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18h UTC; TUESDAY, 21 JANUARY 2014: It appears as if the second term of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn't going to be an easy one, especially as fresh and fascinating revelations of his bully-boy tactics with "uncooperative" or "disloyal" mayors come to the disinfecting properties of air and sunshine, known to be the greatest disinfectant of all.

And which may be cut short by the prospect of impeachment, removal from office for Gross Mental Incapacity, or resignation. (And did I mention the prospect of his suffering a Fatal Heart Attack aggravated by his known and infamous obesity?)

Not to mention Governor Christie's potentially resorting to Nixon-stylee tactics of fear, intimidation, even outright harrassment By Any Means Necessary (even illegal such), against real or suspected enemies, the suspicion perhaps made worse thanks to Al Cohol for the most part (and more than likely in some illicit after-hours place on the Jersey Shore) aggravating his Delusions of Presidential Grandeur--with the hope of conservative prolefeeders by the score paid off to say glowing tripe as expects Real America to ignore the Big Picture of scandal, intimidation and consorting with the Weird and/or Unwholesome Element.

As well as the prospect of going the same route as Alabama's "Big Jim" Folsom, whose political legacy was short-circuited by a TV campaign address in 1962 which revealed his intemperate ways and lapses of memory, paving the way for the bigot George Wallace to assume the Heart of Dixie's governorship. In any event, the prospects bear watch-and-ward all the more.

The online dating site ChristianMingle.com has as its slogan
"Find God's Match for you"--but if the following story is to be believed, some clients could be making it its own worst joke:

‘God’s match’ for California woman on Christianmingle.com cons her out of $500,000 (via Raw Story )

A 66-year-old California woman was conned out of $500,000 by a man she met on the online dating site Christianmingle.com. The site bills itself as a place where Christians can “Find God’s Match For You,” claiming that its “deepest desire is…

A new kind of rotten has been discovered under the streets of DC--and no, it's not who you might think:

Researchers with Duke University have discovered where there are just under 5,000 leaks in the gas lines of the Washington Gas Light Company, the gas company for the District of Columbia and surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia, within District boundaries ... of which 12 are considered "major" (as in such which carry significant risk of explosion causing serious damage should sparks or lit cigarette butts come in close proximity thereto).

But it turns out the hands of Washington Gas are tied when it comes to repairing especially serious leaks as have been called to their notice: The terms of their franchise places caps on how much they can spend every year on infrastructure repair out of end-user revenues. And making matters worse is where many of the gas lines in question are of cast iron and well over a century old, dating back to when gas was manufactured out of coal (and whose aroma was potentially lethal, besides), making them especially prone to leakage over time as natural gas became the norm.

(Similar results were found by a Boston College survey team vis-a-vis the Hub City's gas mains of National Grid, as successor to the Boston Gas Company.)

Kudos to the Frozen River Film Festival here in Winona (as runs from tomorrow through this weekend) for deciding to cancel at the eleventh hour, so to speak, a previously-scheduled screening of the pro-fracking "documentary" Frack Nation after festival organisers started raising questions about the financing thereof (and its impact on content), not to mention an inability to get anybody connected with the film's production team to make a post-film Q&A session appearence. In lieu will be a panel discussion on whether documentary filmmaking still has a place in our reality-TV-obsessed society and culture.

So whose Realkultur is it anyway when you have an obviously (pseudo)religious Zealot and True Believer insisting on Fox Prolefeed that President Obama seeks to channel the Prince of Darkness for and on behalf of Thy Dear and Lovely Nation Now in Danger of Losing God's Protective Hand All The More thereby? (Especially the sort who insists that the Presidential role should be one of a superdivine Prophet, Seer and Revelator acting as an intermediary between Yahweh God [to be thus seen as the True Leader of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation] and the Nation, with Congress essentially reduced to a "rubberstamp" role of approving Divine Revelations which, for all I know, may actually have come under the influence of narcotics or hallucinogens to create the illusion of Divine Interlocteur.)

Or, for that matter, the Congressional RepubliKKKan Delegation (or facsimilie thereof) using "jobs creation" to advance legislation and policies reeking of the racist, the nativist, the misogynistic, even of contempt for the poor and National Minorities, having nothing to do with reemploying the unemployed or employing the heretofore unemployable (and based on the flawed delusion as insists that only ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, if only they made "reasonable efforts" to that end, actually made good-faith efforts to create jobs solely on their own free will and initiative).

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of
Vic and Sade through the years)


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