00h UTC; SUNDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2012: Talk about conflating unrelated concepts, especially when the desire is to serve "Tea Party" and/or Christian Right prolefeed requirements targeting the Great Unwashed Masses ... and especially when such are filtered and scoped into Engrish to make the delusion even more deluded-sounding, as is the case with the title of this post. The better, no doubt, to (hopefully) seek attention and notoriety in Teh Greater Blogospheerz, with the same aims just explained.

In this instance, supposedly implying (howbeit without credible substance) that a mutual interconnexion and defence is extant between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe (as conservative prolefeed "consultant" Frank Luntz insists that conservative prolefeeders refer to free-enterprise capitalism "to make the concept more acceptable to the masses;" I myself prefer using the Afrikaans form to make it look even more ridiculous, obnoxious even) and "religious liberty" which supposedly entitles Fundamentalist/Primitive Christians a "natural right of preference" in this respect (which further goes to the ridiculous extreme of implying that an attack on one concept is automatically considered that of its mutually-beneficial other). Can anyone try to fathom any logic here? (Your comments on this point greatly appreciated.)

So, as another month winds down, let's get on to business:
  • As for the very defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe that the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement claims to be defending and safeguarding as one with Our Dear Lovely National and Sovereign Identity as a National Peculiar, how are they reacting to the news that the AmeriKKKan airline industry is down to only five established carriers (thanks, for the most part, to mergers and consolidation seen as "essential and beneficial" to this Ilk), translating into higher fares, smaller planes flying fewer and less-frequent services, reduced freedom of choice and many smaller communities (tending to be served by the commuter affiliates thereof, usually with turboprop and regional jet aircraft) actually losing airline service outright because of reduced boarding numbers and reductions in Federal Essential Air Service subsidies? (And not even the discount carriers, with their "no-frills" business models, can stand to fill the gaps, especially in such markets as Minneapolis/St. Paul as actually have this fear of competition if the dominant carrier--in this instance, Delta, which acquired Northwest a couple years back--were forced to give up plum gate slots to competitors.)
  • Another major problem driving airfares higher as much as reduced competition, notwithstanding all the bromides about ekonomesie vryheid, &c., being our Shining City on a Hill socioeconomically, is the cost of jet fuel: Even with Delta Air Lines' acquisition of a former Sunoco refinery near Philadelphia with an eye to reducing jet fuel costs by producing their very own, the "Drill, Baby, DRILL!!" mantra pushed with an eye to reducing gas and diesel fuel prices may not exactly cut it with jet fuel, aviation fuel even ... and besides, jatropha-seed oil doesn't need much refining to convert into an ersatz diesel fuel or jet fuel; in the latter instance, Air New Zealand and Virgin Atlantic demonstrated its viability on long-haul flights when one engine was fuelled experimentally on jatropha oil.
  • Meanwhile, Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines are experimenting with "kids-free" areas of their economy-class sections in the interest of calming passenger nerves; in the former instance, the first eight rows forward in the economy section are Kids-Free ... and in the latter, the upper section of their Airbus A380 fleet will be AO on a temporary, experimental basis.
  • Latest Government Public-Welfare Initiative as Hath the Ekonomesie Vryheid, &c., Crowd Screaming "Unnecessary Government Interference!!" and "Shades of Big Brother!!" in that rather campy singsong of The Red Guy on Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel some years back: That of the Food and Drug Administration to alert the public about unscrupulous and potentially dangerous "online pharmacies" as so glowingly advertise cut-price prescription drugs "shipped discreetly" and "without doctor's prescription," even for certain Controlled Substances (among them the erectile-dysfunction meds Viagra, Levitra and Cialis), which more than likely tend to be based offshore (even for so-called "Online Canadian Pharmacies" as make up quite a bit of the "spam" e-mail of late), don't require a signed doctor's prescription in holographic form (depending too often on "discreet online consultations" over Teh Innerwebz) and more often than not ship worthless placebos, expired or degraded stock or even rank poisons disguised to look like the real McCoy.
  • If ever there was a reason for Real Americans to stop watching Fox News Channel posthaste (and for advertisers to reconsider their inclusion of Fox News as part of their cable news advertising buys, especially all the sooner), it would probably have to be their want of scruples and common sense as allowed live coverage of a Phoenix high-speed police chase ending in suicide being shown live on air Thursday afterlunch in spite of newsreader Shepard Smith's protestations to cut the video feed lest viewers be offended (after which Meneer Smith offered up a feeble Appy Polly Loggy attempt). Come to think of it, how many of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKans" dependent on Fox News for their prolefeed didn't suffer some feelings of revulsion, disgust, nausea, ur-seasickness even, at the sight of an on-air suicide in the Luscious Glory of high-definition digital TV--some enough to run for the bathroom for to vomit into the toilet?
  • And tell me this isn't perhaps the most natural sort of dolphin swim known: That which the more primitive strain of Polynesians enjoys among their islands, reefs and lagoons of paradise. Naked, more often than not (usually out of comfort rather than with erotic intent, though dolphins are known to use sex vis-a-vis humans as a way to establish trust and friendship). And quite often underwater, what with Polynesians themselves traditionally being rather good at underwater swimming and diving.
Meanwhile, at the Junior Surf Rat Patrol's weekend surf convocation at their super-secret sweet spot....

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