In other words, as high as the Jungfraujoch (3,571 metres/11,716 feet above sea level),
the highest point in all Europe. More information at the link above.

00h UTC; MONDAY, 30 JUNE 2014:
Regarding the image as leads this post off, reader, I had been wanting to do so for some time for some reason or another, only to face one setback or another of some kind. Now that it's up, I hope you can sense the interconnexion between Gala Peter's original slogan, "High as the Alps in Quality," and Europe's highest peak, the Jungfraujoch (accessible, for the most part, by the world-renowned and far-famed cog railway as climbs its way via the Eiger face).

Meanwhile, let's get on to business, shall we? As in--
  • Conservative-tending "comment trolls" with a penchant for harrassment and distraction across especially liberal- or progressive-leaning news and commentary sites and their message boards or social media presences, especially overnights under Al Cohol's nefarious influence, must certainly be giving trolldom a bad name and image, especially given where troll lore hath it that same are fond of Christian blood--and roaming the Scandinavian countryside between midnight and sunrise on Christmas Day. (Not to mention the very antithesis of trolldom from a certain theme park, by name of Magic Mountain, up past Hollywood, in the day.) And these same specimens of hatemongering see themselves as Good Christians in defence therefor!
  • As for the notion certain conservative Zealots and True Believers of the Christian Cultural Conservative model have of films and TV programmes featuring homosexual characters "promoting homosexuality to children" to the point of Posing Moral Harm and Danger thereto, not to mention Mental Corruption, such probably calls to mind the old delusion about seeing faces in the wallpaper ... or, for that matter, Hugh Antoine d'Arcy's famous poetic tearjerker, "The Face on the Barroom Floor" (which was a particular favourite of the late Franklyn MacCormack, much requested among listeners to his overnight Meister Brau Showcase over WGN Chicago in the day; you can hear Mr. MacCormack's reading thereof here).
Now tell me if you think the following is an apt descriptive of Your Correspondent by you:

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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