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15h53 UTC; SATURDAY, 28 JANUARY 2012: From that file marked "Prophets Without Honour" comes word that the Pakistani doctor who assisted CIA intelligence agents in locating the premi of al-Qaeda majordomo Usama bin-Laden for to dispatch him last May, notwithstanding "Tea Party Patriots" prolefeed claiming that such was staged for illusory prolefeed ends by the Obama Administration (as if implying that the "real" bin-Laden may still be at large, using various guises to mislead and deceive, Emmanuel Goldstein-stylee), is now facing charges of Treason himself.

Which, inevitably, carries the death penalty.

So how exactly is aiding American intelligence in locating such responsible for the Unfortunate Events of 9/11 (or so official conservative historical prolefeed expects of us Good and Loyal Americans) considered High Treason, Betrayal of Sovereignty even?


Speaking of the death penalty, one North Carolina state legislator has gone on record to call for public executions being reinstated as a Lesson and Warning, with abortionists being subjected to such distasteful excesses to be excused as "For My God and My Country," "Our Lady of Necedah"-stylee.


"Let Society inscribe on its banners," according to Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his need."

The Obama Administration's version thereof, after the agenda laid down in the State of the Union Address this past week: "An economy built to last."

To the GOP/"Tea Party" prolefeeders, such would read, in the Afrikaans,
'n Volk wees, en slegs 'n volk red homself, gebaseer op die ekonomiese vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, gebore uit die volk, die volk te dien ("A people, and only a people, rescues itself according to economic feedom with American characteristics born out of the People to serve the People").


Unfortunately for the Grand Delusion of Newt Gingrich on establishing a permanent lunar colony to be recognised as AmeriKKKan Sovereign Territory within measurable distance, such fails to consider how such can be financed at such arbitrarily reduced tax rates such as he's calling for "to help stimulate the economy."

That, and his failing to recognise that the United States is a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which declares the Moon, the planets, the stars--in fact, all of Interstellar Space--to belong to all of mankind, to be used for the greater benefit of all mankind without commercial gain or profit.


No wonder Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could be in serious danger of crossing the oh-so-thin line into Gross Insanity and Mental Impairment as he seeks to protect his name and repute from not just a developing recall campaign against him, but also his likely being implicated by name by several former aides of his back when he was Milwaukee County Administrator during trials now underway or otherwise forthcoming against them on charges of Illegal Political Activity on Public Time, Misuse of Official Computers, Misapplication of Public Funds and Resources, and Related Conspiracies.

Not to mention the likelihood of the Governor "himself" being given subopena to give evidence--with the clear and present likelihood for cross-examination thereof, hoping to find that Weakest Link which may be enough to call for imepachment proceedings should the recall attempt fail by trick or deception.

And, in any effect, ought recall to mind what drove King Leopold of the Belgians into sheer fantasy and delusion early in the last century when, oblivious to Reality (as in the abuses and perversions going on in the Belgian Congo under the name of the Belgian Crown and the White Man's Burden, as well-documented by Vachel Lindsay in his poem "Congo"), he turned to the grossly-underage Catherine Delacroix for solace and comfort ... only this time, imagine Governor Walker (howbeit under an assumed name) having an affair with an underage girl involving extended weekends of debauchery in some high-end suite of some Wisconsin Dells waterpark resort, the time being spent not so much in the waterpark areas as in watching the old "elegant pornoo" and worse, shades drawn all the more to avoid arousing suspicions (and you can imagine the whole choreographed to the likes of "Guaglione" by Perez Prado and His Orchestra, "Midnight in Moscow" by Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen and/or "Je t'aime, moi non plus" by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin) ... the cover being blown when someone on the housekeeping staff enters the suite on a pass cardkey to see if maid service was required, finding the pair in flagrante delicto and with ensuing embarrassment on the part of both (here, imagining the whole choreographed to the theme of the BBC police drama series Z-Cars, itself a military-band arrangement of the Liverpool folk ballad "Johnny Todd"), collapsing further into disarray and confusion, even to the point of the Governor trying to buy the silence of all involved, the partner rebuffing and screaming like a young woman whose chaste treasure was just violated by rape of the worst sort, all the while running down the hallways to seek police or security help ... and the reaction of the media to the revelations at a subsequent press conference (especially when it emerges that it was really Governor Walker all along, hiding under an assumed name and demanding utmost secrecy and discretion all the more) choreographed to Khatchakurian's "Sabre Dance".


As if the Christian Religiopolitical Right's insisting that Our National and Sovereign Identity were all the more in danger because of Indecision 2012 wasn't exactly scaremongering enough, Your Correspondent hath it that many such prolefeeders and politicos are starting to push the trope that "Western Civilisation" may be in Clear and Present Danger even more so all along.

Otherwise known as the White Man's Burden. National Socialism. Christian Nationalism.

The which is discreetly disguised as meaning "European-AmeriKKKan National, Racial and Cultural Identity and Heritage," which the aforementioned ideologies (and related articles of faith) claimed to be serving, with the aid of God and certain especially popular stars of die Bransoner Muzikschaukultur, Das Realkultur von der Amerikanischer Volk in the name of perceived "fairness and balance" to what conservatives insist is the "unhealthy interconnexion between Hollywood and liberal causes," howbeit tenuous, illusory even!

(Which should also call to mind where the Kraft durch Frude ["Strength Through Joy"] initiative of the Labour Ministry in Nazi Germany, in the interest of promoting National and Racial Pride, Honour and Identity across die Grossedeutsche Reich, sponsored all manner of "folk-culture festivals" reeking of the hypnotically insincere. Not to mention offering cheap short-break packages in connexion through its Travel Division; all in the interest of improving worker productivity as one with "labour discipline" serving the Luscious Glory of the Third Reich.)


Continuing on a theme discussed yesterday in some detail about where Wisconsin Dells was starting to attract Canadian tourists big time over recent seasons, perhaps it will be interesting to see the Waterpark Capital playing host to a poutinerie in the Quebecoise fashion, with necessary modifications for American Midwestern tastes (over the inevitable paranoia from conservative prolefeeders needlessly worrying about Our White Cultural Heritage and Identity Being Compromised, Endangered Even).

(For those who need to ask, poutine [literally, "mess"] is best described as Quebecoise soul food consisting of medium-cut French fries, well-seasoned, topped first with fresh cheese curds or, alternately, shredded cheese and, as if that weren't enough, homestyle gravy to the extent that the cheese subsequently melts from the gravy's heat. Other popular poutine toppings include spaghetti sauce with meat, Cincinnati chili, curry sauce and beef stew ... not to mention a Newfie variation in which stuffing replaces the cheese, and is still topped with gravy. Unless the fries were fried up in trans-fat-free oils or even baked, or the cheese was of a reduced-fat sort, such isn't recommended for those needing to watch fats, sodium or cholesterol on doctor's orders.)


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