16h30 UTC; SUNDAY, 12 JANUARY 2014: If you watch the morning Disney Junior taster block on Disney Channel, you may have noticed as an occasional entr'acte between shows a new series of short toons called Nina Needs to Go!, whose premise is that a rather young girl by name of Nina is in some class of situation that requires her, in her Luscious Glory of embarrassment, to Answer Nature's Call posthaste ... and the loo is some distance afield, requiring the services of her nana to get Nina quickly to the crapper so she can get relief.

And Nina always concludes every such toonlet (if I may coin a new word here) with the message "DON'T wait to go!"

Which has Your Correspondent wondering if it might be possible for Nina to wear special diapers as would allow her relief in situations where the WC is some distance away and her nana is somehow predisposed so that she can't assist Nina in the circumstances. Or, for that matter, her nana keeping a thunderjug handy (or is that bound to prove embarrassing in situations such as those depicted in the toonlets?).

And Another Thing: The segment is sponsored by Huggies Pull-Ups, which, know, is owned by Kimberly-Clark, itself owned by Die Broers Koch (as in their being sugar daddies to the so-called "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" [pseudo]movements, insisting on secrecy and discretion throughout "for reasons you will understand," or so the patsy would have it). Has anybody at Disney Channel considered such a weird and unwholesome association is extant here?

As the fallout from the "Bridgegate" scandal which threatens to undermine the Presidential prospects of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets even more blatant, Your Correspondent would just love(!!) to hear of where certain aides and drookies of his "were only following orders," Nuremburg-stylee, to carry out some of the more nefarious acts, deeds and exploits in Governor Christie's name and majesty, under pain of discipline for the likes of Insubordination, Willful Disregard of Authority, Perjury, Unlawful Interference in Interstate Commerce (as in the politically-driven George Washington Bridge shutdown behind the whole mess) and Related Conspiracies. Never mind where conservative prolefeeders want to gild Governor Christie's lily, so to speak, to divert public attention from the fact of their several "scandals" (Benghazi, for one) being prolefeed distractions in and of themselves.

Distractions, methinks, driven by latent racist hubris as much as penis envy.

Something which liberal and progressive politicos may want to consider deploying as a campaign tactic in Indecision 2014, especially targeting "Tea Party"-deluded governors facing reelection whose categorical pledges to spontaneously create private-sector jobs in significant measure "solely out of the goodness of [employers'] hearts and minds" have grossly fallen short: Videlicet, taking a leaf from the "Tea Party" prolefeed playbook of "Obamacare Horror Stories" (which themselves get discredited quickly) by bringing forth "Economic Freedom Horror Stories" of actual specimens of Real America as lost once-proud jobs under their respective administrations, all the while having supported such campaigns back in 2010 and still seeing themselves as Divinely-Appointed Saviours of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" Reduced to Government Dependency All the Further, and even more at risk of penury by cuts to said dependency in the name of scaring such back to work when the jobs aren't out there.

Or, if there are, same actually little more than scam offers set up "for tax reasons" under such banners as "work from home," "work online," "cashflow gifting," "network/binary/matrix marketing," &c., &c., and for which those thus targeted can ill afford to lose what remains of their very limited savings in "deposits," "processing fees" or suchlike other canards.

Especially worthwhile: Using the Guiding Doctrine of the Juche Idea from North Korea ("Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything") as a prolefeed canard against "Tea Party" ideology towards the Lower Classes (i.e., implying that such is probably be the "real" agenda of the "Tea Party" towards the poor, undereducated and easily-manipulate, or otherwise unable to find work--and not just "for reasons other than because of illness, incapacity or disability," to borrow from welfare benefit applications). As if suggesting, in essence, that the Lower Classes "need to turn to themselves all the more now more than ever," reinforced by the Afrikaans battle-cry from the late 1930's of 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") at its heart and soul (in theory), all along unaware that such was how South Africa's nightmare of apartheid got started, for one.

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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