16h48 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2011: Let the preceding infographic from NewsCorpse.com serve as a message (as well as warning) to such deluded big-time by Ayn Rand Thought as premeates "Tea Party" ideology and its articles of faith insisting that only capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics is best equipped to create jobs as will ensure consistent and stable prosperity from everlasting to everlasting, provided they "made reasonable effort" to create jobs in the first place on their own initiative.

Especially considering where the GOP has made no secret of its desire to bring down the economy preparatory to Indecision 2012, using the DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) card against President Obama, reinforced by obnoxiously-restrictive Voter Identity Laws "to protect electoral purity and integrity" (or so the meme would have it), to essentially (paraphrasing George Orwell here) "recast the economy in new shapes of [the "Tea Party" pseudomovement's] own choosing"--preferably one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (as in Volkskapitalisme, Afrikaner Nationalist stylee, as financed through "spontaneous and mighty" appeals to an idealised Volkseenheid--an AmeriKKKan Community of the Volk, as it were--to "give till it hurts," if need be, into Reddingsdaadfonds theoretically expected to finance the creation of a New AmeriKKKan Free-Market Paradigm through "self-liquidating loans" and similar tactics expected to finance "viable and productive" small-business startups in Designated Federal Areas such as are deemed to high "unacceptably high rates of welfare dependency", all that Mickey Mouse).


A very poorly-done attempt to destabilise the AmeriKKKan economy through counterfeit banknotes has been exposed in Sioux Falls the other day: Seems that the $20 notes he was passing around were of rather poor quality, having been made on a colour photocopier. Even more Ripleyesque was the counterfeiter's modus operandi of passing out said counterfeits, in paying for his purchases, hidden inside a genuine $20 note, and leaving the store quickly to prevent clerks from getting on to him.


It seems that certain specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief seeking to recast AmeriKKKa as Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies, and By Any Means Necessary, would just love resorting to tactics redolent of the War of Jenkins' Ear, as it were, as part of their Grand Design (i.e., taking isolated international incidents out of proper context to excuse sadistic, ultraviolent even, measures which could be seen as a call to war by the targeted).

Case in point: Dick Cheney, Bush the Younger's Vice-President, was suggesting on CBS News the other night that the United States conduct a highly-secretive bombing raid on the so-called "Islamic Republic of Iran" as reprisal for Tehran's refusal, per a "Trophies of War" patsy, to return an American intelligence drone supposedly displayed over Press TV recently as recently "violated Iranian airspace and sovereignty" (or so Tehran claimeth in official prolefeed) when it's been suggested that the drone in question may have gone lost to the point of straying into Iranian territory unintentionally, crashing from loss of power (which Iran contends was caused by its being shot down by Iranian forces).


Methinks The Oxycontin Stallion (t/n Rush Limbaugh) deserved it: Just watch this video (which Your Correspondent noted in Facebook) to see (and hear) exactly what I mean.


Something for companies still paying off their employees by paper cheques "out of common sense" or some such patsy to start thinking about in the New Year: Start paying employees via the PEX Prepaid Business Card, which, come to think of it, is 21st-century, and then some. So what otherwise stands in the way?

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