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18h UTC; THURSDAY, 6 JUNE 2013: Mein Innkeeper Friend's response to this rather flawed "study" from the so-called "Family Research Council:" "There are no gay Baptists."

As for the idea that "Tea Party" prolefeed suggests that states with "Tea Party"-influenced administrations and policies are actually "leading the Nation in Real Jobs Creation," such, unfortunately, fails to consider that the only "jobs" thus ensuing are:
  • at Walmart (especially as "strikebreakers" at the lowest possible wags); or
  • through "work-from-home" and "work online" scams as include Herbalife and Amway Global, with the State acting essentially as a "mentor" to cover costs of "starter packs" for "distributors" from the ranks of such heretofore "habitually dependent upon government" (who themselves wind up being subject to "front-loading" rather than "drop-shipping").
Meanwhile, with Walmart flyers now making their appearence again in many weekend gazettas around the country, what would prevent someone from actually using same against Walmart (as in urging competitors such as Target, Kmart, Shopko, Kohl's, Meijer, HEB Plus, ALCO, &c., to match Walmart's prices with an eye towards a Price War Royale)? (BTW: Such challenges must be for the exact same brands, sizes, styles and products; the flyer must be brought in at checkout to obtain the price match; coupons, percentage-off, clearance and store-closing sales don't qualify; and, except in New Mexico, retailers reserve the right to limit purchase quantities out of fairness to all customers.)

With many zoos across the country now adopting exhibits more closely resembling the natural habitats of the animals on display, in line with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' current guidance on display of animals, it's inevitable that zoo visitors are all the more likely to (and unwittingly) witness overt sexual displays among animals during one's visits, depending on their reproductive cycles, encompassing not just the sexual act per se, but also foreplay, arousal and even sexual play in any young as are part of the relevant display.

Which, if anything, can only upset the rather prudish kind of visitor expecting an otherwise harmless Sunday afternoon's visit being somehow "corrupted" by some of the animals openly "doing it" in full view of the crowd, especially where children are in the captive audience and/or absent posted warnings about the likelihood of zoo animals engaging in sexual behaviours during their visit. Hence, Your Correspondent would like to hear of any documented and peer-reviewed cases of Impressionable Youth being "morally corrupted" by the very sight of zoo animals in the sexual act while visiting zoos as incorporate more natural displays of animal habitat (as opposed to highly-anecdotal "friend-of-a-friend" stories popular among such who can easily get offended at the very sight of sexual activity or organs, be they of man or beast.)

And something to watch for among Social Security denationalisation supporters, especially such who prefer "stealth" measures to avoid Attracting Unwelcome Attention as leads to Scandal: Incorporating provisions in the apropos enabling legislation obligating such managers of those awarded concessions for "retirement savings funds" to collectively assume, and service (as a "social responsibility" project), the American National Debt at a set rate of interest (cf. the South Sea Company back in England, vintage 1711, assuming Britain's National Debt at 6% p.a. in exchange for a trading monopoly with Latin America and the Pacific Islands, only to collapse due to gross mismanagement aggravated by the speculative "bubbles" in same).



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