18h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2013: As if Rush Limbaugh's opening the (howbeit faulty) theological floodgates recently with the notion (howbeit implied) that the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe in its "pure" form was to be regarded as "Christian" (not to mention implying that said interconnexion was, in and of itself, mutually interconnected to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Endowment) wasn't starting to launch a major theological debate most distracting (especially considering that conservative prolefeeders must enjoy targeting the "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of easily-exploitable Primitive, a/k/a "Bible-Believing," Christianity at its most suspect), maybe it was time that we started debating whether such an interconnexion really exists.

And whether such is ideologically compatible with the Christian Bible in its entire, Old Testament and New, and not just on a selective and manipulative interpretation excusing socioeconomic inequality, racism, nativism, sexism and even crude xenophobic jingoism seeing Our Dear Lovely Nation to be The Divinely-Endowed Center of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies, and authorised by God Himself to have dominion over same By Any Means Necessary.

And it might be stretching things to imply that such "campaigns" as the "Tea Party," "9/12," "Christian Patriot" and suchlike sects may have in mind to "rescue" the poor from the "enslaving effects of government dependency" have unwitting and unconscious parallels to the Afrikaner Nationalist Reddingsdaadbond ("Rescue Action League") movement in the naissence of apartheid (1939 to 1957, to be exact), seeking as it did to save the ranks of Afrikaner "poor whiteism" from the enforced socioeconomic thrall by expecting them to "seize capitalism and adapt it to fit our ethnic and national character" towards establishing an ethno-national, cultural and socioeconomic identity as would be a source of pride and honour.

To be achieved, for one, through the application of its rallying-cry motto, 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescuing itself").

For another, by presenting such as a Mission from God to Save His Annointed Volk upon the African Continent from Themselves. And to regard said salvation as requiring the constant leverage of their otherwise "idle monies" (especially so through the involvement of Afrikaner-centrist banks, building societies, insurance companies and savings clubs into associated Reddingsdaadfonds in service to said Mission) into creation of "productive capital" serving a new and ennobling Volkskapitalisme ("people's capitalism") as would recast traditional capitalist concepts into serving the Greater Luscious Glory of the Volk by emphasising jobs creation and training over and over.

As one Afrikaner Nationalist leader saw it, the greater desire throughout was one of replacing "pious sentiment" heretofore applied towards the poor (as manifested in State or private charity) with "jingling coin," as in profit, wages, savings, consumer spending power, which could be leveraged over and over to serve the Luscious Glory of the Volk many times over.

Provided, of course, that such a Noble Experiment
served to benefit, by willful and conscious design, an "elect***entitled as of Natural Right" acting in the (theoretical) name and behalf of the Volk such was expected to help, and to excuse His Name and Will throughout to give the whole an air of credibility. Which, in the case of the original concept aforementioned, was the Afrikaner Broederbond, a hyper-secretive, quasi-Freemasonic even, sect whose secrecy was justified as being "in the name and behalf of the Volk," all the while exploiting its "natural synergies" with the likes of Sanlam and Volkskas (as proved especially beneficial with the likes of the Sanlam-managed FVB investment fund, and its later creation of the Bonuskor unit trusts, Bonuskor being seen as "doing the Volk and Nation a favour" by urging Sanlam policyholders to convert their bonus rights into unit-trust shares out of National and Christian Duty).

Are we deliberately choosing to ignore such lessons and warnings from history in falling for such Mickey Mouse as distorts socioeconomic theory by perverting such to serve an equally-distorted "Christian" theology? And what exactly stands in the way of challenging such theological perversions, not just among ourselves but also from the pulpit--fear, perhaps, of "disfellowship" resulting in psychiatric proceedings for False Doctrine?

"Another small house is finished in the next block"
(to Engrishfy the closing remarks on every episode of the "slice-of-life"
radio series Vic and Sade through the years)


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