17h12 UTC; THURSDAY, 10 MAY 2012: The preceding (kudos to Pleated-Jeans.com, should they insist on "credit where credit is due") presented as a Public Service Reminder to particularly such overdoing it on the "power of pride" trope vis-a-vis True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command (preferably of xenophobically jingoist sort).


As for the inspiration of the title of today's post, such was inspired by the "Forward" slogan of President Obama's reelection effort, no doubt challenged just as quickly by his Republican opponent-presumptive Mitt Romney shortly after its unveiling ... itself leaving moi (at mininum) wondering if what conservatives are really calling for when it comes to socioeconomic rescue is a "people-centred" model "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" essentially, in Afrikaner nationalist stylee--as in a "sponatenous and mighty" whip-round of sorts towards a Reddingsdaad ("rescue pact") based on the creation of "productive capital" to be leveraged as necessary to start or otherwise expand "viable" small business or industrial ventures expected to create jobs and on-the-job training for "REAL AmeriKKKans" translating into incomes and purchasing power as can itself be leveraged over and over into fresh "productive capital" as can be managed according to the doctrine of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself") through a central investment fund as would have equity stake in businesses so supported.

(Such was the actual case back in South Africa among Afrikaner nationalists for a decade prior to the 1948 rise of the apartheid regime in its Luscious Glory of racist and socioeconomic segregation and disparity excused as serving God, Country and Race. Its origins were in the 1938 Tweede Trek created to promote Afrikaner Unity and Identity, aided and abetted by an appeal to "rescue" the "sunken materially and spiritually" Afrikaner through ethno-national cohesion and unity rather than State charity or alms to their proper pride of place; within a year or so, the Bloemfontein Ekonomesie Volkskongres, under Afrikaner Broederbond auspices and behind closed doors for the most part, fleshed out the Reddingsdaad's final form being one of "seizing upon the foreign model of capitalism and adapting it to suit our ethnic character"--as in the creation of a new "people's capitalism" [Volkskapitalisme] placing the traditional capitalist emphasis on wealth creation subordinate to one of socioeconomic and moral uplift through jobs creation and training. Itself to be further reinforced through the promotion of various cooperative societies in line with the Afrikaner discipline of Helpmekaar ["helping each other"], such as building societies, savings banks, retail and agricultural cooperatives. The whole being conducted under auspices of the highly-connected Afrikaner life insurer Sanlam managing the Federale Volksbeleggings ["Federal People's Investments"] investment fund created from the original Tweede Trek whipround's proceeds, with popular support for the agenda expected through the Reddingsdaadbond ["Rescue Pact League"], itself created to promote Afrikaner national, cultural and socioeconomic empowerment. Which, by 1948, would be further perfected with Sanlam's creating Bonuskor with an eye to encouraging its policyholders entitled to bonuses on their policies to convert same into Bonuskor shares as would be traded on the Johannesburg bourse.)

So why isn't the GOP openly acknowledging such is their "real" design for saving Our Morally-Superior Economy From Itself, as if a Constitutional Amendment seeking to establish as "irrevocable" an interconnexion of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., with AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity, and further insisting that the defence of one is that of the other, wasn't quite good enough?


Finally, Real America (unlike the Fox News dissimulation under that appellation, itself masquerading its secret contempt and loathing therefor) has a victory for once: Reversing a previous decision, the nearly-bankrupt United States Postal Service has announced that it will keep country post offices heretofore scheduled for closure or consolidation open--howbeit with reduced staffing and operating hours for the most part, and more than likely involving partnerships with local businesses (the Village Post Office concept, as it were).

Which, come to think of it, is of especial importance what with many rural areas lacking affordable access to high-speed Innerwebz connexions (and "Tea Party" articles of faith essentially excusing such under the banner of Recaliming The AmeriKKKa We Love Deeply and Dearly).

Meanwhile, for such looking to help in the cause of the Socioeconomic Rescue of Real America through the creation of a modest little variety store in some country area otherwise lacking decent retail options, consider the following for starters:


As for the notion that American industry faces serious issues getting access to decent loans or credit facilities from mainstream bankers to help with jobs creation and investment in plant and equipment, Mein Innkeeper Friend hath it that such "depends on who you know" as your bankers. Hence, from his own experience as a small businessman, he can tell you that smaller, independent bankers may be easier to deal with than such with offices all over the place, notwithstanding saccharine campaigns from the likes of Bank of AmeriKKKa seeking to gloss over its indiscretions.

Or, alternately, savings and credit unions.

In any case, those "loan brokers" who claim they have "super-secret access" to financing channels otherwise unavailable to small businesses are best avoided: Such are more than likely illegal, what with their charging up-front fees to handle the application, as well as a "deposit" equal to the face value of the desired loan (which, if anything, actually fails to materialise ... and if so, at higher interest rates than mainstream bankers are willing to otherwise charge, such being a sign of possible designs to launder the Immoral Proceeds of Crime and/or Terrorism through "loan agency" fronts for the weird and unwholesome element).


Meanwhile, if President Obama's associations with the Hollywood element for fundraising and support can be a bone of contention among the Mitt Romney support base (especially the shadowy underworld of the SuperPAC's in their Luscious Glory of secrecy), how do we know the Romney campaign isn't secretly hoping for major support from the more jingoistic Bransoner Muzikschaukultur types, especially considering where the cultural conservatives hope to use Branson as a "more realistically AmeriKKKan defining test" for their concept of Amerikanischer Realkultur?

(Recall at this time, reader, that Germany's Nazi regime used the Kraft durch Frude ["Strength Through Joy"] scheme of their Labour Ministry, in its Luscious Glory of promoting labour peace and improving worker productivity through pacification, to promote an idealised German "folk culture" pushing subtle racist and hypernationalist messages through various "folk culture festivals" under its auspices. Not to mention subsidised short-break vacations in German spas and beauty spots.)


Whence exactly did GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney come up with the notion about creating 500,000 jobs/month being a "normal" pattern of socioeconomic recovery following recessions? Did he actually do careful research, or did he simply pick a number out of thin air for maximum prolefeed value? (By contrast, consider where H.J. Heinz came up with "Heinz 57 Varieties" after he was inspired by an ad card on the Sixth Avenue El in New York City for a shoemakers' advertising their product being available in 21 different styles; thus inspired, Mr. Heinz, ever a shrewd believer in the power of advertising, created the now-famous slogan. As a matter of fact, within a few years of the slogan's first appearence in 1884, Heinz was advertising over 60 different food products under its label, among them ketchup, mustard, pickles, pickle relish, baked beans, soups and canned pasta.)


Before I go today, just a "heads-up" to the effect where I may be unable to offer a post tomorrow; I have my biennial eye examination under a new opthmatologist, which may or may not involve that legendary bane of eye examinations known as "drops" (as in dilating the pupils of the eyes such so that the inner eye can be more thoroughly examined, with attendant short-term effects upon vision as the effect of the "drops" wears off). Just so you know. In the meantime, remember that I always welcome your comments on these posts, and encourage your (responsible) sharing thereof by e-mail and social media.

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