20h30 UTC; THURSDAY, 30 OCTOBER 2014: First off, I need to apologise for the delay in actually getting this posted; an earlier attempt was thwarted by some class of technical bug in the host servers. Not to mention having had a late start following lunch buffet and the need to rest it off.

As well, it's likely there may not be a post on the morrow, what with my six-month physical scheduled for mid- to late morning potentially taking up some time as could cross over into the lunch break. Just so you know.

And make no mistake: The "Christian" homophobes are getting all over
Apple CEO Tim Cook's "coming out of the closet" in an essay in Bloomberg Business Week, acknowledging his homosexuality and its creative possibilities. Which could be enough for especially the more hard-wired Elmer Gantryesque sort of "Bible-Believing Christian" to call for boycotts of Apple products, including their iTunes online music store, the iOS mobile operating system and the Safari browser, "For My God and My Country" (not to mention Christelike Ekonomesie Vryheid Van Ons Styl).

And, in their turn, calling for the development of "Christian" alternatives as will tend to be at all the more at risk of wormhole exploitation by hackers from without (Russia and China especially), notwithstanding all manner of attempts at extreme delicacy and chastity in terms of filtering and algorithms serving their warped and perverto delusion of "Bible-Believing" Christianity. Not to mention a "Christian" model of wireless network pledging to tithe part of its profits into "pro-AmeriKKKan, pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-life, pro-free enterprise" causes and movements ... only it turns out that its business model is all the more unsustainable. (Still, though, if they want to buy cheap smartfones and tablet PC's they can buy wholesale to flog off on the unwitting at inflated prices as part of their Noble Experiment, do click on the relevant links.)

And what price Our National and Sovereign Identity, our finances even, when we take mountebanks like this seriously:

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