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18h UTC; SATURDAY, 13 APRIL 2013: Alright, alright--when EXACTLY is spring 2013 making her presence known completely and finally in these parts? We're getting a little upset and nervous here about all these late-season storms delaying things all the more.

So much for the patsies about "racial integrity" and "cultural identity" dripping with the odoure of apartheid South African prolefeed being raised in objection to the designs of a racially-integrated crowd of students at Georgia's Wilcox County High School in Rochelle seeking to challenge "local custom and tradition" of racially-segregated high-school proms with an integrated such, which would be the first such ever in that general area. And these students behind this noble effort deserve kudos and courage to defy latent racist feelings calling to mind Jim Crow, the Ku Kluxers and the White Citizens' Councils in their Luscious Glory of invoking "states' rights" to excuse "established tradition" condoning racist feelings. Especially should it emerge through online chatter that the KKK may consider terroristic acts, deeds and exploits to derail the exercise, with "Tea Party" types in particular seconding the whole "For My God and My Country."

And speaking of the "Tea Party" element, how do we know their ranks don't include those of the Moroun family as operates Detroit's Ambassador Bridge, since 1929 THE preferred USA-CDN border crossing for truck drivers over the Detroit River (what with the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel's clearance posing issues for the likes of OTR truckers) and showing signs of age and deterioration (especially if the support is of a financial nature)? I bring this up because the Moroun interests are taking issue with just-announced, -approved even, plans for a new international span over the Detroit River as will ease pressures on the Ambassador Bridge, with the Canadian Government (through Transport Canada) providing the funding therefor towards planning, engineering and construction thereof, with completion set for 2017 at the earliest.

The Morouns' beef is that they claim to have "exclusive rights in perpetuity" for any and all bridges over international waters in the Detroit/Windsor region, reinforced by Constitutional challenges that conservative prolefeeders would certainly enjoy drooling over to existing regulations requiring prior Treasury approval of new international bridge crossings. But then again, how do we know this claim (which they tried reinforcing with an unsuccessful Michigan ballot plebiscite in Indecision 2012 as would have required voter approval of any new international bridge constructed from Michigan into Canada) isn't based on forgeries in the "Hitler Diaries" stylee, let alone from Delusions of Grandeur reinforced by Al Cohol (not to mention the backing of the "Tea Party," the John Birch Society and their ideological drookies)?

Come to think of it, imagine the misadventures of the Ambassador Bridge Morouns becoming a telenovela with elements of Monty Python for good measure, the better for ridicule and contempt such as they deserve. Which, when done carefully, can be enough of a satire to stand off legal challenges such as they may attempt for Invasion of Privacy, False Light, Defamation of Character, Damage to Name and Repute and Related Conspiracies.

Maude Frickert would certainly have much to say about this weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway being styled the NRA 500 ... which, come to think of it, is probably in very bad taste what with Recent Unfortunate Events being used by the National Rifle Association (motto: "Happiness is a WARM gun!!") for "winning over hearts and minds" against further controls over firearms and sales thereof by invoking what may be a reckless misreading of the Constitution's Second Amendment (as in disregarding that "well-regulated militia" bit).

Which, come to think of it, brings up the obviously ironic: Viz., that NASCAR and the NRA share, by and large, the same core audience of "REAL AmeriKKKans" beloved of conservative prolefeeders--poor, undereducated, easily-manipulate, overzealously "race-conscious" for their own good, "Bible-Believing Christian" even, white Caucasoids of especially "European-AmeriKKKan" or (better still for that ilk) "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKan" derivation. The kind who could easily play along with hypothetical "campaigns" of Solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Clear and Present Danger of Persecurtion for as much their Race as their Pious and Humble Christian Faith.

In fact, at least one Washington Senator has called for the race to be cancelled out of respect for the 26 Sandy Hook Elementary Martyrs whose name and repute the NRA is invoking for warped and perverto prolefeed ends as include the requisite pandering to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command endemic among the aforementioned common core audience ... and calls for NASCAR to reassess its race sponsorship policies and guidance lest the good name and repute of all of NASCAR be unduly tarnished. Not just in the Sprint Cup, but also in the Nationwide Series (the "minor league," as it were, of NASCAR) and the Camping World Truck Series (which could be its "rookie league").

Which would be enough to make you wonder if ExploreBranson.com would be a worthwhile NASCAR team (let alone race) sponsor--even if it means starting out in the Camping World Truck Series; Wisconsin Dells, for its part, would probably consider NASCAR too low and uncouth for its sophisto shoobie-trap tastes as opposed to, say, some minor-league surfing competition.

(BTW, the reference to Maude Frickert is in tribute to comedian Jonathan Winters, whose stable of comedic personnae included the loud-mouth Whistler's Mother-model grandmother. Meneer Winters died yesterday of natural causes at 87, and Your Correspondent extends his condolences to the Winters family at this time.)



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