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17h34 UTC; THURSDAY, 14 JUNE 2012: From George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, in which O'Brien explains to Winston the "why and wherefore" of the Party's belief that the Self must always be subordinate to the Greater Collective Whole of the Party:
"You are thinking," he [O'Brien] said, "that my face is old and tired. You are thinking that I talk of power, and yet I am not even able to prevent the decay of my own body. Can you not understand, Winston, that the individual is only a cell? The weariness of the cell is the vigour of the organism. Do you die when you cut your fingernails?"
The which, in any case, has Your Correspondent wondering whether that penultimate sentence, and the concept thus encapsulate, could become something of a prolefeed meme among the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, and their ideological drookies within the GOP and the Elmer Gantryite/Scott Walkerite camps, vis-a-vis Indecision 2012 with particular emphasis and focus upon concepts such as:
  • Insisting that weaker, "ineffective" and "outdated" business models and concepts be put out of their misery to protect the health of a greater ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe seen as being one with the defence of Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations;
  • Insisting that appeals to National Cohesion and Identity, reinforced as required with appeals to Class Consciousness, rather than State charity or welfare, are the best and last hope for empowering the Lower Classes to help themselves all the more (provided, however--in "Tea Party" thought, know--that the poor developed their own tools and resources on their own, "compatible with prevailing experience and conditions," any outside assistance to be seen as "perpetuating dependency", not to mention where such must be consistent with the disciplines and principles of ekonomesie vryheid, &c.);
  • Insisting on the "complete and final" corporatisation or contracting out of "outdated, counterproductive or otherwise ineffective" public-sector agencies, institutions and schemes to the private sector "in the interest of maximising taxpayer value [and] promoting greater consumer choice and empowerment;" and
  • Insisting that such be seen as "an experiment noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose," as well as being "Christian" (as in Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation as God's Own Country, Consecrated and Dedicated to His Greater Will and Luscious Glory).
Yet while the basic concept of expecting self-help as the best help for the poor and vulnerable is a worthwhile and at once noble one, such needs to be handled carefully and cautiously, consistent with a desideratum as aforementioned. In other words, such should not consist mostly of drunken tirades reeking of a hybrid of military PsyOps exercises, Scientology and Communist "political and ideological instruction" of the sort known to disrupt and even affect production, never mind the Five-Year Plans, having little practical value in helping prepare the poor for work and careers as opposed to risking psychological and emotional harm.

Nor, for that matter, should such incorporate the use of fronts in the form of "cashflow gifting clubs" targeting largely lower-income "group areas" such as conservative prolefeeders insist is the "REAL AmeriKKKa," any and all connexions vis-a-vis "Tea Party" movements being downplayed and disguised (including the agency of "consulting fees" vis-a-vis said "gifting clubs" and the "Tea Party" groups subtly subsidising them as an agency of coercive control and manipulation).

Which brings to mind a more worthwhile suggestion as ought be considered, especially among conservative Zealots and True Believers insisting that the poor and dispossessed should replace "pious sentiment" engendered by welfare and charity with "jingling coin" engendered by free enterprise and acceptance of self-reliant attitudes: As in calling in The British Council, in partnership with the Association of Financial Mutuals (as continuing the Association of Friendly Societies) and its friendly-socety members, to conduct what could best be called "mission work" here in "the colonies" to promote financial and socioeconomic mutual self-help in the working-poor and such otherwise lacking in job skills or preparedness therefor, especially among vulnerable sub-populations and such resident in socioeconomically-challenged areas with few or no serious job options. To be best accomplished through:
  • the promotion of friendly societies by example and model;
  • encouraging further development therefor;
  • developing prudential regulatory models to protect stakeholder confidence and trust; and
  • showing how mutuality can "help the poor to help themselves", not just financially, but also through housing, jobs and career skills training, travel and leisure opportunities and even consumer empowerment.
Or must it always be that everything must be viewed through the distorted AmeriKKKan beer-goggle Weltanschauung, anything foreign to be seen as one with "spreading disease" which "threatens our national and moral strength" (cf. the old "schizophrenic germs" paranoia popular among old-school mental hygenists as lacks any credible scientific foundation)?

In any case, let this be shared and discussed openly and candidly.

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