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17h UTC; TUESDAY, 8 MAY 2012: The lead-off image may be of scenes from the recent (and so-called) "Pyongyang International Friendship Fair," readers, but can you imagine the likelihood of "Tea Party" Zealots and True Believers holding a so-called "AmeriKKKan Cultural Festival" reeking of such "folk culture festivals" as were endemic in Nazi Germany under Kraft durch Frude auspices (and kept alive in apartheid South Africa for awhile under the Reddingsdaadbond's direction)?

"Think about it."


While there may be a lot of discussion about the need to improve the public education system in Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa (not to mention how best to accomplish it), Your Correspondent needs to ask how would embracing a homeschooling syllabus rooted in apartheid South Africa's "values-driven" syllabus of Christelik Nasionale Onderwys (Christian National Education) actually help matters, especially when the lessons emphasise idealised concepts of "Traditional Christian Values" condoning racism, sexism, nativism, bigotry, xenophobia rivalled only by North Korea, anti-Semitism and gross intolerance at the expense of core skills necessary to job or career success?

And pray, how exactly would emphasising "values" encapsulated into cheap, bumper-sticker slogans as can be parroted on cue at mass rallies and revivalist camp meetings/political rallies in the Nuremburg stylee actually be of value in developing job skills?

Especially when you have "critical thinking" exercises similar to one from an actual apartheid-era South African social studies text noted in Brian Bunting's The Rise of the South African Reich (1967) as had students imagining they were the head of the South African Police in conversation with the Prime Minister explaining the threats posed to South African sovereignty and the apartheid regime from within as much as from without.


So much for the conservative prolefeed meme that threats to Our National and Sovereign Identity, as much as Our Dear and Cherished Liberties, can exist only from without (in particular Islamist "terrorists"): AddictingInfo.org, in the immortal words of Confidential magazine's slogan "Tells the Facts and Names the Names," reveals 20 threats from within(!!) to Our National and Sovereign Identity, complete with contact information for those wishing to take them to task--preferably in a polite, professional and responsible manner.


Meanwhile, how do we know such specimens among the more insistent Zealots and True Believers in expecting a spontaneous and sudden creation of private-sector employment "if only companies made reasonable effort to do so on their own initiative and resources" so expect this when bankers are actually unwilling to make finance or credit available to small businesses as could actually hasten jobs creation and investment in new plant and equipment, blaming "new Federal banking laws" or some such patsy to get out of the Common Courtesy of doing their part for ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe such as "Tea Party" types insist is essential and integral to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations?

Or are "Tea Party" types insisting that the only realistic "economic recovery" they want to see for the Nation is one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as it were (i.e., a "people-centred" approach modelled on the Reddingsdaad such which Afrikaner nationalists were pushing to "save the Afrikaner from himself" in the decade prior to the introduction of the apartheid regime, one based on National Cohesion and Identity as opposed to State charity or assistance and involving what amounts to The Patriot Fund as the avenue for financing "viable" business and industry startups and finance through self-liquidating loans)?


And how exactly do we know that the Hidden Agenda of the so-called "Veterans for a Strong AmeriKKKa" behind a planned "swift-boating" prolefeed campaign against President Barack Obama's reelection isn't actually one that is closer to North Korea's Songun ("Army First") Doctrine, holding as it does that the needs of the Korean People's Army take precedence over civilian and industrial needs for the time being (howbeit indeterminate) towards the Luscious Glory of the "People-Centred" Socialism Known as Juche, founded on the doctrine that Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything?

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