16h53 UTC; THURSDAY, 24 MAY 2012: So let's get on with it, shall we?
  • So much for Fox Business' implied interconnexion of Wall Street and Main Street coextant For Mutual Benefit: Isn't the real message from such prolefeed conduits of that ilk to Main Street one rooted in the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), and then only through "people-centred" models of Reddingsdaad "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" according to the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe adapted to prevailing conditions and circumstances?
  • As the so-called Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) faces charges of fraud, mismanagement and misuse of viewer donations (as in diversion to the personal gain of Paul and Janice Crouch, the pseudoreligious behind the equally pseudoreligious broadcaster) as would make the collapse of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's PTL: ministry in 1987 look like a cheap bus-excursion to Branson's "music shows" in their Luscious Glory of appeals to oversimplistic patriotism, they can't help but develop Delusions of Grandeur as imply that their being--wait for it--GOOD CHRISTIANS(!!) makes them above reproach, requiring all manner of emergency calls for viewer donations as would (theoretically) go to their Legal Defence Fund ... but in Reality, as alleged, be diverted for corrupt and selfish personal gain, excusing His Name as the rationale therefor.
  • If ever there was a reason Real Americans need to rally round Main Street all the more--'tis, after the late Frank McCourt in his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoirs Angela's Ashes and 'Tis some years back.
    Which brings to mind a just-released survey from Consumer Reports of their readers as recounted their experiences with 44 leading national discount hotel chains in their Luscious Glory of antiseptic cookie-cutter sterility; among the Interesting Revelations therefrom is that the Wyndham-owned Microtel Inns and Suites scored highly overall on numerous metrics, whereas Travelodge and America's Best Value Inns and Suites took the wooden spoon. (Hence, due consideration should be given to independent "mom-and-pop" motels and resorts of the old school in travelling, as they may be better value for money as much as offering unique experiences in their own right.)
  • With the RepubliKKKan Party whining and bawling all the more about the Clear and Present Danger of White Christian Power and Dominion being all the more endangered by changing demographics more so than by conspiratorial designs from without, when will they realise that their agenda could actually undermine Our Dear Lovely Nation and Her National and Sovereign Identity, essentially betraying same to the very "New World Order" they expect the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to fear and loathe with a fanaticism rivalled only by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan towards the end of World War II?
  • So much for the Keystone XL pipeline being sought by affiliates of Die Broers Koch being a "significant and measurable jobs creator"--after all, most of the "employment" will be limited to the duration of the actual construction work for a tar sands pipeline whose only end users will be export markets, with no due regard being given to the GOP/"Tea Party" agenda of energy self-sufficiency in the North Korean Jucheist stylee. And besides, benchmark crude oil on the NYMEX fell below $90/bbl. in recent days, which could translate into cheaper gasoline over the summer travel season; how exactly would that be a threat to socioeconomic recovery, let alone Outraging Decency and Common Sense?
  • So which is the Greater Outrage to Decency and Common Sense among "REAL AmeriKKKans": Boycotting Home Depot in His Name because of their supposed "endorsement" of a "morally-aberrant and perverse lifestyle" (as in homosexuality) or discredited chain e-mails claiming that Lowe's is selling "patriotic" doormats in the image of Old Glory as are actually of Chinese manufacture? (But then again, imagine how "Tea Party" types, revering as they do the Gadsden Flag as a Sanctii Sanctorum up there with the Nazi swastika "blood flag" or the Transvaaler Vierkleur, would react to doormats in the image of said Gadsden Flag.)
  • Exactly what part of the old saying "trust is earned, not given" doesn't the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement and their drookies in the GOP and the Elmer Gantryites understand?
  • How belaguered, embattled even, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's supposed "private time" (as turns out to be eating up much of his day of late, it's emerged) is really spent: Probably acting in an immoral, idle or dissolute manner watching the crudest of "elegant pornoo", oblivious to the prospect that the John Doe Investigation is reaching all the closer to him, with Clear and Present Prospect of Serious Charges emerging against him. And so oblivious to Reality is he, know, that you can't help but picture him plotting a hasty midnight departure from Dane County Regional Airport on the Governor's Official Aircraft, along with certain high-ranking members of His Administration (and a good chunk of the "Legal Defence Fund" he's accumulated over recent months via "campaign donations" thus diverted through trick) for parts unknown (and more than likely offshore, know), only to end in a scenario not unlike the "cliffhanger" season finales of several prime-time FreeVee soap operas back in the 1980's (Falcon Crest and Dynasty among them) as were used to improve faltering ratings and stimulate suspense against the next season's debut episode, when all would be revealed.
  • We'd like to know how "Tea Party" types, in their Luscious Glory of the presumed defence of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., being one with AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations, are reacting to the news of where some Minnesota communities are considering giving up on municipal liquor-sales monopolies because of losses wrought by changing market shifts (never mind where many communities embraced the concept after Prohibition as a way of controlling liquor consumption in especially the Lower Classes).
  • One Thing More: If your travel plans this summer include America's Largest Waterpark, and are in close proxomity to a Kwik Trip (Minnesota and Wisconsin) or Kwik Star (Iowa) location, look for the special signs indicating such offering Noah's Ark admission tickets for a special reduced price of $27 (tax-inclusive), saving you just under $11 on the gate price. (And beware offers therefor on eBay or Craigslist; park policy explicitly prohibits resale.)
Now--any questions?

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