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17h45 UTC; TUESDAY, 29 NOVEMBER 2011: Reader, which of the following scenarios would you consider to be a greater Declaration of Economic War:
  • The Arab League imposing socioeconomic sanctions on Syria in response to its sadistic and ultraviolent repression of peaceful civil-rights and pro-democracy protesters since spring (as official Syrian Government prolefeed insists is the case)?
  • That Georgia businessman making clear and unambiguous his intention to suspend all hiring for new employment until such time as President Obama leaves office, reinforced with the usual right-wing tropes reeking of the Islamophobic, the xenophobic and the racist, in effect giving aid and comfort to John Galt types seeking to (paraphrasing Orwell here) tear apart the existing American socioeconomic paradigm and rebuild it in new shapes of the conservatives' choosing?
  • The joint effort by the Justice Department and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement section of the Department of Homeland Security to protect online shoppers heading into the holiday season's gift-buying rituals as saw some 120 online stores selling counterfeit and lookee-likee merchandise for the most part, many of them with URL's registered in the so-called "People's Republic of China"? (Which may be enough to also start wondering if many of the Chinese-based e-tailers now closed by this action had connexions, howbeit discreet, with the highest echelons of the Chinese Government, the Chinese Communist Party or even the People's Liberation Army, with particular designs on maximising hard-currency reserves with the Bank of China vis-a-vis their pecuniary and fiduciary farce officially known as Renmimbi ["the people's money"], as in the yuan of 100 fen or, alternately, 10 jiao, one jiao being worth ten fen.)

So much for GOP Presidential wannabe "For My G-d and My Country" Michelle Bachmann's suggesting that Our Dear Lovely AmeriKKKa "be more like China" in the name of Saving Our Economy From Itself according to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics, and related disciplines: Chinese state media hath it that some of the worst-polluting factories in Beijing and Shenzhen are under orders to reduce airborne pollutant emissions posthaste or face the risk of immediate closure.

Which, come to think of it, only opens the door to cat-and-mouse games with the powers that be at the Great Hall of the Peoples vis-a-vis the managers of the afflicted factories, who may just try to make an end run on the whole by relocating elsewhere, as wags are pointing out (so long as they avoid risking the attention of the security police).


You may have heard by now that Ohio welfare officials have removed, "in the interest of public health and safety," a grossly obese (200 lb., to be exact) 11-year-old boy from his natural parents on the contention that the biological parents have failed to exercise due care and dilligence to prevent the boy's crossing the line into developing diabetes and other conditions as are a byproduct of obesity.

And as can be expected, the parents have set themselves up as shills for right-wing prolefeed about the Defence of Traditional Family Values and Strengthening the Traditional Two-Parent Family Being Under Clear and Present Danger by an Overzealous Nanny State Showing Reckless and Utter Disregard For My G-d and My Country....


In the spirit of Pakistan's taking exception to a NATO airstrike on Saturday last as hit (by trick of the Taleban, as it's now emerging) a Pakistani military base near the Afghani frontier, killing 24 Pakistani troops and wounding some 50 others, contending that such amounted to "an affront to Pakistani sovereignty," how much longer will it be before the weird and unwholesome stateside suggest that certain isolated actions from within constitues an affront to American National and Sovereign Identity and Integrity, Antient and Peculiar?


Something which Your Correspondent would love to see out of the next series of American Idol, which starts on Fox just after the New Year (and for which promotional spots are now airing thereon to whet the appetite of the greater Boobus Americanus Community of the Volk): Videlicet, winkling out (as it were) that one contestant whose voice is so awful (think a hybrid of Florence Foster Jenkins, Alessandro Moreschi, those Five Freaks from Iowa otherwise known as the Cherry Sisters and Angelica C. Pickles from Rugrats and All Grown Up!), s/he actually deserves to be kept on week after week, notwithstanding the opinions of the judges' panel, eventually winning the jackpot prize of $1 million and a recording contract.

The better, readers, to show just what sort of a farce American Idol has become in manufactured distraction of the Greater American Class Consciousness vis-a-vis The Bigger Picture--as in the Clear and Present Danger Posed to Our National and Sovereign Identity by staying the course with discredited conservative socioeconomic thought forever insisting that capitalism, and only capitalism (with AmeriKKKan characteristics, know), is and will always be Our Saviour, Eternal Hope and Guide, Loving Father and Teacher of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation, &c., &c. (Not to mention, for that matter, the Fox network and such stations as are dumb enow to play along as local affiliates thereof between Mt. Katahdin and Mauna Loa, Point Barrow and Mallory Square, and all thereby encompassed.)


No doubt Fox News and Fox Business will consider the following to be tantamount to blasphemy and sacrelige vis-a-vis Our National and Sovereign Identity and its "natural interconnexion and interlock" to the Greater AmeriKKKan Community of the Volk: Outdoor retailer Patagonia is using the holiday-shopping season to urge consumers to consider practicality and utility all the more in planning their holiday gift buying, even to the extent of using a full-page advert in The New York Times on Black Friday to tell consumers "Don't Buy This Jacket," contending that "Black Friday, and the culture of consumption it reflects, puts the economy of natural systems that support all life firmly in the red."

(Meanwhile, for such among you who spend time here at this work by its author as want to shop online, yet not leave this page, consider where, off to the side of the page, you can find search boxes allowing you to search the inventories of, and for what you require, with the added inducement of a Top Five display of contextually-relevant merchandise vis-a-vis these posts. Hopefully, you can make use of these facilities as part of any online shopping endeavours, holiday-related or otherwise, you need to get accomplished.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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