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As well, if it turns out that you don't get a post Wednesday midnight UTC time, it's because I'll be on a bus trip with the projects I reside in to view the Rotary Lights display down LaCrosse way. Just so you know.

As for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's continuing boasts of significant and measurable jobs creation in The Badger State under his regime while the facts suggest otherwise, you might want to assume that any such jobs creation came by way of the exploitation of Wisconsin's ranks of Poor Whiteism in such bastions thereof as are too easily receptive to conservative prolefeed. Usually involving "work from home," "work online" and disguised Ponzi schemes (as in so-called "multi-level marketing") tending to be based interstate and seeing Wisconsin's current situation as a plum target to exploit.

Those using the "multi-level marketing" device preferring to make money (and pay commissions) from building unsustainable downlines (especially because one such targeted might suddenly turn Iscariot to the Better Business Bureau with Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty) rather than selling bona fide products or services having value for money (and failing to explain, beyond general platitudes, why this is necessary).

Watch for the likes of Religiopolitical/Cultural Conservative causes seeking a steady and sustained income to invest in some class of a Heimatfilm studio being propossed for down Branson way as is guaranteed to fail rather quickly considering where:
  • the films as would be produced there will likely have formula-driven and predictable plots theoretically expected to be "family-friendly" while having a secondary purpose of advancing conservative prolefeed messages;
  • increasing numbers of cinemas across the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" as would be expected to screen such movies in principio are shuttering for want of funds or finance to convert their projection systems to the new digital standards preferred by Hollywood's major studios;
  • the reluctance of major cinema circuits to screen such films because of their "predictable" and "formula-driven" plot/story (especially the major such of AMC, Sony Cineplex, Regal Entertainment [as owns the Regal, Edwards and United Artists circuits], Marcus, Kerasotes, Pacific Theatres and Magic Johnson Theatres); and
  • questions as to the possible use of subliminal techniques to transmit the prolefeed contexts vis-a-vis such films, thereby raising issues of Psychological Harm, Manipulation or Distress in an especially easily-led target audience of the easily-manipulate in the first place.
And, of course, the old vaudeville saw of "will it play in Peoria?"

As if the GOP/"Tea Party" platitude about the Defence of Traditional Christian Values wasn't pathetic enough (calling to mind apartheid South Africa's trope about their being "God's Own Country" thanks to apartheid and its articles of faith), how do we know they're not secretly channelling His Satannic Majesty on the sly?

How's this for Comic Relief bloggers could deploy from time to time as an "ice-breaker" in their blogs during slack news cycles as could otherwise translate into want of blog content: None other than the Handy-Dandy Scamdex Blog Spam Generator as can randomly create potentially hilarious specimens of "blog spam" content for possible psychological value as to the general ineptitude of such posting comments as reek of spam. Even better when rendered into the old "Engrish" to maximise the hilarity value.

Take this example:
were quite Albert could finish up inquiry with the precious recommendations he acquired in your site It is now and again perplexing to simply happen to be freely giving procedures which often most people And we also know we.ve got the website owner to be grateful to for that The main explanations you have made the straightforward blog navigation relationships you will give support to create
Now, after processing it through Google Translate unto Engrish (essentially a "round-trip" English ==> Japanese ==> English translation), let's see what we come up with:
Albert, he it is that most people, we can give a procedure to know that in order to thank for we.ve Also, get the owner of the web site often freely quite simply had the main discussion you made ​​to happen, I was able to finish the inquiry recommendations valuable to get on your site is a puzzle again made ​​the relationship blog navigation simple, to give support to create
Why not otherwise try it for yourself during a slow-blog-fodder-inspiration period and see what happens traffic-wise? (Incidentally, Your Correspondent will not be liable for what ensueth as a byproduct of such used for comedy relief. As well, to avoid overdoing it on the gag, use it occasionally AND responsibly.)

In fact, speaking of slack news cycles providing inspiration, Time magazine's Person of the Year tradition began during the end-of-the-year news cycle towards the end of 1927 segueing into 1928: At a loss for worthwhile news content to fill the void, editors thereof realised that aviator Charles Lindbergh's nonstop solo flight from New York to Paris didn't get much attention in its pages ... so they decided to name "Lucky Lindy" its first Man of the Year.

Which, in the years since, has been its recognition of the person who, in the opinion of Time's editors, was the single greatest influence on the news in the preceding year, "for better or worse." Such doubtless explaining their selection of German dictator Adolf Hitler for that honour in 1938, Soviet such Josef Stalin in 1943 and Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979, to cite the most infamous examples in line with the "for worse" criteria.

Now you know.


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