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18h30 UTC; FRIDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2014: There seems to be this purely-for-prolefeed notion certain conservative Zealots and True Believers love pushing about rural and small-town America being the "REAL AmeriKKKa" whose values, ideals and deeply-held beliefs ought be studied and emulated if Thy Dear and Lovely Land can expect to be relcaimed to the Greater Luscious Glory of God and Christ.

Said values, ideals and beliefs being those, unfortunately, of "poor whites" who traditionally prefer to live and breed among their own kind out of "unwritten tradition and habit", holding hard-wired Fundamentalist/Primitive Christian teachings and articles of faith as turn out excusing racism, nativism, xenophobic jingoism, sexism and homophobia of the highest quality and order, reinforced by and large with paranoia, fear and loathing of a "Here Be Dragons" sort aimed at discouraging moving to "the Big City," even if it means having to do what's best to get a decent income.

(And there are studies, rather scholarly for the most part, as confirm this for a fact.)

Made worse, for the most part, by very limited and limiting educational prospects which, in their turn, make it all the more difficult to find honest employment under current socioeconomic conditions; what's worse, many of the traditional unskilled positions have been offshored by corporate interests "for tax reasons"--the same corporate interests, know, who support quasi-corporatist sugar daddies pushing articles of faith packaged in "feel-good" appeals to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command as are really dogwhistle code for Betraying Our National and Sovereign Identity to the "New World Order" in the name of Saving Thy Dear and Lovely Land.

And somehow, such hard-wired complacency as aforementioned makes it even more difficult to attract REAL businesses, REAL industry, REAL jobs--and REAL payrolls--to this supposed "REAL AmeriKKKa" idealised of Fox News Channel, TheBlaze.com, Newsmax, WorldNetDaily and suchlike prolefeeders whose vision for AmeriKKKa is essentially the same as that of Afrikaner Nationalist leaders down South Africa way as pushed for rescuing Afrikaners from endemic "poor whiteism" supposedly made worse by British political and economic influence upon South Africa through the 1930's through campaigns of Reddingsdaad seeking to take advantage of the rather clannish Afrikaner naivete seen as Volkseenheid to leverage their "idle monies" into "productive capital" serving a new, "people-centred" concept of capitalism known as Volkskapitalisme--same expected to help the Afrikaner out of their socioeconomic thrall through jobs creation and training among their own kind which, in due time, would claim for the Afrikaner their "natural right of dominance" over the South African economy.

Which, as we all know, was used as a weapon in service to the agenda of the apartheid regime, as if implying that the defence of free enterprise required a racist and Christian Nationalist mindset and mentality (cf. the Christian Right's assertion here in "REAL AmeriKKKa" that the defence of Our National Character and Identity is somehow interconnected with that of Christelik Ekonomesie Vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe so that the defence of one concept automatically becomes that of the other, especially where one or the other are assumed to be under attack or threat).

Or is it? (For a likely answer, read this particular article.)

For the sake of insight and contrast, which is dedicated to such of the "AmeriKKKa Needs to be More Like China" mentality at this time, it may be worth knowing that one of the big cinema releases in China over the recent Lunar New Year (a/k/a Spring Festival) holiday is a family drama whose title translates as Father, Where Are You Going?, the plot of which involves rural parents leaving their only child back in their village while the former try to find work in the city, eventually hoping to send back money from time to time from their pay--and without regard for the health, safety or morals or the child back home. Such, no doubt, seeking to address the issue of migrant-worker parents from rural areas without serious socioeconomic prospects among the masses, and attendant socioeconomic inequality in what Beijing expects to see as a  "harmonious society."

Let's hope such manages to find its way to the United States, even if such is more than likely to be limited to the arthouse and film-society circuit that cultural conservatives love dismissing as "unreflective of REAL AmeriKKKan Values and Identity" (as in Branson, MO and its "music shows" being a More Realistic Reflection of the Amerikanischer Realkultur Ideal) ... not to mention being considered for the Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar next year (never mind that nominees for the honour are nominated by foreign governments' cultural ministries).

And to close things out today, something for those of us as are getting sick and tired of this cold, snow-laden winter to ponder:

"What will happen NEXT?!"
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