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15h42 UTC; SATURDAY, 12 MAY 2012: Admittedly, Your Correspondent acknowledges the influence of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four for the title of today's return to blogging after a day's enforced lapse following the effects of an eye examination which saw the eyes dilated for a time thanks to "drops" that are necessary to aid in inner-eye examination--howbeit Engrishfied, know.

(The original quote, "The weakness of the cell is the vigor of the organism," was directed at Winston by O'Brien in explaining that Party ideology insisted on the individual, being prone to error and weakness, being expected to subordinate the self to the Greater Collective Will of the Party if one is to save themselves in the dystopically dysfunctional police state. Could it be safe to assume such is the same mindset of Christian Right and "Tea Party" types as well in their Luscious Glory of warped patriotism?)


As for the conservative notion suggesting that homosexuals "indoctrinate others into their filthy, immoral and perverto lifestyle" (hence, justifying the necessity of discriminatory measures rivalling the South under Jim Crow and apartheid South Africa), what about the more hard-wired specimens of "Bible-Believing Christians" in their Luscious Glory of overzealous proselytising, especially when Jack Chick tracts distributed incognito come into the equation?


As you may have heard by now, JPMorgan Chase let slip in a conference call this past week the fact that the actions of a rogue trader in their London operations vis-a-vis derivatives ("synthetic credit insturments," to use a bankers' euphemism therefor) translated into US$2 billion in losses over the past six weeks, with the clear and present likelihood of at least as much more in losses when second-quarter financials come out. Which, in any case, prompted Fitch Ratings to cut JPMorgan Chase's credit rating and the usual ideologically-driven debate about whether such acts, deeds and exploits are actually in the best interests of the banking industry as much as our supposedly "morally-superior" free-market socioeconomic platform based upon ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and its presumed interconnexion to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations.

As well as the likelihood for the weird and unwholesome reprising the stock anti-Semitic canard about "unhealthy and disproportionate to actual population" Jewish "interference" in the banking sector, yet repeating their insistence on recasting the banking system "according to Christian principles"--howbeit without any specifics on what so constitutes or otherwise providing actual case studies of "Christian banking." (About the closest such I could think of is the mutual savings bank model, itself the creation of a Scots Presbyterian minister to help his poorer penitents save against later hardship; when it crossed the Atlantic and began to be embraced here in the Unted States, such would be heavily promoted by Quakers and Roman Catholics in particular to give the working-classes a viable alternative to gin mills and lotteries.

(Or would such an element rather prefer as the model for study and emulation that of Volkskas, a South African banking-house founded in 1934 with Afrikaner Broederbond connexions seeking to help establish Afrikaner socioeconomic dominance, since merged into ABSA?)


If ever there was need for a 21st-century version of Hitler's "victory jig" after managing to goosestep France into the Luscious Glory of Nazi submission on June 22, 1940 (which, in fact, was actually a manipulation by Allied propagandists of Nazi newsreel footage showing Hitler supposedly rejoicing in the triumph of the moment, itself a simple editing-room trick known as "looping"), it would have to be that "smoking gun" of a conversation between belaguered Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and a major business contributor to his campaign back in 2010 insinuating that Walker could use "divide-and-conquer" prolefeed and other tactics against labour unions in the name of "fiscal responsibility"; this from the forthcoming documentary As Goes Janesville, which is set for summer release on the arthouse-and-film-society circuit such as Fox News loves sneering at as opposed to "REAL AmeriKKKan Kultur" epitomised by Branson's so-called "music shows" being the Right's preferred cultural acid test.

Especially when the "looping" is done at the precise moment which can maximise obnoxious hilarity while concurrently having prolefeed value, notwithstanding where the Walker camp will fake gross stupidity by claiming that the quote "was out of context," that he was "misquoted," &c., &c., when in fact such feigned ignorance is nothing but a prolefeed misadventure bound to backfire.


And One Thing More: How do we know such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief in a "pure" form of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., aren't really pushing an ur-Darwinist agenda excusing, in due course, cartel behaviour officially explained in the end as "Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest," &c., &c., notwithstanding the harm likely posing to business and consumers alike?

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