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00h UTC; SUNDAY, 25 NOVEMBER 2012: First, an interesting note about the title chosen for today's post: Such has actually been recognised by Guinness World Records as the shortest possible coherent sentence in English to use all 26 letters of the English alphabet--and to use them only once, at that. (What linguists would call a "perfect panagram," a sentence using each letter of a particular alphabet once and only once; close behind, if you consider reuse of especially certain vowels, are "Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz" and that old typing-class chestnut, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." But then again, "cwm," the first word in this exercise, is actually Welsh for "valley."

(Such being the contrived headline for a hypothetical news story about a rapid glacial melt in a Norwegian fjord exposing to the world heretofore-unknown glyphic writings using a script not known to experts in this field, should you ask. Now you know.)

Having enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinners and our "Black Friday" and "Small Business Saturday" powah-shopping (mis)adventures, readers--with some of you rather hyper about Cyber Monday forthcoming--Your Correspondent certainly trusts things are back at some semblance of normalcy, never mind the headline being Grossly Irrelevant in the minds of blogosphere purists.

Which, in any event, is enow to raise the question of the moment vis-a-vis Your Correspondent's mindset in relation to this particular blog of his:

As for moi (apologies to Miss Piggy there), Thanksgiving Day was spent with an older brother of mine resident near Caledonia, MN, a town of some 2,800 population about 35 mile south of Winona per the proverbial crow, taking dinner with his family and with his Motherdear (herself 91, in some class of decline herself and now in assisted living). It was essentially your traditional such of turkey and trims, with a Reasonable Delay being allowed for dessert--a pumpkin creme dessert on a crust topped with whipped creme and nuts. (The interim being spent in a short walk in the neighbourhood, as it were, to try and clear my head as much as burn off the dinner.)

Nonetheless, how quickly the day's weather up here segued from unseasonably mild and warm conditions to the shock of its turning cold and breezy as well by sunset that day. And just be lucky that the Minnwissippi has yet to see Significant and Measurable Snowfall, as opposed to mere flurries Friday morning (whereas by contrast, areas well to the north and east of us have seen their first snowfall of the season already). When exactly these parts will see snow significant and measurable this winter (especially considering last winter's dearth thereof) is a little too early to tell; however, let's not get into hyperobnoxious excess on a par with certain weird and unwholesome Elmer Gantryite prolefeeders in particular insisting that Our Dear Lovely Nation is soon to face His Divine Wrath and Judgment for the reelection of President Obama, unaware that such (to this line of thought) will likely be the end of Our Dear Lovely Nation As We Have Known It for 236 years as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations, said sovereignty being surrendered to the "New World Order" in its Luscious Glory of a one-world quasi-Socialist ideal (the paranoia thereof being up there with the Threat of Godless Communism to a Certain Generation) on a par with Judas Iscariot betraying the Christus to the Roman Governor of Lower Galilee for 30 silver coins ... or, for that matter, Jacob offering Esau bread and lentil soup in exchange for the former's birthright.

Especially should it emerge that such hyperobnoxiousness was under Al Cohol's nefarious and sinister influence in the snug of Moe's Tavern--or lower on the bar-skank ladder, even by Wisconsin standards. (Or, for that matter, the prolefeeder in question suffered an abusive and/or dysfunctional upbringing with possible episodes of incest excused as "country ways" that the messenger is unwilling to face up to psychologically.)

And expect plenty of it as December 21st approacheth all the closer, which some, based on an overzealous and discredited misreading of the Mayan calendar cycle, see as the End of the World--especially from the worst possible sort of prolefeed conduits known, print, broadcast and online.


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