18h14 UTC; MONDAY, 21 MAY 2012: First off, Your Correspondent needs to apologise for the extreem tardiness in getting today's items posted, inasmuch as he had to replace the seat on his bicycle after the two supporting springs broke to the point where such was deemed too dangerous and unsafe to continue thus operating.

Onward, then:
  • Smells like doublethink, and then some: Rep. Paul Ryan's austerity-centric "Path to Prosperity" budget is being thus promoted as "preempting austerity" in future. How do we know "New World Order" types won't exploit this from without to launch attacks upon the United States?
  • How do we know the "Chicago Three" (officially described as "anarchist types"), given their charge sheet including claims of bombing the Chicago headquarters of President Obama's reelection campaign, aren't really some class of "Deep State" troublemakers with Far Right connexions, especially in the "false-flag" prolefeed arena?
  • Note the lead-off image today: It looks as if the "poor white" element who saw the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement as the Great White Hope for Our Dearest Nation in Indecision 2010 may be starting to get disenchanted with the "Tea Party" wholesale and starting to accept the idea of the President being of colour--or are they?
  • Expect the extreem hard-wired White, Bible-Believing Christian Nationalists among us to start going full-on paranoid about Census Bureau figures noting where birth rates for National Minorities (no, this does not include so-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans") have exceeded such for whites for the first time ever in the 236 years of the United States of America as a sovereign peculiar. (In fact, Phyllis Schlafly with the so-called "Eagle Forum" was overheard suggesting that the figures were "manipulated" for political ends, adding that minority parents "have no respect for Traditional AmeriKKKan Values.")
  • We can only imagine how the self-appointed Kulturkriegsmanne (Bill "No-Sprin Zone" O'Reilly on Fox News in particular) will react to the announcement that AMC, the largest cimena circuit in the country by number of screens, has been acquired by the Chinese-based Dalian Wanda company, thereby giving AMC fresh capital to update its cinemas for 3-D and digital-streaming delivery.
  • Meanwhile, spot the irony in this one: Miami Beach High School, as chooses not to conducts its proms in the milieu of hotels for fear of wholesale intoxication, conducted its senior prom in the same venue as the Exxxotica Miami Beach adult-entertainment trade show at the weekend. (Fortunately, the two were held in separate areas thereof, with police being called in to make sure promgoers weren't misdirected; as well, the organisers of the Exxxotica show made clear that they conducted age checks on visitors.)
  • As if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's credibility over his claims of massive jobs creation thanks to his pro-business policies hasn't imploded bad enough by revelations of deliberate manipulation of official job-creation numbers for largely prolefeed purposes vis-a-vis his recall campaign, it's been suggested that his administration may be using Enron-stylee accounting tricks to trick and mislead. And that those involved in the manipulation preparatory to their being sent off to Washington are being instructed to claim that they're "only following orders," Nuremburg-stylee.
  • Could it be that Yahweh God is punishing Arizona for its highly draconian immigration-enforcement laws (excusing "states' rights" as the canard all along) and condoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio's debaucheries of Law and Order by way of recent wildfires in the northern part of the Grand Canyon State? (And who says Westboro Baptist Church has a Divinely-Ordained Monopoly on using Wrath of God atrocity prolefeed?)
  • And you thought Christian Right prolefeed about the Moral Cesspool of AmeriKKKan Culture As It Is Now was rather tacky enough: Consider where ultra-Orthodox Jews out New York way were holding a rally at Citi Field on the weekend calling for the creation of a "more kosher Internet" to maintain the integrity of the Jewish faith among the more observant.
And is it just me, or could I be getting a little too snarky for my own good in Teh Blogospheerz?

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