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20h58 UTC; FRIDAY, 2 DECEMBER 2011: Given all the rather pathetic prolefeed coming from the field of GOP Presidential wannabes for Indecision 2012 about the Clear and Present Danger President Obama's agenda poses to Our Dear Lovely Nation and Her National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar (especially in view of its implied interlock and interconnexion to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics vis-a-vis shared and mutual defence), not to mention their further Grand Delusion implying that those dependent on State charity of one kind or another are somehow lacking in healthy respect for the Dignity of Labour, Industry and the Work Ethos, such makes you wonder what the REAL socioeconomic agenda the GOP/"Tea Party" hath in their articles of faith for Indecision 2012.

Especially after they succeed in the "complete and final" destruction of the established socioeconomioc paradigm, tearing it apart and recasting it in new shapes of its own choosing, and shifting the blame upon the Obama Administration, reinforcing the whole with dogwhistle racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia insisting that Our Beloved AmeriKKKa is, was and will always be a White Low Church Christian Nation (cf. apartheid South African prolefeed insisting that the Afrikaner was sent by G-d upon the Highveldt and the Kaap to establish His Earthly Kingdom in South Africa and consecrate the same as His Own Country, Dedicated to His Divine Will and Service, with apartheid being but one weapon in the arsenal bestowed upon the Afrikaner by G-d Himself).

And yet, all the while, still insisting on the defence of capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics as being essential to, and interlocking with, Our National and Sovereign Identity (doublethink right there, is it not?), all along implying that any attack on one is automatically that upon the other.


Which, unfortunately, leaves Ons, Die Volk "crying in the wilderness," expected by this same mindset to solve their own problems, on their own resources, all along insisting that any help or aid to that end will serve only to "perpetuate an enslaving dependency" as Threatens Our Collective Identity and Unity as a Community of the Volk.

And which, in any case, hath Your Correspondent thinking that what the GOP/"Tea Party" really hath in mind for recasting Our Morally-Superior Socioeconomic Paradigm in Its Image and Luscious Glory is an agenda whose pillars could be considered a sick rehash of the Afrikaner Nationalist agenda from the 1930's seeking to preempt, as it were, "the spread of Poor Whiteism," as in:
  1. AmeriKKKa's National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, is all the more under Clear and Present Danger of being compromised through Class Warfare as eventually translates into enslavement under the "New World Order," with its reckless and utter contempt for the concepts of National Identity, Sovereignty and Exceptionalism.
  2. The Best Hope Our Dear Lovely Nation has to redeem herself is to blindly, wholeheartedly and yet cheerfully embrace as its ideal that encapsulated in the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself ("a people rescues itself"), and solely on its own will and resources, applying such techniques and methods approriate to prevailing conditions.
  3. The eventual desideratum of this reclamation is the Final Achievement and Perfection of a Volkseenheid ("natural/organic unity of the People and Nation") embracing as its socioeconomic ideal a Volkseenheid ("people's capitalism") "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," embracing the principle of Reddingsdaad ("mutual assistance") as its foundation and the Reddingsdaadfond ("mutual assistance fund") as its fountainhead, with the Community of the Volk expected to contribute "wholeheartedly," even if it means giving the last penny of their savings, to ensure the perpetuation of said Volkskapitalisme from everlasting to everlasting by way of affiliated Reddingsdaadfonds making self-liquidating loans to viable small-business startups expected to create jobs, payrolls and purchasing power expected to be perpetuated To Infinity, and Beyond.
Such, then, can be considered the Purity of Essence that the GOP/"Tea Party" hath socioeconomically in its Indecision 2012 agenda. All the while expecting to call upon G-d's Help towards the Final Perfection and Achievement of the aforementioned aims and goals, Christian Witness being expected out of the whole thanks to the Elmer Gantry Theological Institute of Advanced Religiopolitical Thought giving its endorsement.


Unfortunately, though, you have the danger of where this Holy and Noble Ideal risks crossing the line into blasphemy, idolarty and sacrelige, especially considering that such an agenda seeks to invoke the False Doctrine of AmeriKKKa being a White Low Church Christian Nation Now, Tomorrow, FOREVER to excuse what risks becoming a corrupt parody of Fascism and the Juche Idea from North Korea in poor hybrid serving to benefit only an "elect***entitled as of Natural Right" at the expense of the Great Unwashed Masses theoretically expected to benefit thereby, good intentions to that effect notwithstanding.

Especially when reinforced by prolefeed containing deliberate use of "focus-group tested" phraseology in the related prolefeed to willfully mislead and confuse, as if expecting the "REAL AmeriKKKan" supposedly seeing in this agenda His Last Hope for Socioeconomic Redemption to play along in the name of Class Consciousness, accepting all blindly, without question or reservation. Not to mention accepting such as Christian Love and Duty.

And yet GOP Presidential wannabe Herman Cain still thinks Stoopid People are Ruining AmeriKKKa!


Meanwhile, Your Correspondent understands that cooperativism and mutual self-help, when done according to a wholeheartedly voluntary concept and approach (as has been the case since the Rochdale Pioneers back in 1844), are being promoted as viable concepts to "help the poor to help themselves" within our otherwise "morally superior" free-market socioeconomic paradigm, never mind Fox News types still screaming in a rather puerile, juvenile even, singsong reminescent of The Red Guy about "Creeping Communism!!!" being the real agenda of cooperativism when, in fact, cooperatives seek to empower an otherwise "stoopid" populace in more ways than one.

In fact, one of the main reasons cooperatives were first started was to address by example the gross abuses of the Industrial Revolution which excused adulteration of groceries being sold at inflated prices to the working masses; e.g., watered-down milk, thistle and blackberry leaves being packaged as tea, roasted peas and chicory palmed off as coffee and bread containing ground peas and beans to stretch out the flour. In that spirit, then, cooperatives could actually help wean the Walmart-dependent poor towards thinking all the more about utility and practicality in their buying decisions towards achieving value for money, cooperatives emphasising education among their core principles.

Your Correspondent could not agree more with the idea of cooperativism as an empowering tool to helping the 99% achieve their full and real potential. So what otherwise intervenes, people?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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