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18h UTC; TUESDAY, 21 MAY 2013: First off, Your Correspondent feels it best to send his solidarities and sympathies to those as have been afflicted by the late tornadoes in Oklahoma--as in Sunday's such in Shawnee as killed two and yesterday's such in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore as killed 51 people (24 of which have been confirmed officially), with considerable injuries and devastation ensuing in the process.

However, he feels that Our Dear Lovely Nation can do without certain Elmer Gantryite types insisting that said tornadoes of late are a Divine Warning Upon Our Dear Lovely Nation that God is Withdrawing His Protective Hand Therefrom (which, for all I know, may also be the same Invisible Hand of the Marketplace cherished deeply and dearly by much the same element as Essential to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations) for Straying From His Divinely-Ordained Will and Predestiny as Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies By Divine Right and Edict Revealed to Our Pilgrim Forefathers, all that Mickey Mouse.

(An interesting sidelight to the Unfortunate Events is that CBS was forced to cancel last night's season finale of Mike and Molly because of a tornado-related storyline considered inapproriate in light of same; a rerun was substituted at the last minute.)

Meanwhile, in keeping with my family's belief in supporting The Salvation Army USA over the Red Cross when it comes to disaster relief and comfort, those wishing to help them vis-a-vis the Unfortunate Events in Oklahoma can donate online (q.v.), by freecalling 1-800-SAL-ARMY with a credit or debit card, by sending cheque or money order to your local Salvation Army chapter (noting that said donation should go to Disaster Relief), or by texting "STORM" to 80888 on your smartfone to donate $10 (subject to your carrier's usual message charges; if you have a "prepaid" plan such as through Net10, TracFone, MetroPCS or Virgin Mobile, the donation will be taken from your available time).

Getting back to the Elmer Gantryite element for the moment, Your Correspondent could just imagine some such seeking to file a Taxpayer Lawsuit contending that community summer recreation programmes are Engaging in Unlawful Promotion of Homosexuality Upon Children and Impressionable Persons Generally at Taxpayers' Expense, contending that such who supervise activities under their direction are Known Homosexuals Who Will Stop at Nothing to Recruit Children Into their Evil, Deviant and Perverto Ways By Any Means Necessary (and will actually trot out "actual case studies" of Children Tricked into Homosexuality thus).

Only it turns out that the whole story is a carefully-manufactured and -scripted farce designed for maximising prolefeed value and attracting Fox News' unhealthy influences (cf. HLN's late excesses vis-a-vis Jody Arias), the whole eventually dismissed as frivolous, vexatious, tortious and otherwise Lacking Clear Judicial Merit to Warrant Serious Expenditure of Increasingly Limited Court Time and Resources.

As if the "REAL AmeriKKKan" (as in the "poor white" specimens of "Bible-Believing Christian" too trusting of Fox News and conservative talkback radio in what may be its twilight time for their own good) wasn't already too race-conscious in and of themselves, we can just imagine Appeals to Christo-Racial Honour and Identity rather crass and puerile seeking to raise funds in aid of their Racially-Conscious Afrikaner Brethren Down South Africa Way out of Shared Christian and Racial Identity, Values and Honour (replete with the inevitable atrocity stories unlikely to be verified independently about Clear and Present Danger of White Christian Persecution)--all the while wondering if such funds will actually be used in aid of their intended purposes of feeding, clothing and decently housing "the once-proud Afrikaner Volk***reduced to such miserable straits," &c., or will be diverted at the last minute to "more important matters," not otherwise specified.



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