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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 5 JULY 2012: No wonder the GOP and their "Tea Party" drookies must have this fetish for insisting that, in corporatising certain "failed and failing" agencies, institutions and schemes of the State (among them Social Security, welfare, the Postal Service and health-care reform), such would actually make same all the more "people-centred" than the present "bureauracy-centred" models by virtue of such being expected to "embrace renewed healthy respect for self-reliance and personal responsibility."

But how can they actually be "people-centred" when the profit motive is expected to take precedence "consistent with American experience and conditions," thereby making such less empowering to such among the masses theoretically expected to be thus "empowered" by virtue of embracing the "people-centred" model?


Memo to the "Tea Party" rank-and-file by way of the following letter-to-the-editor per the Wisconsin Dells Events:
Tea Party members have you woke up to the phoney stories you have been fed? I know you were against the Wall Street bailout, so why are you behind removing the regulations on these banks that almost tanked the country?

Mitt Romney, your candidate wants to remove regulations on these crooks and you are backing him. The Tea Party, Congress and Romney are backing the Paul Ryan Budget that cuts taxes for the top 1 percent, so they will get a cut of $270,000 on top of the Bush tax cuts, and you will get a whopping $700 that is if you make $50,000 a year. If you make less you will get a tax increase.

Have you thrown out your tri-cornered hats? And your “Don’t Tread on Me” flags? It seems the people who professed to be your leaders at the birth of your party are now treading on you. I know by the rallies that a large part of your party are on Social Security and Medicare. Your leaders Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Carl Rove [sic], Dick Armey, and those real radical fascist types, the Koch Brothers are working tirelessly on repealing these programs.

You have spoken out loudly on getting back your unalienable rights. How about the right to vote without some phoney poll tax, and on equal ground with corporate powers, who can now buy our government with untold amounts of money? These same leaders are doing their best to take away policies that aid the poor, like food stamps that help feed children, health care that could and does save lives. They are for massive cuts in education, privatization of schools, prisons and anything else where the elite corporate powers can make a buck, and charge it to you. Paul Ryan, a good Catholic, so he says, is at odds with his bishops and even the “Nuns on a Bus,” who are traveling around the country protesting Ryan’s cruel assessment of the needs of the poor.

You have a new Tea Party candidate running for the Senate in Wisconsin, Erik Hovde. He has been video taped protesting that he is sick of listening to the sad stories of the poor. These guys claim to be Christians, as the Tea Party does, but have they even read Matthew 25. Are Tea Party members sheep or goats?

They are Tea Party backers, or they made it look like they were, when they needed it. Everything the Tea Party formed to defend is in their hands and they are slowly taking those rights and wants from you, but making it look like they might be on your side. Good luck.
In other words: The "Tea Party" leadership is actually using the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" to parrot the corporatist/Ayn Randite agenda of its several sugar daddies expected to benefit all the more at the expense of the polloi being thus used. And excusing all as True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command.

I have some news for you: "Wake up and smell the chlorine!"


And speaking of the "Tea Party" rank-and-file, don't they seem like the sort who can excuse the wasteful and ineffective as being one with "Wise Use," especially when it comes to using incandescent lighting rather than compact fluorescents (and hoarding up the last available stocks thereof out of "patriotic duty") and not practicing fuel-efficient driving habits (as if to further reinforce their insistence upon farcically counterproductive wildcat drilling for oil and gas in potentially geologically-inapproriate areas)?


How exactly do we know that the late Waldo Canyon fire, in its Luscious Glory of devastation upon Colorado Springs, isn't His Divine Wrath and Judgment upon same for subscribing blindly to a hard-wired John Bircher/Libertarian political and socioeconomic agenda as a Sanctii Sanctorum of community identity and pride?


So much for the current Elmer Gantryite meme suggesting that God is preparing to Withdraw His Guiding and Protecting Hand From Our Dear Lovely Nation as Punishment for Straying from His Divinely-Ordained Will: Isn't that the same as the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace beloved deeply and dearly among that ilk, supposedly seen as essential and integral to AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity?


Hudson, KS 67545 (population 115) may not celebrate the 4th of July officially, but just be thankful that the winter-wheat harvest which makes possible its most famous product, Hudson Cream Flour by name (itself big in the Upper Ohio Valley, still coping with the effects of storm-driven power outages and near-record heat thanks to last Friday's Great Derecho of 2012), came in ahead of recent treble-digit heat out that particular way ... and it looks as if the Hudson Cream thus ensuing may be of unexcelled richness and texture.

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