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16h40 UTC; TUESDAY, 28 JANUARY 2014: Concerned that the old lapses linguae could cost RepubliKKKans deeply and dearly in this fall's midterm elections to Congress, especially considering what happened two years back with such debacles as those about "legitimate rape," Congressional such facing reelection are being advised to attend special classes aimed at better enhancing their word power with more nuanced messages and a greater regard for the notion of "words as weapons."

To Your Correspondent, I have to wonder if the linguistic subtleties involved here are essentially those of the Frank Luntz brand "focus-group-tested" model, reinforced by "word/phrase lists" officially excused as "guidance notes," as are worth twisting and challenging by opponents to weaken their message.

The notion of True Patriot Love certain Christian Right prolefeeders insist President Obama is lacking in, methinks, is the sort common to dictatorial and totalitarian regimes, especially such where a "Third Position" agenda prevails. One, know, as excuses fanatical excesses crossing into the debauched, particularly where hastily-created bumper-sticker slogans, spontaneously-generated mass rallies and xenophobic jingoism are part of the bigger picture.

And which needs to be challenged, especially before such sneak in racist emblems, acronyms and patsies for distractive value.

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As we all know, Marlboro is the world's top-selling cigarette brand, made all the more so since the debut of The Marlboro Man some 50 years ago in a TV commercial, back when cigarettes could still be advertised on the idiot's lamp of Diogenes--a "REAL AmeriKKKan" cowboy type, a rugged individualist of the sort revered by "Tea Party" and suchlike prolefeeders as the Ideal and Model for "REAL AmeriKKKa" to study and emulate towards the Reclamation of Thy Dear and Lovely Land to its Past Luscious Glory.

(But then again, it wasn't always that way: From what I understand, Philip Morris created Marlboros originally as a ladies' cigarette, with the tagline "Mild as May." Sales for the most part were so-so until its 1964 relaunch with its now-familiar package design and the Marlboro Man's debut; within a year, sales increased 300%, eventually becoming the world's ciggie--except, of course, in the Soviet Bloc countries and parts of Asia where state tobacco monopolies predominated with sappy, harsh-tasting and overpriced local brands. And even with the 1971 ban on TV and radio cigarette advertising in the United States, The Marlboro Man continued to make his presence known the world over as a symbol of Rugged AmeriKKKanism--even if his later stateside appearences were limited to newspapers, magazines, billboards, transit cards and point-of-sale marketing until those media were seen to be Targeting Impressionable Youth with The Wrong Message.)

I mention this because one of the several models to portray The Marlboro Man in its advertising, Eric Barton by name, died recently of--wait for it--smorking-related diseases (COPD, in his instance) at 72 years of age; his passing was announced just this week. Meneer Barton portrayed this conservative ideel of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" in print and billboard ads from 1978 until 1982, at which time he began lecturing about the Evils of Smorking and how The Marlboro Man was used to distract public attention from smorking's health risks. (Ironically, according to his widow, Barton continued smorking.)

Finally, something for state fair marketing staff to ponder as an after-fair gift item sure to bring back memories among fairgoers, especially where they use mascots as PR tools (e.g., the Minnesota State Fair's Fairchild and Fairborne, the Iowa State Fair's Fairfield and Rosetta, Poppy Bear with the California State Fair, BigEE Mouse at the Eastern States Exposition and ALEX the Beaver at the Canadian National Exhibition): As in having the "mascots," in a way, compile ur-journals summarising the past year's fair and its experiences, its foods, its traditions, its exhibitors--and maybe its history--a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid and suchlike serials of middle-school-oriented fiction done in journal stylee, interspersed with cartoons galore illustrating some of the more interesting episodes. Which, with just a touch of the witty, should hopefully stir memories to mind (and then some).

With author's royalties benefitting associated foundations aimed at preserving and maintaining their respective State Fairgrounds facilities, as well as subsidising various educational and cultural initiatives Fairtime.

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