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15h48 UTC; THURSDAY, 31 MAY 2012: Reader, I do acknowledge the influence of a certain Frank Sinatra number entitled "Cycles" such as I heard on the wireless this morning in inspiring the title and stylee of this post; nonetheless, let's get on with business (as it were):
  • With a third Elmer Gantryite preacher (this time out of Kansas) calling for the State to take a more proactive role in "preempting" the "spread" of homosexuality by citing Scripture, such brings to mind a story of Mein Innkeeper Friend attending Bible study classes back when he was in college on the suggestion of a couple of friends therein ... only to lose interest in (and quit) same when the leader of the class remarked that he would take a shotgun to the first Communist he encountered, prompting mein friend to challenge him by asking where the Bible justified such actions; unable to state his case by book, chapter and verse, he left the class.
  • As for The Oxycontin Boar's boast about his "creating more jobs than President Obama and Mitt Romney combined" on air the other day: Absent any credible substantiation, we should consider the fact that some of his most loyal advertisers in past were "network marketing" companies tending to overdo it on the glowing generalities, even with "live read" advertising glossing over the fact that the lion's share of potential earnings were from building downline, not the sale of products or services. As well as such schemes, promoted under such glowing stylees like "The 30-Second Commute," being structured so that only an "elect***entitled as of Natural Right" stood to profit, used to motivate and inspire the rank-and-file not likely to realise significant or measurable income.
  • So much for GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's suggesting that the Constitution's Presidential qualification tests be expanded to require proof of being "natural born" on American soil, plus at least three years' business experience: How do we know he's not really calling for an amendment establishing, a la Cuba establishing in its Constitution the doctrine that Socialism is "essential to its national identity," the "mere formality of legal recognition" of the conservative Sanctii Sanctorum holding that a "natural and mutual interconnexion" exists vis-a-vis AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations and ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, and that the defence of one is automatically deemed that of the other?
  • Staying with the delusional articles of faith from the Romney campaign and his SuperPAC prolefeed drookies for a moment: How many specimens of industry-based self-regulation according to Codes of Good or Best Practice have actually been shown to be "more than adequate" enow to warrant Federal safe harbour (especially by their recognising the importance of healthy competition and innovation as essential to the surivial of the free market such Zealots and True Believers claim to support deeply and dearly, their applying equally in the letter as much as the spirit, and their having viable, proactive even, compliance measures reinforced by clear "checks-and-balances" to ensure the confidence and trust of business and consumers alike)?
    Or are they secretly interested in condoning cartel behaviour, with its harmful and detrimental effects upon business and consumers alike, by excusing such as "one with the natural evolutionary process, in line with Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest"?
  • As if Spanish banks were seeking substantial State and European Central Bank bailouts (starting as it did with the collapse of mortgage lender Bankia) and Greece was reportedly considering reinstating the drachma as its currency unit, among other Eurozone socioeconomic woes, we can do without the inevitable slew of anti-Semitic prolefeed oversimplifying the crisis for the ignorant such as Fox News holds to be their ideal of the "REAL AmeriKKKan."
  • To such who insist that the continued American presence of the United Nations was further "compromising [America's] Traditional National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar," may I ask them if they know of any sovereign nation in the world in the Here and Now whose "national and sovereign identity" has been "usurped" by the United Nations to the point of such states now essentially under United Nations rule? (Cf. European colonial power and intrusion across Africa and parts of Asia by the British, French, Belgians and Portugese well into the mid-1970's, Portugal insisting that "national identity and prestige" required its maintaining a colonial presence without realistically tangible socioeconomic benefit--as in a lack of significant raw materials which could be used for industry back in Portugal proper--and further, that if Portugal were to lose her colonies suddenly and without warning, then Portugal's National and Sovereign Identity was itself in danger of "usurption" by "Communists" and "fellow-traveller" elements.)
  • As a backstop of sorts against the clear and present likelihood of Entrecard suddenly closing up shop, Your Correspondent has started hooking up with LinkReferral.com in further hopes of improving and refining the website traffic and attention. Admittedly, this may be a little too early to know whether there will be significant and measurable benefit thereby, but you never can tell. (Those interested in joining up can click the banner as will follow these points herewith.)
Until next time....

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