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00h46 UTC; FRIDAY, 8 JUNE 2012: On to the topics of the moment, boys and girls:
  • So much for the so-called "triumphant hero" of Tuesday night, as in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, calling for "working together" with a Legislature whose Senate is expected to have Democratic dominance, howbeit by a slim majority: Doesn't this exactly call to mind many an e-mail of the "419" scam sort whose Subject line will say something like "Let's Work Together!", "For Mutual Benefit," "Please I Need Your Honest Co-Operation" or suchlike?
    Meanwhile, Governor Walker needs to take a Reality Check before too long: Here's why, especially considering where the national "lamestream" media is ignoring it for the moment.
  • Expect ultra-conservative prolefeeders overdoing it on the fanatically emo (as here, here and here) to start borrowing such adjectives from Nigerian scam appeals as "Dear Lovely" and "Dearest" in their prolefeed vis-a-vis their delusional fantasies about the AmeriKKKan People and Nation being All the More in Clear and Present Danger of Losing God's Hand of Protection, with potential for parroting (and unwittingly, know) apartheid South African memes defending the whole ideal of apartheid as international public opinion was turning against what they saw as God's Own Country.
  • How exactly did Bryan "AmeriKKKan Family Association" Fischer come up with the notion, as it were, that Christians were somehow "more equal than others" (after Orwell's Animal Farm)?
  • So much for GOP Presidential wannave-presumptive Mitt Romney insinuating that "government does not create prosperity" (or, put another way, 'n Volk red homself): Bloomberg explains for you all manner of strategems used by Governor Romney's former private-sector employer, Bain Capital Partners, to obtain taxpayer assistance for keeping faltering affiliates operating, including the likes of tax incentives, jobs-training assistance, road improvements and industrial-revenue bonds to keep struggling and ineffective factories open. The which ought be used as Aunt Sally prolefeed material for once.
  • Something the Zealot and True Believer in ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe still hard-wired in his belief that the passenger-rail operator Amtrak is "lacking taxpayer value to warrant continued operations" needs to think about:
    1) In 1935, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (now part of CSX Transportation) purchased, with Federal Government assistance through the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, two streamlined passenger train sets (one of Cor-Ten steel construction, the other aluminum) for use on its Royal Blue route between (New York)-Jersey City-Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington; within due course, the two were transferred to the B&O's Alton Railroad subsidiary (later Gulf, Mobile and Ohio; still later, Illinois Central Gulf; now, Union Pacific), restyled Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge, and placed in Chicago-Joliet-Bloomington-St. Louis service. Both trainsets managed to survive well into Amtrak's 1971 takeover of passenger-rail service, and have since been scrapped.
    2) In late 1965, the Federal Government began studying the possibility of upgrading rail services in the Northeast Corridor (Boston-Providence-New York-Newark-Philadelphia-Wilmington-Baltimore-Washington) to a potential top speed of 125 mph, rivalling the just-launched "bullet trains" in Japan to make rail travel more competitive with air travel (what with since-defunct Eastern Airlines having just launched their Shuttle services WNA-LGA and LGA-BOS); eventually, the U.S. Department of Transportation partnered with the Pennsylvania Railroad in its twilight ahead of the star-crossed merger into Penn Central and The Budd Company to design and construct high-speed electric passenger trainsets (as in the Metroliners) for the New York-Washington service. Production and testing delays, not to mention the integration of the Pennsylvania and New York Central unto Penn Central, delayed the formal introduction of service to the spring of 1969 ... and before too long, they would be rather popular with commuters and businessmen.
    About that same time as development on the Metroliners began, the faltering New Haven (which would eventually be absorbed into the Penn Central itself) began working with the Department of Transportation and the Pratt and Whitney division of United Aircraft (now United Technologies) on a separate high-speed rail concept for the New York-Boston route via the Hell Gate Bridge--the TurboTrains (originally to be styled Turboliners), again with a potential top speed of 125 mph. Such would themselves be introduced into service soon after the Metroliners' debut in 1969 ... and again, were a smash hit with passengers.
    The success of both Northeast Corridor high-speed rail concepts would be a major factor towards Congressional creation of Amtrak as the passenger-rail operator in 1971; remember, boys and girls, it was the railroads themselves who wanted Amtrak in the first place to wash their hands of the heavy financial losses passenger trains were putting on railroad profits since the late 1950's, when passenger numbers started going into decline thanks to improved highways, jet aircraft being introduced all the more by the airlines and the cancellation of Railway Post Office contracts providing an indirect subsidy for many otherwise faltering trains.
So how best to prevent the masses from becoming unwitting dupes for "Tea Party" prolefeed, especially as it gets more blatant to the point of jingoistic?

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