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18h08 UTC; FRIDAY, 9 MARCH 2012: Things Such Politicos Seeing Themselves as Good Christians Shouldn't Be Doing In the First Place: RawStory.com hath it that GOP Presidential wannabe Rick Santorum is using "spam" (or, to use the industry's preferred euphemism, "bulk e-mail marketing") in furtherance of his campaign efforts, much to the chagrin of Teh Innerwebz. (The Santorum campaign, for its part, contends that he was "borrowing" some e-mail lists in aid and comfort of his campaign.)

Which hath Your Correspondent wondering if, in view of these revelations, the Santorum campaign and/or affiliated SuperPAC's in aid of the Santorum campaign may be trying to test the limits of the CAN-SPAM law vis-a-vis "political advertising" and "free speech."


It appears all the more likely that Rush Limbaugh's days as the self-appointed "Truth Detector" of the ether waves may be seriously numbered, and then some: With no less than 52 national and regional advertisers having pulled their advertising from Meneer Limbaugh's nationally-syndicated talkback radio show in just the last week thanks to social-media-fuelled pressure in the wake of his tasteless caveman-brand misogyny targeting one Sandra Fluke's stand on insurance cover for oral contraception, Media Matters for America monitors listening to The Oxycontin Boar over his New York flagship station WABC-AM (itself a network-owned-and-operated such, in this case ABC Radio Networks--ABC itself being owned by The Walt Disney Company, know) yesterday discerned 5:33 (five minootas, thirty-three seconds) of "dead air" in toto where paid advertising ran heretofore, with the remaining ad time being filled with Public Service Announcements via The Ad Council.

Which, in any case, could mean even further plumbing into the depths of the hyperjuvenile as may unconsciously be "dropping hints" of a serious psychoemotional breakdown on Meneer Limbaugh's part as not just advertisers, but also audiences start turning away from him in droves. This notwithstanding his oft-repeated boast that his average weekly audience numbers some 15 million "REAL AmeriKKKans" as are probably from the Dregs of Society; however, his real numbers (as per Arbitron's diaries-driven method, plus the increasing use of real-time-based PPM) may actually be exaggerated by a substantial factor just to make himself more attractive to advertisers. Soon afterward, it'll emerge that The Oxycontin Boar hath substantial debts that he's unlikely to pay off, especially as he's the sort too proud to seek bankruptcy protection.


Staying with the subject of psychoemotional breakdowns in relation to conservative politico types, watch for the prospect of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker going off the deep end big-big time with the triple albatrosses of his being implicated in that John Doe Investigation of Corrupt and Perverto Political Practices back when he was Milwaukee County Executive, his attempts to preempt a potentially nasty recall election likely to be in vain (especially given the influence of weird and unwholesome interests from interstate) and continued and continuing job losses from Wisconsin employers notwithstanding his Categorical Pledge to create 250,000 "real jobs" (as in the private sector) during his gubenetorial tenure By Any Means Necessary.

A breakdown which is certain to rival that which drove King Leopold II of the Belgians, his psyche already ruined by charges of human-rights atrocities in the Belgian Congo solely for motivation of profit, to his affair with Caroline Lacroix, a 16-year-old prostitute from Paris, as prompted the Brussels gazetta Le Peuple to comment, as per Wikipedia, that "
[t]he Belgian king no longer stoops to prostitution, like his associates, in wild bursts of sensuality and lasciviousness: prostitution climbs to meet the King." Which, in any case, made His Majesty even more unpopular internationally, raising questions of his mental capacity and fitness to govern, what with Mme. Lacroix (who would eventually be accorded the title Baroness Vaughan) having been attracted to His Majesty during a visit to Paris in 1900 and becoming even more attached to her after Queen Marie Henriette died in 1902; they would only be married five days before the King's death in December 1909, but not before giving birth to two illegitimate sons and eventually inheriting a substantial fortune from His Majesty's estate, largely in Congolese bonds. Later remarrying (and divorcing), she continued to attract attention in the gossip columns across Europe from time to time until her death in 1948.


With Congress soon to leave on its spring break (and with town meetings likely ensuing), may I be the first to suggest that those of the GOP/"Tea Party" political persuasion be thus asked as to whether their "real" "jobs agenda" is one modelled on the Afrikaner Nationalist ideal encapsulated in the Afrikaans slogan 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), holding as it doth that ethno-national solidarity and cohesion, not State charity and its "enslaving tendencies," was a better tool for socioeconomic empowerment of the poor and largely unskilled.

Calling as it does for the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to consistently support "REAL AmeriKKKan" business and enterprise through patronage and investment to the extent of creating jobs and jobs-training opportunities as would, in its turn, generate wages and purchasing power as will be expected to perpetuate the cycle from everlasting to everlasting, according to the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" such as the "Tea Party" holds deeply and dearly as an article of faith vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity and the Mutual Defence Therefor.


Also worth addressing to these same specimens of Zealotry and True Belief at any Town Meetings or other listening sessions to be had during the aforementioned: The reason that gasoline is as cheap as it is in the Midwest compared to national averages is because, for one, many of the newest crude oil production fields are in the Midwestern and Intermountain states, especially so North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, in its turn translating into a shorter transit time from wellhead to refinery to bowser (in fact, Bakken Formation crude is already being refined in Kansas and Oklahoma; however, absent direct pipeline connexions, the crude has to be transported by rail).

And, according to Dave Ross, filling in for Charles Osgood on CBS Radio's The Osgood File this morning, such is unlikely to continue once the Keystone XL pipeline manages to be completed for its full length from the oil sands fields of Canada to Gulf Coast ports, such almost certainly being exported. In the end, translating into higher gas prices in the Midwestern states.


One Thing More: Kwik Trip, an Upper Midwest chain of convenience stores, happens to have perhaps the finest French bread Your Correspondent has come across in form of Bricco Brick Oven French Breads, available in both white and wheat varieties for around $1.19 a loaf. The which happen to freeze rather well long enough to make some rather exceptional French bread pizza that I, given my dietary limitations and advice, enjoy with turkey pepperoni, Canadian bacon, reduced-fat pork sausage and mozzarella cheese made with 2% milk. Its chewiness transcends all else, and produces a rather toothsome product in the end.

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