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17h53 UTC; THURSDAY, 3 JULY 2014: Show me, someone, the logic of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia's notion that "capitalism needs Traditional Christian Values to survive"--and the context implicit in same. Especially considering that you have "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Christian Patriot" articles of faith (unwittingly shared, for all we know) insisting that the Last and Only Hope for those deemed "chronically and habitually government-dependent" (especially in the Lower Classes) is to blindly and yet wholeheartedly accept the "natural and mutual interconnexion" between ons styl ekonomesie vryheid and Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations Solely by His Grace and Favour Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Land.

As well as seeing said ekonomesie vryheid as a "tip of the spear," for Saving the Government-Dependent from Themselves--preferably based on models themselves based on the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging as led by Afrikaner Nationalist leaders down South Africa way in the decade leading to apartheid's implementation (i.e., between 1939 and 1948), such calling for the Volk to channel their natural and inherent Volkseenheid into a spontaneous "mission from God" otherwise known as Reddingsdaad, itself founded on the belief that 'n volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") can be the best way to rescue "REAL AmeriKKKa" from further "poor whiteism".

Their preferred answer? Volkskapitalisme, a new, "people-centred" form of capitalism which deemphasised wealth creation for the benefit of the few in favour of socioeconomic uplift and empowerment for the heretofore dispossessed and deprived, largely to be accomplished through the leverage of the masses' "idle monies" through an ur-Patriot Fund as would (theoretically) create "productive capital" through leverage thereof as would create jobs and put "REAL AmeriKKKa" back to work based on Volkskapitalisme se disciplines and principles alone.

And one approach to achieving said Volkskapitalisme, as agreed by the Eerste Ekonomesie Volkskongres of October 1939 that was the naissence of said movement, was through the promotion of cooperative societies as would empower the Afrikaner all the more on various fronts--agricultural, financial (as in banking, insurance and home mortgage lending) and retail (the last one without much success)--thereby allowing the heretofore "poor white" to take a stake in their own future and their own empowerment, especially when reinforced by "buy Afrikaner" campaigns and (in the case of agricultural cooperatives) price guarantees for their crops reinforced by State-sponsored agricultural marketing boards.

So what exactly would be wrong with using cooperatives and cooperativism as helpful and effective tools by which "REAL AmeriKKKa" can actually achieve the empowerment so desired by conservative ideology and related articles of faith for the Lower Classes? I'd love to see your comments in this respect--especially if they can be supported by FACTS rather than the cheap platitudes and Mickey Mouse conservative prolefeeders will love deploying (and which turn out to be Aunt Sally as is easily demolished).

And besides: How exactly is cooperativism as "perverted" and "unnatural" as homosexuality (as seen by the "Good Christian" bigots and trolls out there)?

(In any case, I'll be taking the July 4th weekend off from blogging. So, in closing, let me offer some Disney-flavoured thinking as is worth chewing on in the meantime):

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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