18h UTC; THURSDAY, 16 MAY 2013: In case you're asking, reader, about the inspiration for the titling of today's post: Your Correspondent, for some unknown reason or another, was thinking at some length the other night about Fletcher's Castoria, an old children's laxative sort of like cough sirup in consistency with a taste sort of like sasparilla ... and whose longtime slogan was "Children Cry for It."

Nowadays, such claims can't appear in children's advertising especially because such would be seen as "showing lack of affection" or "being held up to ridicule or contempt" for not having the product in question.

(Incidentally, the product is now called "Fletcher's Laxative," in case you're looking for it at the drugstore.)

Meanwhile, something Your Correspondent would like to hear of: Some class of of a family-run, "pee-and-em" supermarket or delicatessen in some low-income or socioeconomically-disadvantaged neighbourhood choosing not to sell lottery tickets out of conscience and principle--and actually managing to attract healthy business in the bargain by sticking to essential groceries and sundries. (Which, in its turn, may want to be enough to ask such who oppose expansion of lawful gaming in the name of "protecting the poor from themselves" what would preclude their promoting, say, mutual savings banks as a means of "promoting thrift and personal responsibility" in the Lower Classes they claim to represent the collective best interests and welfare of.)

As for the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, especially now in the wake of the current scandal suggesting that the Internal Revenue Service arbitrarily (and, its adherents insist, "needlessly") delayed applications for tax-exempt status as 501(c)(4) "social welfare organisations" among "Tea Party," "9/12" and "Patriot" groups, sects and movements by demanding further clarification or other non-essential minutiae, it's time to once again ask them how they expect to finance the government, regardless of its being Federal, state or local, according to their Sanctii Sanctorum of nil-rate taxation--be it of incomes, consumer purchases, real property, franchises or of motor fuel. And we insist that their answers be grounded in facts, not delusional fantasies.

Speaking of motor fuel, here in the Minnwissippi, the price of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline climbed without warning yesterday from $3.79/gallon to $3.91/gallon, no doubt prompting some (among them Mein Innkeeper Friend) to wonder if the official explanation of "refinery shutdowns" (as in two such, one each in Illinois and Indiana) because of "mechanical issues" is really code for industry back-room trick and deception, including deliberate refinery closings to create artificial shortages designed solely to maximise profits (the practice thereof, IIBC, is considered Restraint of Trade, hence, illegal).

Meanwhile, those of you in the "Drill HERE, Drill NOW, Pay LESS" camp (including "Tea Party" and "9/12" Zealotry and True Belief made manifest) ought to consider this: Considering improvements in refining technology as have actually maximised the value of a barrel of crude oil over the years, not to mention allowing for consumer price inflation, the price of gasoline has actually fallen on an inflation- and technology-adjusted basis in the over 100 years that America has been on the road. For one, the development of catalytic-cracking technology has actually made it easier to convert even the heaviest of crude oils into high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel--including such specimens of crude which, until some 40 years ago, left behind heavy, low-quality fuel oil commonly known as "Bunker C" or "Number 6" after the other distillates were extracted and refined.

And why we can do without the Elmer Gantryite tropes
about the Hidden Evils and Dangers of Same-Gender Marriage, especially since Minnesota became the 12th state to allow same by legislative edict (with effect from 1 August, know): As if the paranoia about Clear and Imminent Christian Persecution as Would Dwarf the Nazis' Holocaust in Sheer Numbers of Depravity and Potential Martyrs wasn't obnoxious enough, we'd like some carefully-documented, peer-reviewed even, proof supporting Elmer Gantryite tropes about states allowing same-gender marriage having higher-than-average numbers statistically of such things as:
  • small-business failures;
  • unemployment or underemployment;
  • mass layoffs (especially such structured to avoid advance-warning requirements);
  • loan and credit-card delinquencies, charge-offs and collections;
  • mortgage foreclosures;
  • illegal "blockbusting";
  • strikes or other forms of industrial action;
  • bankruptcy filings (including both Chapters 7 and 11);
  • tax delinquencies;
  • wholesale "poor whiteism" (and attempts to cover up the problem);
  • alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • spousal/child abuse and neglect cases;
  • divorce filings;
  • social-disease infections (including HIV/AIDS);
  • prostitution;
  • adult-oriented businesses (as in bookstores, cinemas, sex shops and traffic to adult-content websites, not to mention sales or distribution of adult-content materials generally);
  • problem gaming;
  • lottery-ticket sales (both for online [e.g., Powerball and daily "numbers"] and scratchcard games); and
  • school dropout rates (particularly among White European-AmeriKKKans and so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" more so than the traditional National Minorities).
Not to mention supposed declines in church-attendance numbers, populations expressing a belief in The Deity and/or Christian faith generally ... even such states being all the more plum targets for popular consumer scams involving home-based or online employment, "Five Reports"-type chain letters, Nigerian scams, "Canadian Online Pharmacies," gold coin or buillon "investments," even prize scams in the guise of "public opinion surveys" requiring one to "jump through hoops," and at one's own risk and expense even, to "claim" the "prize" in question.

Even where such was the case, know, the interconnexion vis-a-vis same-gender marriage (let alone civil unions) would be rather tenuous in matter of fact. That, and the fact of a manufactured "homosexuality problem" ignoring the likes of transvestism, transsexualism (a/k/a "unisex," IIBC) and hermaphroditism.



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