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18h48 UTC; TUESDAY, 24 JANUARY 2012: If the results of newly-released study out of Germany are somehow instructive, anti-semitic attitudes across Reunified Germany--the sort of anti-Semitism, in fact, as propelled Hitler and the Nazi regime to power--are alive and well, not to mention rather blatant.

For which Teh Innerwebz is to blame all the more, come to think of it.

Which recalls remarks from Rev. Fred Phelps of the so-called "Westboro Baptist Church" of homophobic protests "For My God and My Country" infamy claiming that God created Teh Innerwebz to serve as a tool of Hate in service to His Will.


"Ohhhh, the hysteria!!" department: The Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as is entrusted with handling complaints of workplace discrimmination, reports a new high for discrimmination complaints filed with them--some 108,000 filed last year, as a matter of fact.

And it turns out that the biggest gain was in complaints alleging Religious Discrimmination, as are up 10% in numbers on the previous year. Which should be enough to make you wonder if the lion's share of said complaints:
  • tended to the insincere or otherwise followed "boilerplate" scripts to the point of sounding almost identical in tone, phrasing and nuance;
  • were filed by misguided "Bible-Believing Christians" under the delusory influence of religiopolitical sects or movements, particularly so in mostly lower-income areas where Primitive Christianity holds considerable power and influence; and
  • lacked obvious credibility (i.e., designed solely to attract publicity--and, hopefully, funds--for Christian Right groups influencing such complaints to the point where a clear pattern of insincerity bordering on the hysterical may be discerned by the Inspector-General's Office).
The which, in any case, may want to be worth looking into, especially if there's a likelihood of False, Frivolous, Tortious or otherwise Misleading Complaints discerning a clear and present pattern to that end, emerging ... and who exactly is encouraging such. And in case you need some ammunition to reinforce this point, read thou this.


And given the rather unholy and dangerous alliances between the GOP/"Tea Party" and the Religiopolitical Right as threatens the very National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, such claim to be defending and upholding in their prolefeed, such may be the single most crucial reason (if not so much the only such) to vote Democratic in Indecision 2012.

Another worthy one to so consider: A shared, and at once hard-wired, insistence that the poor and National Minorities need to "wholeheartedly, willingly and spontaneously" embrace (and blindly, so they think) that embraced in the Afrikaner Nationalist expression 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself") ... and are best rescued only through a blind and unyielding acceptance of ekonomiesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" ("economic freedom with AmeriKKKan characteristics, 'born out of the Volk to serve the Volk'") as being best equipped to those ends.

Howbeit with their own resources, will, initiative and tools; asking for any outside help or advice, so this line suggests, amounts to "perpetuating dependency." That, and such an approach being consistent with local experience, customs and traditions as much as general conditions.


Prolefeed memes from the Christian Right to watch for: As if Frank "Focus-Group-Tested" Luntz' suggesting that conservative prolefeeders start using "economic freedom" instead of "capitalism" "to make the concept more acceptable" among the masses wasn't disgusting enow, and then some, expect some of the more pathetically blatant specimens of the Christian Right to push the meme (howbeit tenuous) of "Economic Freedom in Relation to Christian Heritage and Liberty" as is up there in absurdity with the "Ingsoc in Relation to Chess" episode from Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four.

Does this classic National Lampoon cover, perhaps, bring back memories on your part?

I bring this up inasmuch as Your Correspondent seems to have as much a mindset vis-a-vis the Online Mall in connexion with this weblog, the which was set up as a value-added adjunct to this site to:
  • supplement the income Your Correspondent gets in disability benefits because of past abuse against him precluding his being able to hold down steady work in the community;
  • add value to this website to make your experience more worthwhile (especially should you have any online shopping as needs doing); and
  • return something to the Nation, as it were, by contributing 9.11% of the commission he can generate by your purchases from said mall to reducing the National Debt of the United States, among other Good Causes (Corporate Responsibility, as it were).
And for some reason or another, the Noble Experiment (so to speak) has yet to generate realistic sales and revenue, let alone traffic for the most part. Which may be more important now than ever, what with gas prices seen in some circles as likely rising to as much as $5/gallon by summer and requiring all the more effort to save fuel as much as bedlam and confusion.

So don't make me take down the Online Mall, or consider actions close to it; it's highly unlikely that I may be coming into money within measurable distance ... I have a strong distaste of scams and dishonest business practice taking unscrupulous advantage of my kind needing extra money ... and there may be few other viable ways out there I can get extra income, especially if State Social Security is forced to cut benefits to a bare subsistence level in service to a warped and dangerous "Tea Party"/Ayn Randite ideology holding high and perverto carnival.

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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