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21h30 UTC; SATURDAY, 15 DECEMBER 2012: In light of recent policy changes at Facebook.com as require users to have True Name Identity usernames, Your Correspondent was compelled to:
  1. set up a new e-mail account with his true name (details on request) just to make it easier to reestablish a Facebook presence in line with the new policy; and
  2. in his turn, set up a new Facebook account consistent with the True Name Identity requirement.
Which, in any event, required a new Facebook page for this somewhat esoterically snarky blog being set up, as can be found here. Both old and new friends are graciously welcomed to join same and share these blog posts as they come off the RSS feed (which can be subscribed to separately).

Those of you with bookmarks for the former Facebook page of this blog will please update same posthaste.

In any case, any ensuing inconvenience is greatly regretted all the more, and for which he does apologise.

This happening to come on a rather wet and dreary-looking day here in the Minnwissippi region that Your Correspondent baseth this weblog, the rain managing to aid in melting the late snowfall in the process. And which, considering the dry conditions and lack of a clear frost line, will certainly percolate into the topsoil and help replenish badly-needed soil moisture levels. Likewise with any snowfall as may come later in the week forthcoming.

As for the likelihood of a White Christmas, the Minnwissippi's prospects, per The Weather Channel, may be "likely."

In any case, do make a habit of my new blog-related Facebook presence. Such could best be considered an early holiday present from Your Correspondent to all of you.


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