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16h30 UTC; FRIDAY, 1 JUNE 2012: Could it be that Wisconsin's Great Recall on Tuesday may wind up being so close to call when the polls statewide close, the result may be enough to trigger mandatory recounts of the final result as can be quickly exploited by the weird and unwholesome seeing Governor Scott Walker, the target of the whole, to be a Hero and Role-Model for Right-Thinking White, Racially-Aware, Bible-Believing Christian Youth not unlike Hitler back in Nazi Germany or Hendrik Verwoerd in apartheid South Africa up until his martyrdom (to the Afrikaner mind down that way)?

And is it likely, too, that there could be a wrench thrown into the equation if Governor Walker manages to survive the whole from the Wall Street credit-rating services for sovereign debt (as in Moody's, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor's) announcing that State of Wisconsin and state agency debts were on Double-Secret Credit Watch and Ward throughout the recall campaign, and that the Badger State's bond rating has been reduced, thanks to Governor Walker's policies, to a level best described as Not Investment Grade (of particular interest and concern to especially mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds investing in government debt securities, but also to the rank-and-file investor as well)?


With the European Fiscal Crisis figuring heavily on the commodities markets to the point that benchmark crude oil is trading at below US$86/bbl of late, such ought to be a warning for those in North Dakota's Williston Basin oilfields (particularly the much-ballyhooed Bakken Formation) against getting too complacent over an almost-endless stream of pretty polly ensuing therefrom, especially should the commodities markets crash and burn (as in regular unleaded gasoline selling for below $3/gallon over the summer thanks to a massive glut of stockpiled crude as much as refined fuels). That, and insisting that only free-market orthodoxy can drive the gas price below $2/gallon in line with conservative articles of faith insisting on energy self-sufficiency on a par with North Korean Jucheism, and its excusing wasteful and potentially counterproductive exploratory drilling in geologically-unlikely areas.


Conservative prolefeeders must be going into overdrive questioning yesterday's decision by a Federal Appeals Court in Boston essentially voiding on constitutional grounds the so-called "Defence of Marriage Act" reducing homosexuals and transsexuals to essentially the same level that apartheid South Africa reduced blacks, "coloureds" (as the regime saw those of mixed race origins) and "Asians" to.

Especially such who fear that Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations may be even more in danger than what Portugal's Fascist-model Estado Novo regime was claiming in the early to mid-1970's about Portugal proper vis-a-vis her African Colonies, which Lisbon insisted were essential to Portugese National Identity and Prestige, notwithstanding a lack of viable resources as could be exported back to Portugal for industrial development. (And even then, the Fascistic mindset of Estado Novo was enough to keep Portugal further impoverished, as if a "sacred war" to maintain especially Angola and Mozambique wasn't draining Portugese resources enough.)


General Motors may have abandoned advertising on the Super Bowl as "no longer cost-effective", but its British unit, Vauxhall Motors, has just signed a five-year, US$70 million sponsorship arrangement with English Premier League soccer powerhouse Manchester United. So how will the "AmeriKKKan Exceptionalists" react to this exercise in corporate doublethink?

(Meanwhile, it'd be interesting to know what other sport sponsorships are extant among GM's other overseas affiliates, among them Adam Opel AG out of Germany, Isuzu Motors in Japan and Holden "Down Under.")


This blog just keeps getting better and better with each day, is it not?

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