18h59 UTC; MONDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2014: For such among you who still insist that holiday shopping be grounded in practicality and utility (given that the season therefor will not be long in coming), I'd like to know if giving gift cards or gift vouchers for the hard-to-please would qualify for the sake of this argument. Not to mention considering giving learning-based toys and games to your local Toys for Tots appeal, which may be much better than a lot of the hackneyed-to-death toys out there.

In their overzealous and all-encompassing designs on "winning over hearts and minds" (howbeit among the easily-impressionable), how do we know "TeaParty" and "Christian Patriot" types as have the ascendency in the 114th Congress won't be looking for cheap and cheerful ways to intimidate real or imagined critics through the mental-hygiene laws in ways rivalling the $cientologists' "Fair Game" agenda, yet taking pains all along to avoid attracting suspicious that such are really disguised SLAPP lawsuits (to get around bans on same, making the plaintiffs liable for court costs, attorney's fees, &c.)?

Why it's all the more important for Real America to defend electoral franchise, and the right therefor: You may or may not have heard on the news where some Harvard University students decided, as a political statement of sorts, to take the same literacy test which the State of Louisana required of blacks seeking to vote as far back as 1964. The same sort of literacy testing which was banned per the Voting Rights Act, know.

And to complicate matters, the instructions to complete the test wereat times confusing to the point of contradictory.

There were 10 minutes allowed to answer all 30 questions on the test, allowing three questions a minute.

And intending black voters had to get a perfect score on same to be eligible to vote.

Sadly, none of the participants were able to complete the test within the allowed ten minutes, nor could they get the answers correct.

And now "Tea Party" types want intelligence tests based on their deluded reading of the Constitution (which, it turns out, is more like the Articles of Confederation) as an electoral requisite, as if suggesting that certain types of "undesirable" immigrants take the Natal Dictation Test wasn't delusional enow for them!

Ye who still think that AmeriKKKa is a Christian Nation Now, Tomorrow, Forever, even to the extent of suggesting that we are the True and Rightful Heirs to Apartheid South Africa's Former Title as God's Own Country, as Called from Abeyance by His Divinely-Ordained Will and Glory, consider where your delusions of grandeur may actually backfire to the point of unravelling any faith-driven identity we still have. Without, know, any displays of Divine Wrath and Judgment which are probably the byproducts of your delusional, Al Cohol-inspired imaginations.

And Finally: For such as see any fuel-tax increase to be counterproductive to the Greater Collective Will of Thy Dear and Lovely Land, "weakening consumer purchasing power" even, which would you prefer: Lower back and pelvic injuries aggravated by an out-of-alignment suspension on your cars and trucks made all the worse by deferred maintenance aggravating the number and intensity of potholes on the roads, or a smoother, more reliable commute as is less injurious to the posture?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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