00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 29 MAY 2013: Talk about outright ignorance of the facts mixed with outright designs on arrogance condoning designs on Total Shoobie Trap Domination: The announcement by Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells that its Hades 360 wooden rollercoaster (essentially a reworking of the existing Hades such to accomodate a loop) is the world's first looping wooden rollercoaster was quickly challenged by someone responding to a related item on the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau's Facebook page, who noted that Son of Beast at Kings Island outside Cincinnati actually holds the honour.

At least in modern times: It's worth noting that Coney Island's Sea Lion Park, as eventually evolved into the legendary Luna Park, had a crude looping rollercoaster called the "Flip-Flap" around the turn of the last century which was rather infamous in its day for riders thereof getting 12 G's force entering the loop to the point of causing whiplash injuries, eventually prompting same to be dismantled. Those wanting an idea of what it was like will take note of the following (via the theme-park-industry blog NewsPlusNotes):

Kudos goes out to the hacktivist "Joker" for giving the so-called "Westboro Baptist Church" a hard time with its GodHatesOklahoma.com website, in its Luscious Glory of Primitive Christian Homophobia insisting a divine interconnexion exists between the late Unfortunate Events in The Sooner State and Our Dear Lovely Nation's increasing acceptance of homosexuality: For a few hours on Sunday, visitors to said vesch wound up instead visiting the American Red Cross' website for donations in aid of the afflicted therefrom thanks to a clever redirection which, in the end, raised $8,000 in donations.

(Next time, might I suggest that the redirect be to The Salvation Army's website page for donations. And there is a clear tradition in my family of preferring The Salvation Army over the Red Cross when it comes to disaster relief, which goes back to my late father's service in World War II; he discovered that the Salvos' canteens were right at the front lines, serving complimentary coffee and donuts as well as offering spiritual counselling whereas Red Cross such were well away from the front, charging 15 cents for coffee and two donuts.)

And staying with the Red Cross for the nonce, it's emerged that of the $158 million raised in aid of Megastorm Sandy's victims last fall, one-third of that amount is being set aside in reserves against the prospect of breaking disaster or emergency scenarios. Which is doubtless causing its critics to drool big time, suggesting instead that locally-based relief organisations (preferably faith-based such) would be better equipped to handle disaster relief efforts; such was actually the case in Southern California following especially the 1925 earthquake in Santa Barbara and the 1928 collapse of the St. Francis Dam north of Los Angeles, with ensuing flooding, with the Los Angeles gazettas of the time conducting appeals for donations in the belief that Southern California was best equipped to deal with local disaster scenarios.

Methinks the several "Tea Party" groups claiming they were "unfairly and arbitrarily" targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) vis-a-vis applications for tax exemptions as 501(c)(4) "social welfare" organisations (the better to maintain outright confidentiality of their donor lists, supposedly because Certain Prominent and Powerful Citizens could be "outed" as Major Supporters thereof) deserved such overzealously close scruitny in the first place--what with The New York Times reporting where several such whose tax-exempt status was under review during Indecision 2012 were engaging in Improper Partisan Political Activity themselves, almost exclusively in aid of the RepubliKKKan Party and the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Presidential campaign.

And see if you can spot the irony in the very name and stylee of the online payments service "Liberty Reserve," which has been implicated in the laundering of some US$6 billion in the Immoral Proceeds of Crime and/or Terrorism thereby. "The Weed of Crime bears bitter fruit...."



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