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14h50 UTC; SUNDAY, 6 MAY 2012: Is it just me, or is Bog sending a message upon Wisconsin's electorate, in the form of thunderstorms and all its attendant byproducts (as in heavy rain, flash flooding and damaging wind) this morning, to "stay the course" with belaguered Governor Scott Walker in the recall against him, the first round of which is Tuesday?


In a related vein: Methinks I have what the GOP/"Tea Party" element is really calling for vis-a-vis socioeconomic recovery upon the Nation, howbeit requiring one to "read between the lines" to understand such in context--viz., nothing less than a "people-centred" approach based on the "help through self-help" model, one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" (as it were), essentially requiring the targeted therefor expected to be thus "empowered" to "rely solely on their own tools and resources" lest "enslaving dependency" ensue in the end.

(Provided, however, that such conformed to the disciplines and principles of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe throughout, such expected to be regarded as essential to, and interlocking with, Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations. When all is said and done here, however, expect such to take the form of no better than "cashflow gifting" scams and games disguised in the interest of a false aura of credibility under such banners as "Aeroplane," "Dinner Party," "Pit Stop," "Friends Helping Friends" and various affinity-related permutations on the meme like "Women Helping Women," "Christians Helping Christians," "Farmers Helping Farmers," &c.)

So how exactly does resort to the illicit (see 18 USC 1302, 1341 and 1343, also 39 USC 3005) become necessary towards a "people-centred self-help" model of economic empowerment?


With the Elmer Gantryite element likely to epitomise Shylock's famous observation in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice that "the Devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose" all the more vis-a-vis Indecision 2012, ponder what syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jnr., has to say about such invoking Holy Writ for religiopolitical ends in connexion:
Sometimes, people hide inside the Bible.

They are doing it now, as gay men and lesbians seek the right to be married.

The latest battleground in that fight is North Carolina, where voters go to the polls Tuesday to render a verdict on Amendment One, which would add to the state constitution the following stipulation: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

Mind you, the Tarheel State already has a law on the books banning same-sex marriage. The would-be constitutional amendment is meant to double down on exclusion. And if you read the language carefully, you saw what many observers have seen — that it can also be interpreted as denying legal recognition to unmarried heterosexuals.

Not that this holds any sway with those who hide inside the Bible. “God has defined marriage,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in a Sunday sermon quoted in the Charlotte Observer. “It is not up to us to redefine it.” In a letter to the editor, an Observer reader put it thusly: “You either believe (the Bible) or not.”

One wishes those people could spend a little quality time with Matthew Vines.

Vines is a Christian, a 22-year-old Harvard undergrad raised in a conservative evangelical church in Kansas. He is also gay and says he grew up being taught that the Bible condemns his sexual orientation. He took two years off from school to research and study whether or not that assertion is true.

The result is “The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality.” It’s a video — you can find it online with a simple Google search — of a speech he gave in March at a church in Wichita that has become a minor sensation. Small wonder.

Vines’ speech is a masterwork of scriptural exegesis and a marvel of patient logic, slicing and dicing with surgical precision the claim that homophobia is God ordained. So effective is the video that after viewing it, Sandra Delemares, a Christian blogger from the United Kingdom who had, for years, spoken in staunch opposition to same-sex marriage, wrote that it “revolutionized” her thinking.

Vines points out, for instance, that the frequently quoted condemnation from the Old Testament lawbook of Leviticus (homosexuality is an “abomination”) has no application to Christians, who are bound by the teachings of the New Testament. He explains that St. Paul’s admonitions about the “effeminate” and “abusers of themselves with mankind” stem from modern mistranslations of ancient Greek terminology.

It is fascinating stuff, and there is not nearly enough space here to do it justice, but the salient point is this: Vines is not some godless heathen lobbing bombs at Christianity from outside its walls. No, he lives inside Christianity’s walls, still holds the faith in which he was raised. So this is not an outsider’s attack. It is an insider’s plea.

One hopes that plea is heeded. Vines’ speech is long — a little over an hour — but well worth the time, particularly for those seeking to reconcile first-century faith with 21st-century social concerns.

Many in North Carolina — many around the country — are swimming against the tide of human freedom and blaming God for it. Again, this is not a new thing. We saw it back when God was for segregation and against women’s suffrage.

How convenient it must be to lay your own narrowness and smallness off on God, to accept no responsibility for the niggardly nature of your own soul. Vines’ video is a welcome, overdue and eloquent rebuke of the moral and intellectual laziness of throwing rocks, then hiding inside Scripture. It is a reminder, too.

You don’t go to the Bible to hide. You go there to seek.
Meanwhile, the AmeriKKKan Family Association affiliate One Million Moms (you have to wonder if such a stylee is an accurate reflection of its membership and/or support base; IMHO, such is a deliberate prolefeed exercise seeking to exaggerate and mislead the unwary) has renewed its call for a consumer boycott "For My God and My Country" against JCPenney over its supposed "endorsement of homosexuality" in online advertising of late, replete with the demand that JCPenney "remain neutral" when it comes to the Kulturkrieg now supposedly abroad. (Recall where an earlier boycott call against Penney's therefrom over their appointing actress Ellen DeGeneres, herself a known lesbian, backfired.)


Proof that online radio may actually be better than the travesty over the old-school ether waves: Thursday night into Friday mornings (depending on where in the world you may be), Radio Northsea International (RNI) offers a rather interesting Adventure in Listening worth your time called "Night Shift", a hybrid of milder pop disks interspersed with soothing sounds like crashing waves upon the beach, owls hooting in the night, that sort of thing.


Why "reading between the lines" (as in on-screen source disclosures) is all the more important when watching issue/advocacy advertising seeking to "win hearts and minds" over to a particular persepctive in Indecision 2012 especially: An advert from the AmeriKKKan Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), an industry prolefeed front, duly noted by Your Correspondent making note of how many jobs have been created within the natural gas industry in our "morally superior" society and nation, cites surveys as go back only to 2008 and 2009.

Which raiseth the question: Why quote employment figures from 2008 and 2009 to "win hearts and minds" over to the natural gas industry's perspective when such may not be an accurate reflection of 2012 industry payrolls?


Such advocates of high-speed passenger rail in Our Dearest AmeriKKKa outside the Northeast Corridor wanting to approach such in a cost-efficient manner as makes use of existing and available technologies and trackage (subject to requisite track and signal upgrades), thereby translating into a finished result within measurable distance and with value for money, may want to consider past experience from our Canadian brethren: As in the Tempo Service trains which Canadian National (after 1978, VIA Rail Canada) operated from 1968 until 1983 in the Southwest Ontario Corridor (Toronto-Burlington-Hamilton-London-Windsor/Sarnia), basically an analog high-speed train which used conventional-design coaches of aluminum construction (as also featured disc brakes, microwave ovens in the cafe section and reclining-seat coaches), with rebuilt road-switcher diesel locomotives geared for a top speed of just under 100 mph (to accomodate the train's power requirements--Tempo was designed for Head-End Power [HEP], as in the prime mover also supplying the train's lighting, climate control and general power supply--as well as reduce the need for turnaround at termini).

For those of you needing an idea of what such looked like (via a site called, know), 'tis:

Now tell me if this could be a high-speed rail concept worth a fresh new look, especially among such suggesting reinvention of AmeriKKKan passenger rail according to the British free-market-driven model (especially so that based upon "open access"); after all, the coaches would be of established lightweight design, unpainted for the most part on the outside (thereby reducing fuel consumption) ... existing road-switcher motive power could be utilised, with requisite gearing and HEP modifications (not to mention provision for "push-pull" coaches to negate the need for turnaround at termini ... and said coaches could be configured for coach and business class, with provision for a cafe/snack bar as would offer sandwiches, light meals, snacks and beverages.

Such a "back-to-basics" approach might also apply to bilevel-design coaches, as is already the case with Amtrak California; could I be on to something here, or do you have other thoughts in this respect?

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