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18h46 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 28 MAY 2014:
Doublethink, which essentially requires exercising the grossly illogical and absurd to the point of accepting as truth the absurdity, must seem to be a Holy of Holies when it comes to conservative designs on "winning over hearts and minds" among especially the easily-influenced masses who may be unaware of the real intent behind the message being presented.

And to Your Correspondent, nowhere is this more evident than in their Grand Delusion which expects the Lower Classes seen as "chronically and habitually dependent upon government" to channel their supposed Natural Unity and Identity with the "REAL AmeriKKKan" People and Nation into mutual self-help towards their empowerment socioeconomic--subject, of course (in line with established conservative articles of faith), to its conformity to ons styl ekonomesie vryheid as essential to AmeriKKKan National Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment.

(Or so conservative articles of faith insist, though not in plain words. By implication more than anything, methinks.)

Especially the sort of ekonomesie vryheid manifested in the Afrikaner Nationalist concept of Volkskapitalisme (Afrikaans; "people's capitalism"), whose articles of faith hold that:
  1. Traditional camptalist models and concepts, such as emphasise simple wealth creation, are fundamentally and fatally flawed; hence,
  2. Same needs to be fundamentally restructured to emphasise the creation of jobs and jobs training as will save the "government dependent" from the enslavement thus inflicted, in its turn expected to claim unto "REAL AmeriKKka" its natural right of entitlement to dominion over the economy; and
  3. The "REAL AmeriKKKan" needs to do their part by, for one, channelling their "idle monies" through a "Patriot Fund" (itself expected to invest in "REAL AmeriKKKan" enterprise and finance "viable" business startups) so as to leverage such constantly into "productive capital" as would benefit "REAL AmeriKKKa" constantly from everlasting to everlasting.
But will such actually "play in Peoria," so to speak?

Meanwhile, our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" friends
will be pleased to hear the following, via BBC News:
China plans to remove six million vehicles that do not meet exhaust emission standards by the end of the year as a way of improving air quality.

More than 300,000 vehicles will be decommissioned in the capital Beijing.

Recent findings from the state's environmental agency showed that 31% of the air pollution in Beijing comes from vehicle exhaust fumes.

Next year, the government plans to scrap up to five million vehicles from other regions.

The action plan, aimed at strengthening control on vehicle emissions, "will be a major agenda item for the country's energy savings, emissions reductions, and low-carbon development during the next two years".

That is according to a statement on the government's web portal.

Fighting pollution has emerged as a priority for China's leaders as they try to reverse damage done by decades of manufacturing-driven growth, which has sacrificed the nation's air, water and soil qualities.

The state council did not offer details on how the latest plan will be implemented.

But in Beijing, the municipal government has previously offered subsidies to car owners to voluntarily turn in their ageing vehicles to be scrapped.

In addition to removing vehicles which contribute to air pollution, experts are calling for quality upgrades in fuels, which can also help mitigate air pollution and smog.

After years of denying the issue existed, the central government earlier this year accepted that pollution was of genuine concern.

It now publishes figures for the air quality in China's major cities, and in 2013 promised $275bn (£163bn) to tackle the issue in the next five years, setting targets for air quality improvements.
But then again, Beijing can't wait to look for a prolefeed scapegoat in the likes of Russia, Japan or the United States for to divert the masses' attention from the likelihood of major social unrest, insurrection and ultraviolence within measurable distance, only it turns out that the actual threat may not be what the official line expected it to be. Remember the movie The Russians Are Coming!?

"What will happen NEXT?!"
Log in tomorrow--and FIND OUT!!!

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