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15h04 UTC; SUNDAY, 11 MARCH 2012: By now, you've heard about the emerging displays of skepticism and doubt concerning the KONY 2012 video from the Christian "charity" Invisible Children (some 35 million views to the moment, according to some estimates), which turns out to have some beefs with the likes of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau and Charity Navigator, both of whom have concerns about how much of your donations thereto are going to stated purposes and instead covering staff salaries and overhead. Such skepticism, in fact, translating into numerous videos on YouTube as challenge the claims made in the original, with some of the more interesting suggesting that "the Four Hundred" or even The Illuminati are secretly behind Invisible Children to whip up "slacktivist" support for "sacred war" in Uganda against the so-called "Lord's Resistance Army" (LRA) just to access newly-discovered Ugandan oil fields.

As if that weren't enough, belaguered conservative prolefeeder Rush Limbaugh was overheard giving aid and comfort for the LRA last fall, excusing such "because they're Christian"--never mind evidence from former child soldiers in the LRA's ranks that they were kidnapped from their parents at gunpoint, forced to turn against (and even kill) same, and being subjected to rape, sodomy and outright humiliation as agencies of coercive and cooptative control.

In any event, KONY 2012 may be seeing serious signs of backfiring as a healthy skepticism about the video, and the claims and representations made throughout, emerges big time. Not to mention concerns about those behind the video, with particular concern about its mission and finances.


Getting back to The Oxycontin Boar for a moment, readers, it turns out that Meneer Limbaugh may have (un)consciously sown the seeds of destruction for the very broadcasting genre he created single-handedly with l'affaire Sandra Fluke and its byproducts of consumer umbarge via social media, demonstrating the power of the same "market forces" as are the foundation of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" that his ilk claim to be the True Guardians of vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity: Radio-Info.com, an industry blog, notes where Premiere Radio Networks, as distributes Limbaugh and several other conservative prolefeeders to stations nationwide, issued instructions to its affiliates Friday morning as opened thus:
To all Traffic Managers: The information below applies to your Premiere Radio Networks commercial inventory. More than 350 different advertisers sponsor the programs and services provided to your station on a barter basis. Like advertisers that purchase commercials on your radio station from your sales staff, our sponsors communicate specific rotations, daypart preferences and advertising environments they prefer… They’ve specifically asked that you schedule their commercials in dayparts or programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity). Those are defined as environments likely to stir negative sentiment from a very small percentage of the listening public.
The which was followed by the names of 98 national advertisers, including the major automakers, restaurant chains and retailers, covered by this instruction. (Meanwhile, Media Matters for America, according to monitoring of the online stream for Limbaugh's New York flagship, WABC-AM, conveniently identifies in boldface such companies as were still advertising on Friday's show; otherwise, any remaining ad time, or reasonable facsimilies thereof, was filled with Public Service Announcements supplied through The Ad Council.)


In its swansong death gasp likely to come within measurable distance, expect the greater conservative talkback radio community to start getting ballistically paranoid, and then some, with some of the most blatant paranoia in prolefeed form since Nazi Germany in its death throes ... or even apartheid South Africa hesitant to recognise that global public opinion was turning against its racist and White Nationalist agenda.

Especially when this blatency involves the Seven Dirty Words or their variants, as if trying to test the FCC's patience (especially in cases where station licence renewals are coming due) ... questions about the loyalty and patriotism of such as called out Meneer Limbaugh in the first place (even resorting to McCarthyst-model excesses and patsies insisting that the comments "were not considered in proper context"--as in failing to consider their deeper "word-grammar-syntax meaning") ... dismissing such companies as played along with the protests as "kneejerk reactionaries," "quislings" and "traitors" to ekonomesie vryheid, &c.... and even making some exceptionally fatuous claims that President Obama "orchestrated the campaign" as a "reelection trick", with the "evidence," methinks, being one with the "Hitler Diaries" some years back.


As for the Epilogue to the whole, consider:
  • Rush Limbaugh "himself" facing creditors and collection agencies wholesale with calls for repayment of rather substantial debts piled on by his proletarian-ego simulation, not to mention all manner of liens, attachments, seizures and at least one foreclosure against his name and repute, the which translates into a Fatal Heart Attack for which wholesale weeping and wailing and bawling and boohoohooing unto Bog and All His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints is uncalled for (even as conservative prolefeeders push YouTube or Vimeo videos in the North Korean stylee exploiting the news); and
  • the radio stations themselves as fell for the misadventures of conservative prolefeed, with significant and measurable losses in both listener numbers and advertiser revenues, having to come up with new and innovative programming models in replacement therefor, and quickly--even if it means resorting to tactics not unlike that employed by one California radio station a few years back as continuously played numerous versions of the 1976 Eagles hit "New Kid in Town" just to stay on the air pending a sale thereof as eventually fell through, usually during a "transitional period" so as to get the bugs worked out.
In short: Stay. Tuned.

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