seismic researcher is of the thinking that the siting of the Three Gorges Dam where it is, setting aside its premises of clean hydroelectricity and flood control along the Yangtze River--i.e., on a major earthquake fault line in Hebei province--may have aggravated earthquake risk in especially Sichwuan province; seismic excesses there in 2008 and again a couple of weekends back, with substantial death and destruction ensuing, are being attributed to the Three Gorges Dam's effects (cf. the "fracking" process for extracting crude oil and natural gas being suggested as the cause of several recent earthquakes in such unlikely areas as Washington, DC and south-central Oklahoma).

(Historical Insight: An aggravating factor in the excesses of death and destruction following the 1928 collapse of the St. Francis Dam north of Los Angeles, constructed as a backup plan for Los Angeles' water supply against possible disruptions to the Owens Valley aqueduct, was that it was constructed in a rather poor area geologically. That, and its use of substandard construction materials such as may have triggered the risk of its destruction.)

As for "Tea Party" articles of faith insisting on "best practices"-based self-regulation being the Last and Only Hope for ekonomesie vryheid, &c., being able to spontaneously create jobs on its own accord and hasten socioeconomic recovery, have they evidence by example of actual industry-sponsored "best practices" codes which have been given Federal Trade Commission "safe harbour", a/k/a nihil obstat, recognising that the defence of free-market socioeconomics is dependent upon healthy competition and innovation translating, in its turn, to greater consumer options (as opposed to cartel behaviour and its byproducts)?



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