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18h05 UTC; MONDAY, 28 NOVEMBER 2011: By now, you've probably heard about that Georgia businessman who is making clear, and in no uncertain terms, that he has suspended all hiring for his company until such time as President Obama leaves office, contending that he may be a "closet Muslim who would sell out Our Dear Lovely Nation to Our Sworn Enemies" on the slightest of whim, let alone harbour socioeconomic policies as supposedly border on State Socialism "endangering Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar" (as if implying a mutual interconnexion and interlock vis-a-vis capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics and the aforementioned National and Sovereign Identity).

Isn't this, in essence, a Crime Against the Economy, especially considering where so many people are not just out of work, but, thanks to "Tea Party"-infused ideology in the GOP, have also exhausted unemployment relief (and hence, by this Ayn Randite logic, are "Non-Producers," what with the officially-preferred phraseology being likely to offend or harm)?

(Not to mention giving aid and comfort to such calling for a strike, as it were, among the Producer Classes hoping to further compromise the economy, John Galt stylee, by essentially suspending all hiring activity for an indeterminate period, hoping that, in undermining the "morally superior" capitalist socioeconomic paradigm essential to AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity, such will give the "Tea Party" crowd incentive to further, paraphrasing George Orwell here, tear apart the AmeriKKKan economy and recast it in new shapes of its own choosing. Preferably such, so they hope, as further risks wealth inequality to the point of Extreme Ultraviolence coming into play as part of the ensuing Class Warfare.)


Sticking with the Clear and Present Danger of Class Warfare for the moment, maybe it was time to start enquiring if what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker really hath up his sleeve for putting the unemployed and "chronic and habitual welfare cases" back to work according to capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics is to essentially trick Non-Producers wholesale into embracing "multi-level marketing" as their Best Hope Towards Empowerment into embracing Industry, Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility after "enslavement" into State welfare--howbeit the sort whose income is more than likely to devolve from building downline than from selling products or services having value for money.

The which are Ponzi schemes, for the most part, but this to be willfully downplayed as part of this New Experiment Noble in Motive and Far-Reaching in Purpose, with Vocational Guidance Counsellors essentially acting as mentors for those thereby targeted.

Any and all losses ensuing thereby to be blamed solely on those participating, all the while contending (with Non-Disclosure Agreements reinforcing, howbeit signed under duress or trick) that those involved "failed to put in any whole-hearted effort on their part alone" to ensure any semblance of income significant and measurable; as a matter of fact, the lion's share of Ponzi schemes structured as "multi-level marketing" (to create an aura of credibility and trust, know) are designed to willfully and deliberately fail all but a select and lucky few such as are used for distractive prolefeed by example more than likely (itself raising questions of whether their claims were sincere or in fact coached to the point of heavily-nuanced, especially where infomercials or motivational videos are used as a marketing device).

Should the preceding be one with your mindset, reader, may I be the first to suggest pointing your computer's media player (in particular Windows MediaPlayer or Winamp) to none other than Radio Northsea International (RNI), an online radio station keeping alive the spirit of the last great European "pirate ship" offshore radio stations common during the 1960's and early 1970's, largely commercial-driven, who thought they could get away with it by broadcasting from superannuated vessels anchored in international waters (i.e., beyond the traditionally-recognised three-mile limit of territorial sovereignty, measured from Mean High Tide Line on shore) with a livelier mix of popdisks and banter than the established state-run public-service broadcasters considered worthwhile listening (so long as you paid an annual licence fee).

It wasn't just Radio Northsea that was playing the "pirate radio" game immortalised a few years back in the movie Pirate Radio (or, as it was known trans-Atlantic, The Boat That Rocked), which, either way, brought back much in the way of nostalgia for the "pirate ship" broadcasters with names such as such as Caroline, Atlantis, Sutch, Invicta, Essex, Dolfijn, Capital, City, Veronica, Mi Amigo, Paradijs, Seagull, Mercur, Wonderful Radio London (a/k/a "Big L"), Swinging Radio England, Radio Scotland, Laser 558 and such identified only by their frequencies in metres on the medium-wave band (e.g., Radio 390, Radio 538, Radio 227, Radio 355 and Radio 199); many were also known to simulcast in FM and/or on shortwave, with RNI's shortwave signal being exceptionally well-received in the American Upper Midwest. (RNI, for its part, was on from 1970 until forced off the air in 1974 when a Maritime Offenses Act went into effect in the Netherlands, off whose waters the M/V Mebo II, whence RNI's studios and transmitters were based, was at anchor. That same law also forced the legendary Dutch-based "pirate ship" stations Veronica and Atlantis off air, although Veronica continues as a legit commercial radio station in the Netherlands, for those who enquire.)


If you still remember the old schoolyard joke about what would happen if Babe Ruth were to marry Betty Crocker--or if you don't, for that matter--Your Correspondent would just have to wonder what it would be like if Bakewell Cream, New England's own baking powder since its World War II introduction as a wartime substitute for such using cream of tartar (and still popular "Down East," by all accounts), were to meet with Hudson Cream Flour out of Kansas (preferably the Unbleached sort).

In a typically Southern kitchen where tradition insists that baking-powder biscuits be a mealtime staple (recall to mind the opening segment of W. Lee O'Daniel's midday show over the Texas Quality Network, flagship of which was WBAP Fort Worth, featuring a motherly type asking "Please pass the biscuits, Pappy," doubtless belieing the fact that O'Daniel's Hillbilly Flour Mills sponsored the show).

And setting up a scenario not unlike that from the Folger's Coffee Crystals adverts for years in which diners at some swank restaurant were served reconstituted Folger's Crystals as had secretly replaced their high-end ground coffee normally served after dinner, hoping they wouldn't know the difference ... only this time, using the No-Fail Biscuit Recipe on every tin of Bakewell Cream, hoping all the while that such an otherwise arrogant specimen of "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKan Class Consciousness" wouldn't notice and start the Civil War anew.


Staying on the food angle for the nonce, reader, Your Correspondent noticed at a dollar store here in Winona the other night "Chef Swagger's Kitchen" gravy mix and seasonings ... leaving him to wonder if, since "swagger" has connotations of boasting, braggadoccio and exaggeration, you have to wonder if the company behind Chef Swagger's Kitchen products is trying to be arrogant and yet value-conscious at the same time by virtue of selling mostly through dollar stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and 99 Cents Only.


Reader, is this getting a little too much for you to the moment? If so, TT4N ...

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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