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00h51 UTC; MONDAY, 20 FEBRUARY 2012: So much for the ilk of Fox News Channel (especially Bill "No-Spin Zone" O'Reilly, whose O'Reilly Factor thereon features a "Culture War" segment tending to the rather blatantly obnoxious, distractive even) and conservative prolefeed conduits generally blathering on and on about Our Dearest Nation, Our Shining City on a Hill, Our Jerusalem of Gold, being in a state of presumed Kulturkrieg as is little more than a prolefeed distraction from The Big Picture (and expect as much from the "REAL AmeriKKKans" playing along, unaware of what's really going on here): Your Correspondent has decided to use this opportunity to ask you, reader, who would be the real Kulturkriegsmanne under these circumstances (and for which you're expected to think carefully and critically before rushing with your answer in the comments):
  • One who sees Kultur in the context of the finer arts ... or one seeing Kultur based on "traditional folkways" which may tend to the base and the vulgar?
  • One which sees New York and Hollywood as the foundation of American Kultur ... or one seeing such as among the so-called "music shows" down Branson way?
  • One who watches PBS and listens to NPR ... or one who prefers FreeVee?
  • One who prefers to watch movies in their purest form ... or one who prefers watching movies in emasculated form, with obligatory commercial breaks every now and then?
  • One whose idea of "a night on the town" is enjoying the finer things in life ... or one whose "night on the town" involves drinking beer and swapping tasteless, Politically Incorrect even, jokes and stories over equally-Politically-Incorrect cuisine?
  • One who sees Walt Disney World as their ideal vacation ... or one who sees Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge as their ideal such?
  • One seeing Amerikanischer Realkultur in the broadest possible context, representing the contributions of many peoples and cultures from throughout the world ... or one seeing Amerikanischer Realkultur in a warped and potentially dangerous context of "racial and national honour and identity"?
  • One who sees aestheticism, simplicity and high ideals as the vademecum ... or one seeing ostentation, arrogance and campiness to the extent necessary as the ideal?
  • One whose ideal of cultural patriotism is Broadway ... or one whose ideal of cultural patriotism is the Grand Ole Opry and the Branson "music shows"?
  • One who prefers to read belles-lettres ... or one preferring trashy and cheap paperback novellas, occasionally tending to the pornographic?
  • One who sees True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command in a narrow, idealised context of what can best be called a Civil Religion (cf. the Afrikaner down South Africa way) ... or one whose True Patriot Love is more than mere bumper-sticker-slogan platitudes and selectively-edited histories reeking of the racially hagiographic?
  • One who insists that the State should have a role in promoting the finer arts and culture so as to make such more accessible to the masses ... or one insisting that the State should promote an idealised "folk culture" based on manufactured notions reeking of the racist (cf. "folk culture festivals" as were sponsored by the Kraft durch Frude scheme in Nazi Germany, even if such was under auspices of the Labour Ministry)?
  • One who prefers maudlin appeals to nostalgia as may be manufactured for idealised patriotic sentiment ... or one who sees history in a more realistic, broad context?
  • One who sees "roadside culture" as campy and kitschy ... or one seeing "roadside culture" as a distinct part of American National and Cultural Identity and Heritage?
  • One who sees culture as having an uplifting, inspiring purpose ... or one seeing culture as serving a greater prolefeed agenda to the extent of such carrying a subtle prolefeed message (cf. the Joint New Year's Editorial from North Korea calling for the wholesale production of artworks as are "lifelike, easy to understand and based on the premise of a great upsurge")?
  • One who values a culture of war being packaged as heroic and romantic ... or one who values a cuiture of peace as being the ideal to strive for?
  • One whose sees Washington, DC as a Sanctii Sanctorum much the same way the Muslim would see Holy al-Makkah ... or one seeing Washington, DC as a great place to visit without having to deal with an obnoxiously pathetic excess of pseudo-religious patriotism?
  • One who sees America as The One True Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies (cf. Imperial China in its xenophobic Luscious Glory) ... or one seeing America as part of the broader world?
As I said, think carefully and critically about how you answer these questions, especially should you prefer to leave a comment in this regard. And may I recommend sharing this post with your online friends (responsibly, of course) through the agency of the handy-dandy one-stop "share/save" button following presently....

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