15h UTC; MONDAY, 17 JUNE 2013: Is it any wonder that a certain Sarah Palin is so unworthy of the public's trust and confidence (beyond, obviously, the limited intellectual grasp of her "REAL AmeriKKKan" drookies) that an online petition is now circulating calling upon Fox Prolefeed to add laugh tracks to any and all remarks of "Our Sarah" such as that "let Allah sort it out" such at the Faith and Freedom Conference this past weekend vis-a-vis the Assyrian situation, and American involvement in same?

Out of principle more than anything, Your Correspondent is choosing not to devote any potentially distractive attention to the George Zimmerman murder trial, now in jury-selection mode. Especially out of concern that the weird and unwholesome crowd (White Christian Nationalists and apologists for apartheid South Africa in particular--who, for all I know, could be one and the same) could milk developments for prolefeed value of the lowest and crudest sort, a sort not seen since back in Nazi Germany with the tabloid weekly Der Sturmer in its Luscious Glory of "written-so-you-can-understand-it" anti-Semitism.

And would urge all like-minded and right-thinking bloggers to please follow suit and make their blogs Zimmerman Trial-Free throughout; there are obviously More Important and Just as Serious Issues as need addressing.

Such as challenging that which insists that small business as a jobs creator should be looked upon as outdated, "horse-and-buggy," "Model T," "one-hoss shay" even--in other words, contrary to Natural Law and the "natural evolutionary processes" which insist that "the Four Hundred" are best equipped to create, "if only they made reasonable efforts out of the goodness of their collective hearts," jobs for the "chronically and habitually dependent on government" (after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's belief that he wants 250,000 REAL jobs, paying REAL money, during his gubenetorial tenure, made even more so by taxes kept all the lower towards such noble and glorious ends).

Which deserves to be challenged because such raises the sceptre of blackmail, extortion, even shakedowns being used as bullying tactics towards that end. That, and the prospect of the Walker Administration seeking out connexions with organised-crime elements to act the "enforcer" role, preferably such in the vein of Boston Cosa Nostra majordomo "Whitey" Bulger, himself now on trial for committing or otherwise ordering no less than 15 murders.

This as the "REAL AmeriKKKans" are still browbeaten by their Vocational Guidance Counsellors to continue finding work they know is unlikely to be available with their limited job or career skills, made worse by public-education policies post-Reagan insisting that "meeting quotas" per No Child Left Behind trumps providing a decent standard of public education such as the Wisconsin Constitution mandates in Article X, section 3 therefor:
The legislature shall provide by law for the establishment of district schools, which shall be as nearly uniform as practicable; and such schools shall be free and without charge for tuition to all children between the ages of 4 and 20 years; and no sectarian instruction shall be allowed therein; but the legislature by law may, for the purpose of religious instruction outside the district schools, authorize the release of students during regular school hours.
As airline competition in the United States is further diluted by the prospect of American Airlines' merger with US Airways, thereby reducing the number of major air carriers to such as can be counted on the fingers of your hand (viz., AirTran, American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and United), with clear and present danger of consumer harm ensuing by further restrictions of choice (much of it likely to be decided in closed-door "conferences" out Branson way reeking of cartel behaviour at its worst, all involved being sworn to secrecy and denial vis-a-vis the proceedings thereof), such ought be enough of a "blessing in disguise" for the public to start supporting passenger rail all the more as air services become further debased and reduced in the interest of what may best be called the Airlines Trust and its proceedings, details of which are to be regarded as classified "for competitive reasons."

This as the "REAL AmeriKKKan" is expected to see ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as the foundation of AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Right and Edict, and want the Constitution amended accordingly.

Something to think about as a way of "flipping the bird" at the "Wise Use" crowd insisting on maintaining the chemically-dependent status quo as one with Our Dear and Lovely Nation's Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar, &c.: A most excellent and biologically-correct weed killer can be had by combining one gallon of distilled white vinegar, 1/2 cup of coarse Kosher salt and liquid dish soap (preferably the "bio" such, as in such brands as Seventh Generation, Ecover, Mrs. Meyer's and Watkins).



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