00h UTC; MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2012: Though of rather recent origin, know, the term mondegreen is used to refer to, as the dictionary defineth it, "a word or phrase misheard as another word or phrase, often with amusing result"; the origins thereof dating to a misinterpretation of that line in the Scots ballad "The Bonny Earl O' Moray" as goes "And laid him on the green," which essayist Sylvia Wright recalls hearing as "And Lady Mondegreen."

By contrast, its Japanese cousin, the soramimi, involves lyrics sung in one language given new meaning (sometimes hilarious) when interpreted in another such. (The same concept is known in German as "Agathe Bauer" and in Dutch as "Mama Applesap," both considered personifications thereof.)

I bring this up, reader, because for some reason or another, Your Correspondent seems to have this idea that the lines "Drinkin' buttermilk through the week,/Whisky on a Sunday" from that Irish-flavoured ballad "The Puppeteer's Song" (a/k/a "Whisky on a Sunday" and "The Ballad of Seth Davy"), as recorded by the likes of The Irish Rovers, The Dubliners, Danny Doyle, Rolf Harris and the Dublin City Ramblers, among other Irish balladeers, must sound like "Drinkin' buttermilk through the weeds" (as if thinking there were certain such as could act as an ur-straw when sipped from a bottle), in effect producing, in certain versions thereof (itself about an Irish seaside puppeteer fallen on hard times), mondegreen.

Whether you would concur, readers, is up to you; do leave me a comment.


No wonder RepubliKKKan Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney is as desperate as they come, and then some--so desperate, in fact, that he's resorting to dogwhistle racism of the highest order in public campaign appearences and related prolefeed, expected all the while to deny such when so confronted. Not to mention the likelihood for his invoking Fox News Channel v. Franken (the "Right-to-Lie" case) as legal precedent for being uncooperative with fact-checkers, and then cowering to avoid culpability by using projection of the "I-didn't-say-it-was-your-fault-I-said-I-was-going-to-blame-YOU!" model against President Obama.


So much for Fox News Channel and Fox Business insisting on their being the Voice and Conscience of "REAL AmeriKKKa" in its Luscious Glory of Poor Whiteism and its ur-Trinity of Poverty, Fecundity and Ignorance as can be eaily manipulate if and when deemed necessary by conservative prolefeeders: Perhaps they should start giving consideration to moving out of New York and relocating to the corner of 14th and Elm, itself quite the running gag on Fibber McGee and Molly back in radio's salad days rivalled only by Fibber's Hall Closet, itself a legend of imagination-inducing radio sound-effects work.


As if Elmer Gantryite prolefeed about certain films, TV programmes and plays supposedly "promoting homosexuality" in children and Other Impressionable Audiences generally wasn't absurd enough, they push the trope without any scientific documentation (e.g., medical case histories in peer-reviewed professional journals) of actual examples thereof, rather than anecdotal "friend-of-a-friend" stories as can easily be exploded via Snopes.com, as should always be the case. Too, they also disregard the likes of transvestism, transsexualism and hermaphroditism, which are easily mistaken for homosexuality.

(Go look them up in your Funk and Wagnalls, reader.)

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts of America could be losing (and quicker than you can say "Jack Robinson," come to think of it) any last semblance of credibility as a character-building and -developing movement with revelations via the Los Angeles Times as involved research of the Boy Scout movement's infamous Perversion Files at National Headquarters in Dallas about how Notorious Pedophiles, Sex Offenders and Pervertos Generally were able to infiltrate the ranks of positions involving trust and confidence (as in Scoutmasters especially) to the point of molestation and sexual abuse ensuing vis-a-vis their Boy Scout charges attracting complaints thereof to the proper channels ... only to take no action of any sort whatsoever, essentially letting them carry on their acts with impunity bordering on imprimateur of the sponsoring organisations of local Boy Scout troops. (In recent years, official policy requires that Scouts caught in sexual abuse situations report such immediately to law enforcement agencies for proper action.)

Which is enough to wonder just how many alumni of Boy Scouting, in its Luscious Glory of Character Development, &c., have themselves wound up as unwitting homosexuals--or, for that matter, sex fiends and perverts, pornographers, pimps and degenerates generally. (Of course, let's not forget that the now-defunct British Sunday gazetta News of the World relished the Naughty Scoutmaster as a mainstay of its brand of prolefeed, thereby making its name rather ironic indeed.)

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