18h UTC; TUESDAY, 6 AUGUST 2013: Anyone familiar with George Owell's literary masterpiece of police-state dystopics, Nineteen Eighty Four by title, will no doubt be acquainted with the Party's use and practice of doublethink (defined as "the ability to hold, and at once accept as correct, two simultaneous and conflicting arguments") as a means of maintaining Party discipline and orthodoxy among the faithful (all the while expecting such classified as "proletariat", or "prole" for short, to be essentially Inferior Beings Unworthy of Interest).

Which has Your Correspondent wondering, for one, about just how much of the GOP/"Tea Party"/"9-12"/"Christian Patriot" agenda (and related articles of faith) is infused with doublethink throughout (especially as a means of maintaining obedience and loyalty in the rank-and-file) ... and the possibility for "fighting doublethink with doublethink," as it were--and which Your Correspondent will attempt to do in this post:
  1. In expecting the Lower Classes to "wean themselves off Government dependency" all the more, the Greater Conservative Agenda essentially expects the targeted to "turn to themselves" all the more (as in using "National Unity and Identity" as an agency of empowerment; i.e., drawing solely upon its own resources, tools and resolve, consistent with prevailing socioeconomic conditions and experience, towards said empowerment). Same preferably based on the Reddingsdaadbond ("Rescue Action League") movement among Afrikaner communities in South Africa in the naissence of apartheid, with reinforcement per the Core Concept of the Juche Idea, "Man is the Master of Everything, and decides Everything."
  2. By holding "self defence is national defence" to be a Sanctii Sanctorum, conservative thought fails to consider the impact such Zealotry and True Belief in North Korean stylee would adversely have on the Greater Collective Good of the Nation--especially when "Stand Your Ground," "Show No Mercy" and suchlike policies reeking of sadisto vigilantism are sanctioned in the name of "returning police power to the people."
  3. It's one thing to push for "rescuing" Medicare and Medicaid by way of giving those so entitled vouchers as would (in theory) allow for the purchase of open-market health care cover--unaware that many of those on Medicare and Medicaid are unlikely to make sound or wise decisions themselves when it comes to buying health cover on the free market as would translate into actual value for money.
  4. Is it possible that the same Protective Hand of God Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation (which can be revoked without prior notice or warning) may actually be the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace Essential to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, and yet we're not expected to know this as a fact?
  5. As if opposing immigration reform for the very reason that "immigrants will steal REAL jobs from REAL AmeriKKKans who NEED these jobs all the more now than ever" wasn't good enough, they expect Real AmeriKKKan Women to not just "submit graciously," but also to "be fruitful and multiply" for the Greater Luscious Glory of God, Country and Race (cf. Romania under Ceausescu, where such thinking was seen as essential to Hastening the Final Achievement of Pure Socialism ... Nazi Germany's desire to achieve and perfect the "Aryan Master Race" as would ensure the Thousand-Year Reich's continuity, even if it meant discarding "outdated and antiquated" institutions such as marriage ... even apartheid South Africa's "Make Babies for Botha" campaigns to increase white birth rates). Never mind the risk of a serious labour surplus ensuing over time, which did in the Ceausescu regime in the wake of the Berlin Wall's collapse in late 1989.
  6. To expect the "habitually dependent upon government" to "accept more responsibility for themselves" by, for one, embracing owner-occupancy housing may really be cover for such otherwise noble initiatives requiring high-rate, high-risk, securitised mortgages (presumably "guaranteed" by The Patriot Fund) for what turns out being sick travesties of the "new towns" movement as turn out being closer to Spam Glen (a Scots term for social-housing estates that, on the surface, appear to be neat, clean and orderly ... but on the inside, reek of the worst poverty, fecundity and ignorance, institutionalised even, as Snagglepuss would've put it).
  7. Insisting that "AmeriKKKa is a White Christian Nation, Now, Tomorrow, FOREVER!" as requires "Christian leadership" in the form of its President acting as a superdivine Prophet, Seer and Revelator essentially receiving Divine Revelation that Congress is expected to rubberstamp approval of, raises the likelihood that said Divine Revelation may require the agency of narcotics or hallucinogens to achieve the proper mental and psychoemotional state.
  8. By claiming that "personal freedom" justifies conservative opposition to public-transportation funding, such fails to recognise that said "personal freedom" carries a price of increased traffic congestion, slower commutes, increased pollution risk as translates into global warming--not to mention condoning serious deferred maintenance on roads and bridges which can affect autos and their drivers adversely in more ways than one. (Which, given the conservative penchant for ignorance as virtuous, includes injury to the driver, damage to the vehicle's structural components--and repairs in consequence thereof--even higher rates of fuel and oil consumption translating into gross inefficiency.)
  9. In pushing the trope of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being "the magic door as helps the Lower Classes to help themselves" through "greater choices, wider selection, lower prices" thanks to the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace, such fails to consider where for many in the Lower Classes presently, about the only shopping choice they seem to have is Walmart--and even then, such carries a hidden price they fail to recognise in terms of taxpayer burden in the long run.
  10. Knowing that conservative thought sees trade unionism as "outdated" and "adding costs needlessly" which wind up being passed on to consumers, you have to wonder if their real ideal of unionism is one up there with apartheid South Africa's insistence that unions emphasise "race identity and honour" over collective bargaining.
  11. By suggesting that "White Culture" is somehow under threat by the "Forces of Darkness" along the New York-Hollywood "Axis of Evil" (especially where anti-Semitism can be deployed to maximum effect, after the stylee of the Nazi-era tabloid Der Sturmer in its Luscious Glory of pornographic depravity), how do we know that the real intent here is to establish as the "prevailing community standard" for Amerikanischer Realkultur the so-called "music shows" out Branson way (especially such which are discreetly subsidised or financed by "Tea Party" and suchlike sugar daddies)?
  12. In expecting the Lower Classes to embrace "increased healthy respect" for thrift as much as personal responsibility (especially through measures such as banning sale of lottery tickets in designated "group areas"), it seems that some of the biggest backers of "Tea Party" and suchlike movements include the likes of bankers who can't stand smaller accountholders "draining profits from the banking system" and would like to have nothing of lower-income accountholders in need of chequing or savings accounts as would help greatly towards their "empowerment out of government dependency." Nor would they love "unfair competition" from the Postal Service offering through local Post Offices what could best be called a "social banking" service encompassing affordable banking and funds-transfer services.
Anyhow, let this be the start of some rational debate about what the real ideology of the "Tea Party" element amounts to: One founded on doublethink, reinforced by dogwhistle code to further maximise the deception that rank-and-file supporters aren't expected to understand, as if equating Knowledge with some class of Loathsome Diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, tubuculerosis, syphillis, gonorrhea, dementia, &c., for which "Tea Party"-supported (pseudo)medical research is developing homeopathic treatments that "are being suppressed to protect wasteful and ineffective medical research serving the status quo," or so their prolefeed hath it.


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