14h13 UTC; SATURDAY, 9 JUNE 2012: Looking at the poster as leads off today's post, readers, maybe it was time to ask yourselves "Exactly what part of 'jobs creation' doesn't the GOP/'Tea Party' crowd get?"

But then again, there are Other Interesting Topics as deserve your due and timely attention; know:
  • If you thought those who supervise summer recreational programmes in your neighbourhood were a Clear and Present Danger to the Peace, Safety and Good Welfare of Your Children (as in being Closet Paedophiles), think again. (Especially if you have serious qualms about such being "unconscious Socialist indoctrination.")
  • For all the platitudes that the "Tea Party" element and their corporate "sugar daddies" bankrolling the several such sects may have about Serving God and Country in His Luscious Glory thereby, could it be possible that they're not secretly in it with The Old Deluder, Old Nick, Old Scratch, Auld Hornie, His Satanic Majesty, the King of Misrule, the Prince of Lies, Lucifer, Mephisto, Old Blackguard, Hiney Bo, Red Hiney, Lance Pantsless, Rear Admiral Floyd, Larry Lackapants, Baron Nein Lederhosen, Officer Bentzowski; use whatever adjective for The Devil thou wilt? (A prolefeed angle perhaps worth employing against the "Tea Party," what with their sharing a common fondness with their Nazi spiritual cousins for "the Big Lie" as a prolefeed weapon.)
  • It's well known that Fareway Stores, a Midwestern supermarket chain with smaller floor space on average in its stores and a more people-centred service model, still closes its stores on Sundays in deference to the Christian Sabbath. How do we know they're not secretly in it with ultra-secretive Religious Right groups and movements (cf. calls for boycotts of McDonald's by conservative Christians in the early 1980's after it was claimed--howbeit falsely--that its chief executive supposedly boasted on Phil Donahue's chat show that a substantial share of its profits went to the Church of Satan)?
  • Watch out for wholesale "Heathering" (in the sense of "shunning") being ordered by Florida Governor Rick Scott vis-a-vis county election supervisors in each of The Sunshine State's 67 such (some 30 of which happen to be Republicans, know) for their Posse Comitatus-model Profile in Courage omnibus (as in defying official orders from Tallahassee to purge their electoral rolls of "undesirable elements" without Federal permission, which Governor Scott contends is an exercise of "states' rights" permitted in the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution; but then again, "states' rights" was used by certain Southern governors to defend--howbeit in vainglory--Jim Crow in the face of the Civil Rights Movement's gains in the late 1950's and early 1960's, in its turn excusing sadistic misadventures such as those from Bull Connor down Birmingham way).
  • Among the more blatant groups exploiting Greek's socioeconomic meltdown such as threatens to undermine the common Euro currency across 19 sovereign states of the European Union is the somewhat ironically-named Golden Dawn, which has known anti-Semitic and borderline Nazi agendae and articles of faith (and whose leader, Nikos Michaloiakos, has come under fire for statements reeking of Holocaust Denial). But then again, it's always possible that a Golden Dawn could be tempered by Latter Rain, and a rather intense such at that.
  • So much for the possibility of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's recourse to Plausible Deniability against the prospect of indictments against him (thanks to the John Doe Inquiry) being unsealed within measurable distance: He should remember that Denial is not a river in Egypt--or will he?
  • Something to watch out for from the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement in its Luscious Glory of their supposed defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, all the while being tools of "the Four Hundred" claiming they have "rights, privileges and powers***entitled them by unwritten tradition" as are "under clear and present danger" (or so their whining will have it): Videlicet, their calling on various "home improvement" scam operatives such as are regular targets of consumer watchdogs for poor-quality work, operating almost exclusively on a cash basis and avoiding licencing and bonding requirements to the extent of discouraging consumer enquiries in this regard, to join in an "Unregistered Business Movement" modelled itself on the "Unregistered Church Movement," which insists that churches are above State regulation per Divine Edict and, hence, should not be subject to "unduly onerous and burdensome" government purview on issues such as fire safety, building codes, food safety, wage-and-hour laws, &c., &c. (Only in this instance, contending that "undue and onerous regulatory burdens" such as licencing and bonding requirements "endangers economic freedom" [in the sense of "capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics," per Frank Luntz' "guidance" from this past spring], "prevents job creation," "hinders economic recovery," all that Mickey Mouse. Which, come to think of it, is rather trite and insincere when you consider that such specimens of unscrupulous contractors use "wino crews" big time, recruiting from the likes of rescue missions, Greyhound bus stations, halfway homes for the mentally/emotionally ill and homeless shelters under false or misleading premises and using fear and coercion as weapons of intimidative control.)
Just be thankful, readers, that this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull has yet to be hit by "Freep attacks" instigated by certain weird and unwholesome conservative prolefeeders insisting on a highly-polished, heavily-nuanced Weltanschauung in aid and comfort of their "agenda"--to the moment, mind you.

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