15h UTC; SUNDAY, 14 JULY 2013: Late yesterday evening in Thy Dear and Lovely United States of America, a jury in Sanford, FL made up of six females acquitted John Law wannabe George Zimmerman of the senseless, sadisto even, murder of Trayvon Martin in the spring of 2012 at a townhouse development in Sanford; Zimmerman invoked a corporatist-backed measure known as "Stand Your Ground" in defence of his acts, deeds and exploits as led to such a senseless murder.

The which, in any event, is perhaps enough to have the racists, white supremacists, Christian Patriots and others among the Dregs of Society holding racism and White Christian Nationalism rivalled only by the Luscious Glory as was apartheid South Africa deeply and dearly as among their articles of faith as would (so they think) Reclaim Thy Dear and Lovely Land to His Name and Glory, as well as successfully calling out of abeyance apartheid South Africa's former trope as God's Own Country, Consecrated to Thy Luscious Glory and Divine Will as Justifies the White Man's Burden By Any Means Necessary, no matter how vulgar or how sadisto it may get.

Even if it means stooping to the depths of "hue-and-cry" justice excusing racially-selective Extreme Ultraviolence which would make Nazi Germany's "Night of the Long Knives" in the summer of 1934 (essentially a purge of the more fanatically depraved element known as the SA) look like a cheap bus-excursion to and among the "music shows" of Branson this selfsame element wants used as the "defining standard" for an Amerikanischer Realkultur expected to be grounded on the "noble White Culture" expected to be seen as one with AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Will and Right.

And to make matters worse, expect the Ku Kluxer fraternity to march around National Minority-dominant communities, and such with substantial populations of the "chronically dependent upon government" as well, by night (cf. Northern Ireland's "marching season" ahead of the Orangemen's Day holiday on July 12th, wherein the more blatantly Protestant Nationalist causes like the Orange Order and the Apprentice Boys of Derry march through Catholic-dominant neighbourhoods of Belfast, Londonderry and other major centres across Ulster in a Luscious Glory of religio-nationalistic arrogance, carrying rather blatant banners and singing the Filthy Songs and Ballads of Their Fathers in reinforcement) ... only in our "morally superior" American instance, singing the old Horst Wessel and "Die Stem van Suid-Afrika," among other Filthy Songs of Our Fathers, in rather strident and quasi-military staccato, carrying the Nazi swastika "blood flag" and die Transvaaler Vierkleur (itself a symbol of Unreconstructed Afrikaner arrogance and resistance in post-apartheid South Africa, especially among such pushing for a Volkstaat within South African sovereign territory) alongside Old Glory and the Confederate version of the Saltaire (a/k/a St. Andrew's Cross).

And hoping throughout for at least one or two specimens of martyrdom not unlike how apartheid South Africa saw the likes of the Slagters Nek such, those who perished in Boer War concentration camps, Jopie Fourie and even Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, replete with over-the-top appeals to White Aryan Race Honour and Glory as would not be out of place in the worst sort of Branson "music show."

In any case, readers, may I be one to call for calm and peaceable objection and protest to developments; as the songwriter put it, "But who are they to judge us?/For only love can conquer hate." Especially should the Ku Kluxer elements be carrying concealed insturments of mayhem and injury during their marches, in particular billyclubs, stiletto canes, blackjacks, lead pipe, cane cutter's machetes, riding crops, bullwhips, sjamboks, numchaku, shuriken and even brass knuckles; the better to maximise pain and mayhem while hoping all the while for a Luscious Glory by invoking "the Five Words" (as in "I have nothing to say") during police interrogations--but to no avail, what with amateur video being in abundance. That, and resorting to the "sovereign citizen" canard as would allow them to claim "sovereign immunity".


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