19h20 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 29 JANUARY 2014: And in case you want proof of the message inherent in the Subject line of this message, consider Christian National Homeschooling, the educational syllabus of choice among supposedly "right-thinking REAL AmeriKKKans" who, for all Your Correspondent knoweth, are from the Dregs of "Bible-Believing Christian" Society.

Hoping that, by reducing the family to penury through the purchase of Christian Homeschooling materials for their otherwise "apostate" children, such will be but the first step towards their being in the vanguard of Reclaiming Thy Dear and Lovely Land to the Luscious Glory of Jeebus Christus through the Calling from Abeyance of apartheid South Africa's former mantle and glory of being God's Own Country, and bestowing same upon AmeriKKKa, the Final Achievement and Perfection of God's Zion on Earth which apartheid South Africa was perennially yearning for all this time until public opinion turned against same, all that cal....

Howbeit through a Biblically-Ordained Justification of Poverty, Fecundity and Ignorance excused as being all the more necessary towards the Golden Dawn of a New and Shining Luscious Glory for Thy Dear and Lovely Nation, By Divine Right and Ordinance the One True Lord and Master of the World, the Universe and the 28 Known Galaxies....

Which, unfortunately, turns out excusing all manner of abuse, physical, psychological and emotional, to reinforce such Delusions of Grandeur and Luscious Glory as can be excused in His Name and Service. All the while with the parental units fearing that one day, suddenly and without warning, the children will suddenly snap (which, such thinking behind Christian Homeschooling contends, is a sign of Demonic Possession) and ultimately commit parricide of the highest quality known, hoping all the while (where permitted by law) to use the "Stand Your Ground" defence; otherwise, pleading insanity aggravated by years of abuse and maltreatment fuelled by parental delusions of Biblical Luscious Glory.

Which, for all we know, may have indirectly involved Al Cohol, Mary Jane Weaver, Auntie Em and/or Old Lady Snow--with the parents, inevitably, blaming the "ungrateful" children for "sending them all the closer to nervous breakdowns" as could only make matters worse. Perhaps even making Ed Gein look like Andrea Yates for the sake of comparison (Gein, know, was the byproduct of overzealously Primitive Christian parents who saw moving to the country--as in from LaCrosse, WI to Plainfield, WI--as a Moral Corrective of the highest order; the fruits of such an unhealthy upbringing being borne in November 1957 with Bernice Worden's corpse being found and trussed, deer-hunter stylee, on the Gein farmstead--as well as numerous other female corpses being made into lampshades, necklaces and worse).

Hopefully, such will have demonstrated the point Engrishfied in the titling of this post. Not just financially, but also socially. Socioeconomically, even, as Snagglepuss would have put it; you can just imagine how difficult it must be for the Christian Homeschooled to find more mainstream employment after what passes for matriculation, especially if the parental units destroyed the birth records to avoid arousing the Unwelcome Attention of the Forces of Satan (as in child-welfare agencies constantly receiving complaints about the family) as part of their misguided desideratum in His Equally-Misguided Name and Service.

In case you wish to learn more about the human price, the faces even, of such abuse serving Christian Homeschooling, click on the leadoff image for one of the more prominent weblogs exposing same to the great disinfectant of air and sunshine. And try not to laugh at the accounts; some are rather disturbing and explicit, to put it mildly. (And don't say this wasn't a warning.)


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