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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 1 DECEMBER 2012: Is it any wonder things are getting all the closer to the Christmas/New Year's season now that November has segued its way into December ... as well as Fox News Channel going into its annual atrocity prolefeed exercise known as the "War On Christmas," based solely on hearsay, drunken exaggeration and distortion seeking as its eventual aim the calling out of abeyance that title apartheid South Africa abandoned of "God's Own Country" and claiming same for Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa?

As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker continues to evade Reality (as in the prospect of his facing Potentially Impeachable Charges thanks to the John Doe Enquiry, subject to its final results), Good Wisconsinites would do well to imagine the prospect of their Dear Governor going on live FreeVee to address the People and State of Wisconsin ... and, in the process, outdo Alabama's "Big Jim" Folsom in such acts, deeds and exploits of puerile on-air debaucheries as triggers such public outcry to compromise his political career (and, in a way, Wisconsin's sovereign credit rating from Moody's Investor Services, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings). Which, it turns out, includes at least one spontaneous F-bomb, frequent lapses of memory and recourse into juvenile mannerisms--all under Al Cohol's influence.

(Even the release of a heavily-Bowdlerised version of the address on YouTube "for image consciousness" fails to stem the damage.)

No wonder "Tea Party" and suchlike types love playing the "enemy-of-my-enemy" trope to excuse their support of Palestine over Israel: On Thursday, notwithstanding opposition from the United States, Great Britain, Israel and five other states, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved a resolution giving the Palestinian Authority "non-member state observer" status therewith, entitling them access to the International Court of Justice, Den Haag, with an eye to charging the State of Israel with War Crimes and Crimes Against the Palestinian People and Diaspora in a litany going back to the original 1947 Plan of Partition for when Great Britain surrendered its League of Nations-established mandate over Palestine and Transjordan out of the Ottoman Empire's ruins via the Versailles Treaty, eventually translating into Israeli independence and the War of Independence soon afterward in spring of 1948.

A Nice Fresh News for the "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" element they're not going to be happy with: In a joint experiment involving Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Consumer Product Safety Commission over the course of a year at the Port of Entry in Port Elizabeth, NJ, some 2 million units of toys imported from China were denied entry into the United States after tests by the CPSC found such to contain Dangerous or Hazardous Materials, including lead-based paints and sharp edges.

How many (pseudo)religious in their Luscious Glory of Christian homophobia aren't really (and unwittingly) engaging themselves in Indecent Sexual Liberties with Minors and Other Vulnerable Persons as manipulates, perverts even, their position of power and control over their penitents ... or even perouse Teh Innerwebz for the likes of depraved and crude Kinderporn?

As the RepubliKKKans remain hard-wired in their insistence on staying the course with Bush the Younger's tax cuts (particularly such aimed at the Maker classes, theoretically expected to "stimulate spontaneous and wholehearted jobs creation" but having failed to produce stateside such in fact) to prevent the so-called "Fiscal Cliff" trigger of enforced sequestration, we ought be reminded that that the RepubliKKKans don't want "REAL AmeriKKKa" to know about their ideal for socioeconomic stimulus is one rooted in the Afrikaner Economic Movement down South Africa way as eventually begat apartheid--one that, in its Luscious Glory of being "people-centred," as well as "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (after the slogan of the well-connected life insurer Sanlam, which figured prominently in the Movement's agenda thanks to its well-placed connexions with the Afrikaner Broederbond), called upon appeals to ethno-racial identity and solidarity to harness the otherwise "idle monies" of the masses and channel such, especially through savings banks, insurers and investment funds serving the Luscious Glory of the Afriikaner, and leverage same into "productive capital" expected to create Afrikaner business and industry, employing Afrikaners (and training Afrikaners even into serving useful roles), creating Afrikaner purchasing power (preferably through Afrikaner-owned businesses using Afrikaans as their lingua franca) and essentially repeating the leveraging process constantly from everlasting to everlasting.

(Still, though, is it possible to repeat such a Noble Experiment towards lasting socioeconomic recovery and jobs creation if same were constructed to be above ethno-racial and ethno-national differences, structured so as to serve the Greater Good of All Americans--especially the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" as are themselves caught in conservative prolefeed doublethink?)

As for the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" and his Unhealthy Dependency upon Walmart, has anybody considered deploying a Racketeering and Civil Fraud lawsuit against Walmart on charges of their use of trick, fraud or deceit to mislead communities into giving them tax-beneficial incentives to locate stores in especially culturally-deprived "group areas" when existing corporate resources could have served them more than adequately ... as well as using their disproportionate advantage to undermine small business and, to a degree, the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" Walmart's corporatist prolefeed drookies are forever claiming to be the Voice and Conscience of? (In fact, if racketeering is proved by a jury, Walmart could actually be liable for treble damages.)


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