22h UTC; TUESDAY, 13 AUGUST 2013: Appy Polly Loggies, readers, for the delay in getting this posted today; out of a desire for some change from the mundane routine, Your Correspondent elected to, following some shopping today and the pizza buffet at Sammy's here in Winona, kill the afternoon watching the fresh-released Disney animated feature Planes for no reason whatsoever. Which managed to be a worthwhile time-killer, and rather impressive, notwithstanding some of the comments on the movie's official Facebook page taking issue with such taking the same formula as the two Cars movies and its predictable plot twists.

Sometimes, it can get to be rather interesting not to take the same general routine for once.

Meanwhile, to update on the Unfortunate Events as occured during the Missouri State Fair's rodeo on Saturday evening, causing much public and political outcry in the bargain: The Missouri State Fair Board, at its Monday meeting, elected to issue a resolution of disapproval and unease over what happened ... banned the rodeo cowboy in question (who, it turns out, may have been "rogue") from the Missouri State Fairgrounds now and henceforth ... and called upon rodeo organisations holding any future rodeos at the Missouri State Fair to show proof of their completing an approved sensitivity training course.

In any case, such goes to show how some misguided elements still yearn for some class of "cultural heritage" protection for the racially insensitive, the tasteless and the downright crude solely for reasons of racist hubris as defy logic and common sense.

Speaking of defying logic and common sense, readers, Bryan J. "AmeriKKKan Family Association" Fischer went thus in defending Russia's new proscriptions on "homosexual propaganda" in the name of "protecting children from moral harm" by insisting that "you're not homophobic, you're homo-realistic." (On the other hand, can there be such a concept as "hetero-realistic"?)

(Which also calls to mind that episode of Cow and Chicken in which their school gets up a plastic-surgery team solely out of school pride more than anything ... and in the finals, as a tiebreaker, they have to come up with a "photorealistic beaver.")

To insist, as Christian Right prolefeed darling Rick Santorum
doth, that "the term 'middle class' is a Marxist invention" (as if insisting that a "classless ownership society," a la Margaret Thatcher and President Bush the Younger, is possible according to the principles and disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe) is yet another example of defying logic and common sense in the hopes of scoring points for God and Country; after all, Marxist-Leninist thinking also called for a "classless society."

So did the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweging in its desire to create an Afrikaner-centric model of capitalism (Volkskapitalisme) as would rescue the "poor white" from himself through an emphasis on jobs creation and training over simple wealth creation, same to be founded on the core concept of Volkseenheid ("natural unity of a people"), not State charity, being the last hope for dealing with the South African "poor white" problem.

Which is also enough to wonder if said Volkskapitalisme, relative to the doctrine of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., requires such dogwhistles heavy on the doublethink to conceal the true, sinister and potentially harmful intent thereof (e.g., the concept of "synergistic integration" as per a current TV advert for La Quinta Inns and Suites excusing cartel behaviour and crony capitalism at its worst and crudest, not unlike apartheid South Africa's insisting that Volkskapitalisme serve the mutually-beneficial interests of the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Afrikaner Nasionale Party vis-a-vis their interconnexions in the likes of especially Sanlam, Volkskas, Saambou, Eskom, Sasol and Rembrandt Group).


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